How to Download Premiere Pro – Free Trial + Creative Cloud

How to Download Premiere Pro - Free Trial + Creative Cloud 2

Adobe Premiere Pro is excellent in video editing software. Its powerful capabilities preset, templates, and workflow integrations make it a favorite for professionals and hobbyists alike. 

If you want to start using this great tool to bring your projects to life, here is how to download Premiere Pro. You will find out how to get it for free –for a one-week free trial– as well as different paid options through Creative Cloud subscriptions, according to your budget and needs. 

How to Download Premiere Pro - Free Trial + Creative Cloud 3

Discover the new Creative Cloud Express - 2021.12.13Adobe has How to Download Premiere Pro - Free Trial + Creative Cloud 4now launched Creative Cloud Express, a user-friendly, multimedia design tool that is both an upgrade and a replacement for Adobe Spark Post. Soon, it will also integrate the functions of Adobe Spark Video, with tools for quick, easy, and powerful video editing. Don't miss it! You can learn more about Creative Cloud Express here

Download Premiere Pro for Free

If you don’t want to spend money from the start, you can benefit from the Adobe Premiere Pro Free Trial, which gives you one week of full access to the video editor app completely free of charge. How to Download Premiere Pro - Free Trial + Creative Cloud 5The trial version of Premiere Pro lets you explore the full functionality and power of the tool for 7 days so that you can test how it fits in your workflow before paying for it. 

All you have to do is visit Adobe Premiere Pro’s page by clicking on the button below, and once there, hit the “Start Free Trial” box, enter your email address, and voilà! Once your week of free access is up, you can either close your account or upgrade to a paid subscription among the different options Creative Cloud has. Some highlights: 

  • This trial is for the latest version available of Adobe Premiere Pro 
  • It gives full access to all features 
  • You will not be required to enter your credit card details when starting your trial – just a valid email address is enough.

Enjoy Adobe Premiere Pro for free!

Warning: The Premiere Pro Free Trial is the only way to download Premiere Pro for free legally and safely. We are strongly against the downloading of unofficial, unverified copies of Premiere Pro, as not only it’s piracy and illegal, but you also put your devices at risk for viruses and malware. 

Did you know? Premiere Pro is one of the best AI video editors right now!

Download Premiere Pro with a Creative Cloud Subscription

If you already decided you want to use Premiere Pro for editing your videos, the only way to buy and download Adobe Premiere Pro is through a Creative Cloud subscription. There are two different ways for you to get Premiere Pro with Creative Cloud: 

Premiere Pro Single App Subscription

You can opt for a plan that covers Premiere Pro only, and this is the cheapest way to get it. The Premiere Pro subscription includes: 

  • The latest version of the app, plus all and any upgrades as soon as they’re released
  • 100 GB of cloud storage
  • Access to Premiere Rush, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Express at no added cost 
  • The possibility to add an Adobe Stock subscription, which includes royalty-free stock footage in HD and 4K resolution – check here for Adobe Stock pricing info 

You can buy this single app plan for $20.99 per month, with a one-year commitment, and this is the lowest monthly price for Premiere Pro. You can save even more if you’re willing to pay for the full year upfront, at $239.88. Alternatively, you may also subscribe on a month-to-month basis for $31.49 a month.  Start using Premiere Pro today!

How to Download Premiere Pro - Free Trial + Creative Cloud 6

Premiere Pro with All Apps Subscription

A single app is very straight-forward and certainly economic. But you must keep in mind that, aside from the bonus Spark and Rush, you’re only getting Premiere Pro. Video projects often require more than just video editing software. Audio editing, special effects manipulation, motion graphic animations, even still images are often needed.

And Premiere Pro cannot handle any of that. Sure, you can add single app subscriptions for tools like Audition, After Effects, or Animate, but the cost will escalate considerably. The Creative Cloud All Apps subscription is an ideal solution for this.

As the name indicates, it’s a subscription with access to all Creative Cloud applications, and while a bit pricier than Premiere Pro single app, it’s certainly very convenient when you balance the fact it gives you:

  • Full access to 20+ professional tools, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more
  • All latest versions and updates as soon as they’re released
  • 100 GB cloud storage
  • Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Express included 

All Apps plan comes at $52.99 a month with a one-year subscription, and the upfront yearly offer is $599.88. If you wish to hire it month-to-month, it’ll cost you $79.49.  Get all Adobe Creative Cloud Apps at once!

How to Download Premiere Pro - Free Trial + Creative Cloud 7
Pro Tip: Always make sure to check the best Adobe Creative Cloud discounts to see if you can get a better price!

Premiere Pro Discount Price for Students and Teachers

If you want to use Premiere Pro for educational purposes –as a teacher or a student–, you will love to hear Adobe has a special discount for you: Creative Cloud All Apps plan at a cut-priceBoth students and teachers can benefit from the All Apps, annual plan –which includes Adobe Premiere Pro CC– for $19.99 a month the first year, and $29.99 a month after that. That’s over 37% off from the regular price! 

How to Download Premiere Pro - Free Trial + Creative Cloud 8
Note: You are required to credit your student/teacher status to access this deal. 

A Brief Premiere Pro Overview

Adobe Premiere Pro is a leading video editing program, used by professionals and amateur creatives all over the world and in all corners of the industry. It’s a powerful application with all the bells and whistles imaginable, intended for professional editors, and that also means it has a considerable learning curve. 

However, Adobe also includes multiple tutorials, guides, and help center resources for you to navigate the interface and get used to working with it. Additionally, Premiere Rush mobile app is a lot simpler to use, and ideal if you want to make quick videos for YouTube, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, or TikTok, for example. Want more help to get started with video editing? Check our Pro Video Editing Tips!

More? Learn how to edit audio for video with our complete guide! Even more? See a list of Adobe alternatives for video editing!

For Your Consideration
Premiere Pro is now offered as part of Adobe Creative Cloud, a cloud-based platform. This means you can access Premiere Pro –and all other Adobe apps– just from your browser, regardless of it being macOS or Windows-powered, and without bothering installing (or uninstalling) anything. Premiere Pro is also available for iPad, in which case you must download and install it on your device. At the time there is no Android tablet version for Premiere Pro.

Edit Professionally with Adobe Premiere Pro 

Now you know you have several ways to access Adobe Premiere Pro software, go ahead and get it today! 

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