Top 3 Stock Video Subscriptions to Make the Best of your Budget

How to make your budget and your stock footage content needs meet? That's one of the main concerns of most stock footage buyers.

There's lot of agencies where you can buy great stock footage cheap, but buying a la carte or on demand can exceed your budget when you need lots of stock videos, when you use stock footage constantly, or both. There's also resources to get great stock footage for free, but these are usually limited services and don't work when you need variety and quantity of clips. We have just released a full guide on how to buy stock video.

What's the solution to get lots of stock videos, constantly and cheap? 3 words: Stock Video Subscriptions.

And here you'll find the top 3 subscription offers to make the best out of your budget and get all the content you need for your projects.

Top 3 Best Stock Video Subscriptions

What is a Stock Video Subscription

This concept refers to a buying model in which you get a fixed number of downloads to stock footage in return for a periodic, flat fee.

Normally arranged monthly and annually, stock video subscriptions let you download a certain number of clips per month or per year, and the final price is always much lower compared to what you'd pay for each clip individually.

It's a great solution when you need a lot of clips, and you need them periodically. It's also a good offer for anyone wanting to get stock videos cheap, but given it involves a longer-terms commitment with an agency, it's not the best choice if you only need stock footage sporadically.

The Top 3 Best Stock Video Subscriptions

There's several agencies and companies selling stock footage under subscription model, but here we list the best offers in terms of content and price. Some of them are so good they're listed in our guide to the Best Stock Footage Sites in the market!


Top 3 Stock Video Subscriptions to Make the Best of your Budget 1This company specializes in stock footage and has been in the market for 7 years. Lead by an awarded entrepreneur, they have one of the best and most innovative subscription models in the market, offering unlimited downloads for a flat fee. They are like the “Netflix for stock footage”. Know more about them in our full Videoblocks review. 

Here's what you can find at Videoblocks:

  • Wholly owned collection of over 115,000 stock videos, motion backgrounds, after effects and more
  • Image quality in HD, 4K and 4K+
  • Membership (subscriptions) for unlimited downloads
  • Additional crowd-sourced marketplace for a la carte purchases
Videoblocks' subscriptions are amongst the best deals in the market: you pay a flat, periodic fee and you get unlimited number of downloads from their wholly-owned library. This gives you hundreds of thousands of high quality clips for a very low price.

Here's the membership options:

  • Monthly: $79 a month
  • Annually: $149 a year – save 86%! (regular price $948)
  • Premium — adds access to special, higher value content –: $198 a year – save 79% from regular price!

At Videoblocks, the price you pay for each clip depends on how many of them you download. If you download hundreds of clips, you'll be paying fractions of cents for each. Their annual plan is one of the cheapest ever!

Plus, all membership plans give you access to Videoblocks exclusive, members-only Marketplace. In this additional outlet you'll find over 1.5 Million high quality videos that you can buy a la carte!

If you want to explore their offer before committing to a subscription, you can! Videoblocks has a 7 day free trial for you to download up to 140 stock videos, completely free!

Join Videoblocks today and start downloading thousands of great stock footage clips. And now you can get insane savings with our special Videoblocks Promo Code: 90% off in your membership!

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Save up to 90% by signing up to $99 per year plan with unlimited downloads of video clips and footage. Clips price starts at $19 per HD Download once ...
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pond5-logo (1)Pond5 is a very popular, footage-first agency, operating since a decade. They have a huge contributor-sourced and contributor-priced library full of high quality clips, and membership plans based on a curated stock footage collection. Learn more about this agency in our full Pond5 review. 

Here's a little overview:

  • Over 5.5 Million clips
  • From Web and up to 4K+ resolution
  • Collection of 200,000 selected clips for memberships
  • Discounts in a la carte purchases
Pond5's memberships are designed for low volume buyers, saving up to hundreds of dollars in stock videos. As their clips have very varied price points, they sell memberships to a curated collection of 200,000 HD and 4K videos.

These are Pond5 membership plans:

Pro: 5 HD downloads a month.

  • Monthly: $69 – $13.80 per clip
  • Annual: $559 – $9.31 per clip

Premium: 10 HD and 4K downloads a month + selection of stock photos and audio files

  • Monthly: $139 – $13.90 per clip
  • Annual: $839 – $6,99 per clip!

Pond5 subscriptions let you save hundreds of dollars from single clip purchases. You can get HD and 4K videos for as little as $6.99 each, when their a la carte price at Pond5 (and most other top agencies) is between $50 and $300 per video!

