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We bring you the best offer in stock footage just yet, with Shutterstock's new video subscriptions, plans that let you download from 10 to 20 stock videos per month, billed monthly or yearly at your choice, and paying as little as $8 for HD and 4K clips! Even better, our exclusive Shutterstock Footage Coupon Code applies for these subscriptions, so you can get them with an additional 15% discount! It's a limited-time offer for two weeks, so get a video subscription at a cut-price today!

This exclusive coupon gives you 15% off on your next stock footage purchase: video packs or video subscriptions, including the new Flex plans !


Do you use stock images to complement your video productions? What about music? If the answer is yes, you'll love the new Shutterstock Flex plans, which let you download stock footage, stock photos, and stock music, all with the same subscription! It's the perfect way to save money, time, and effort when downloading the stock media you need for your projects! And the best, it's also reached by our special Shutterstock Coupon Codes!  


Do you want to buy Shutterstock Stock Footage? Are you after a Shutterstock Footage coupon to save on your purchases?

Then this is your lucky day! Thanks to our excellent relationship with this industry leader stock imagery agency, we are able to offer our readers a special deal to save 15% on all footage purchases. The offer is valid for images and music, too! Does that sound good? Then hurry up and grab your Shutterstock Coupon Code now!

Shutterstock Footage Coupon Code

These official Shutterstock coupon codes give you 15% off in your stock footage purchase with either the new video subscriptions, Flex plan, or video packs!

This exclusive coupon gives you 15% off on your next stock footage purchase: video packs or video subscriptions, including the new Flex plans !
And if you want images to complement your projects, we also have a special offer to save 15% on any Shutterstock subscription or image pack. Cool, huh? If you want to learn more about Shutterstock's Footage offer, you can read our full Shutterstock review.

Shutterstock Subscription and Image Packs Promo Codes

This coupon will save you 15% on any image subscription and any prepaid image package, and it also includes Flex plans!

This exclusive coupon will save you 15% on any image subscription and on-demand image pack! 

How to Redeem your Shutterstock Coupon Code

First, click on our Coupon Banner to reveal your Coupon Code. Done? Great, now let's redeem it. To buy Shutterstock stock footage with this offer, you must follow some simple steps:

  • Head over to the Shutterstock Footage page here.
  • Log in to your account, or create one if you're not already a member (don't worry, signing up is free).
  • Browse and select the clips you want to buy. Hit the “download button” on the clips' pages to add a clip to your cart. You can buy just one clip or as many as you wish. Or pick any of the great Shutterstock video subscriptions
  • Do the checkout for your cart, where you will be able to choose whether to pay à la carte, acquire a video subscription, or buy a video pack.
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On the payment page, you will see the highlighted question “Do you have a coupon code?”. Now you need our Shutterstock Footage Coupon handy. Copy the Coupon Code you grabbed from us in the coupon code field and hit “apply”. The discount will be applied and displayed instantly. Complete the payment procedure. Done! You've saved 15% in your purchase of Shutterstock stock footage. Note: If you want to buy a video subscription or video pack, but you're not yet sure which clips you will want to download, replace the browsing and selecting steps and head over to Shutterstock Footage Price and Plans page directly. There you can decide a video pack, and rebate your coupon code following the last 4 steps.

Why Shutterstock Footage?

Shutterstock is a great source for stock footage, with over 19 Million stock videos, including Millions of HD and 4K shots. This is only one of the many reasons they're listed among the top of the Best Stock Footage Sites in the industry! They have one of the richest Royalty-Free video libraries in the industry, with clips covering varied themes and styles to fit into any project you have in mind. They offer affordable and flexible pricing, allowing you to buy from one to an unlimited number of clips à la carte, at very convenient rates that go from $65 to $179 per video, depending on video resolution.

Their on-demand video packs are a great option to save money and time: you pay upfront for a certain number of downloads that you can then use whenever you want, for up to one year after the purchase date. Video packs are tailored by volume size and video resolution, starting at $59.80 for 5 SD resolution videos. And you save from $26 (with the smallest SD resolution pack) to over $2000 (with the largest 4K pack). And now they also offer video subscriptions that are ideal for busy creatives with a recurrent need for new stock footage! The subscriptions cover all video resolutions available.

The most recent Small Video Subscription gives you 5 clips a month for $189 per month or $99 a month with an annual commitment, effectively saving you more than 150 bucks per clip compared to video packs. You can also choose a regular plan with either 10 or 20 downloads per month, and select how you want to pay: month-to-month, monthly with an annual commitment, or yearly and paid upfront. The latter offers the lowest price overall, but in general, these rates are super cheap, letting you get high-resolution videos for as little as $9.95 each! Shutterstock has intelligent search and discovery features powered by computer vision technology, that helps you find the best possible clips to fit in your needs, using not only physical-descriptive keywords (man smiling, dog running, etc.) but also emotional concepts (happiness, relax, fun, freedom, etc.) and further details like color, composition, style and more. Plus, you can use their huge libraries of stock photos and stock music to enhance and complement your projects. These are only a few of the reasons why Shutterstock is a great and reliable option to buy stock footage. If you would like to know more, read our Shutterstock Footage review and find out!


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