As a bonus, all subscriptions come with a 10% off for a la carte purchases of any of the items in the rest of their vaste library.

Sign up at Pond5 to get your membership today. Browse and download from a high quality curated collection of footage!

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Download 1080p HD videos from Pond5 for only $35 to $79

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dreamstime-logoDreamstime is an established stock imagery agency with 16 years in business. Well-known for their wide price range and varied buying options, they have high quality stock footage and multiple subscription plans to buy them. Find out more about their offer in our full Dreamstime review.

Here's the must-knows:

  • Around 1 Million stock videos
  • From Web and up to 4K quality
  • Wide offer in stock footage subscriptions
  • Plans based in video resolution and dowload limit
All Dreamstime subscriptions are billed monthly, and they let you save up hundreds of dollars from single video purchase. While their plans structure is more complex, it gives you more options, allowing you to choose the exact plan that meets your needs.

Here's their options:

Amount of Video Downloads Web Resolution HD 720p HD 1080p 4K
1 Download $13 $36 $54 $99
5 Downloads $36 - $7.20 per clip $121 - $24.20 per clip $148 - $29.60 per clip $297 - $59.40 per clip
10 Downloads $65 - $6.50 per clip $225 - $22.50 per clip $280 - $28 per clip $559 - $55.90 per clip
25 Downloads $153 - $6.12 per clip $444 - $17.76 per clip $543 - $21.72 per clip $1070 - $42.80 per clip

Dreamstime subscription offer is wide and has varied price points, but being tailored by video resolution is not as flexible as the others. Keep in mind the highest resolution gives you greater versatility in edition and usage.

But the larger the plan is, the greater your savings are. The largest plan in ever resolution cuts over 50% from the smallest, 1 download option.

Register at Dreamstime now to start downloading cheap stock videos. And now you can save more with our special Dreamstime offer: get 20% off any stock footage subscription!

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  • 69 credits per 1080p HD video download
  • $71.8 per 69 credits (based on ...
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BONUS! MotionElements

MotionElementsTop 3 Stock Video Subscriptions to Make the Best of your Budget 2 is a well established, Asia-based company specialised in all things stock video. Footage clips, motion elements, animations, special effects, After Effects and Premiere Pro templates, 3D… you name it, they have it. All content in their marketplace is Royalty Free and ready to download and use, and they've a wide range of prices. And they very recently added subscription plans to let you save in bulk purchases. Here's the highlights of their offer:

  • Over 2 million stock video and stock music files
  • High quality content up to 4K
  • Buy on demand with credits, or a la carte paying as you go
  • Subscriptions priced according volume of downloads and media type
MotionElements subscriptions have just been released in May 2018. They have two different options for media types, each with two volume tiers billed monthly or annually, letting you save lots of money from individual purchase. Plans let you download from a curated library only, all content included with subscriptions is marked with lighting bolt icon.

Here's what you can buy:

Plan for Video Clips + Apple Motion Files 

  • Starter: 3 monthly downloads for $75 monthly, and $49 a month annually
  • Professional: 10 monthly downloads for $249 monthly, and $159 a month annually

Plan for Stock Music + After Effects Templates + Premiere Pro Templates

  • Starter: 3 monthly downloads for $29 monthly, and $19 a month annually
  • Professional: 10 monthly downloads for $89 monthly, and $59 a month annually

MotionElements subscriptions are have very convenient prices, specially when hiring them annually, and reduce the costs from a la carte purchasing, letting you get videos for as little as $15,90 each. Their Professional plans also include multi-seat access, great for teams. And there's also a custom subscription option in the works, that will be soon available.

Sign up for free at MotionElements here, explore their curated selection and get your subscription plan today!

Stock Video Subscription: A Great Solution for Volume Buyers

Stock footage subscriptions let you get larger number of stock videos on a periodic basis, with considerable discounts over single clip prices.

This makes them the best deal for you, if your projects require of lots of stock footage clips constantly. Buying them on demand or a la carte would mean you don't have to commit to constant payments with a particular agency, but it's also more expensive.

Stock video subscriptions assure you will have the clips that you need, and at the lowest possible price. Plus, at most agencies you can cancell your subscription at any time, with little restrictions or charges.

So now you know: if you need to buy lots of stock footage regularly, stock video subscriptions are for you. And here you have the top 3 offers to maximize your budget without compromising content quality. All you can possibly wish for from a stock footage agency!

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