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Shutterstock Video – Awesome and Cheap Stock Footage

  • $78 per 1080p HD video download
  • Buy 5 HD Clips for $369 and save $5 per clip

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https://stockphotopress.wistia.com/medias/yq3tydrm11 We bring you the best offer in stock footage just yet, with Shutterstock's new video subscriptions, plans that let you download from 10 to 20 stock videos per month, billed monthly or yearly at your choice, and paying as little as $8 for HD and 4K clips! Even better, our exclusive Shutterstock Footage Coupon Code applies for these subscriptions, so you can get them with an additional 15% discount! Get a video subscription today!

This exclusive coupon gives you 15% off on your next stock footage purchase: video packs or video subscriptions, including the new Flex plans !
Additionally, you should explore the new Flex 25 plan, that lets you download stock footage, stock music, and stock images from Shutterstock, all with the same subscription! www.shutterstock.com pricing Shutterstock Video – Awesome and Cheap Stock Footage 7 Shutterstock is one of the most popular sites to buy stock videos. The company is at the top of the stock imagery industry, and they have been selling stock media for over a decade. Shutterstock Stock Footage offer includes millions of high-quality, Royalty free video clips in varied themes and styles, that can be bought on demand, by a clip or with discount video packs. They are one of the tops in the Best Stock Footage Sites guide we built for you! To browser Shutterstock's libraries, you need a member account, but you can sign up for free. They only charge you when you buy assets. If you're looking for discounts to buy Shutterstock stock videos, we have a great deal: our Shutterstock Coupon Code will save you 15% in your stock footage purchases.
This exclusive coupon gives you 15% off on your next stock footage purchase: video packs or video subscriptions, including the new Flex plans !

Shutterstock Footage Coupon Code

This coupon gives you 15% off in your stock footage purchase with video subscriptions, video packs, and the new multimedia Flex subscription!

This exclusive coupon gives you 15% off on your next stock footage purchase: video packs or video subscriptions, including the new Flex plans !

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This exclusive coupon will save you 15% on any image subscription and on-demand image pack! 



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Want to know more about this company and its great stock video service? Let's have a look:

Essentials in Shutterstock Footage Offer

In short, it's all about this:

  • Over 18 Million stock video clips, most of the high definition including HD and 4K
  • Flexible licensing model: pay once, use forever
  • Priced in USD, according to video resolution
  • Single video clips a la carte
  • Video packs on demand to save hundreds of dollars. Packs valid for one year, and renewable.
  • Video subscriptions for the best deal in HD and 4K content
  • Flex 25 subscription with multimedia downloads
  • All downloaded clips are available for re-download for up to one year after the pack expired
  • Payment options: credit card, bank wire, or checks.
  • Collection organized by categories, featured artists, director's choice, and more
  • Highly searchable library, with an intelligent search engine that analyses content to deliver the best and higher quality results.
  • The company pushes the newest and most popular clips.


The Details in Shutterstock Footage Offer

Shutterstock stock footage service offers different image resolutions and formats, and they are all priced accordingly. The pricing structure is very simple, and prices are affordable (very cheap compared to other agencies and licensing types). The clips are sold with a Royalty Free license, that allows multiple usages. Now, let's go by parts:

Image Resolution and Formats

The stock video clips in Shutterstock are available in Web, SD, HD, and 4K resolution. And each resolution has a different price point, with Web being the cheapest, and 4K obviously the most expensive. Clips can be in NTSC/ATSC or PAL/576i formats. Some contributors make their clips available in more than one format, but Shutterstock does not control this. Both resolution and format are indicated on the particular video page.

Shutterstock Footage Prices

As you learned, Shutterstock footage clips can only be bought on demand. There are no subscription options that include video. On-demand purchases for footage can be done by a single clip (which is an option that is not available for still images). Shutterstock Single clip pricing:

  • Web: $19
  • SD: $49
  • HD: $79
  • 4K: $199

Or they can be bought with Video Packs that cut a percentage from single clip price, discounting more the larger the pack is. They are paid upfront and used whenever you want. Video packs expire when all downloads have been used, or after a year from the purchase date (whatever happens first). A great advantage in this buying option is that even when your pack expired, all the videos you had downloaded are available to re-download for up to one year as well. The packs are priced according to resolution, and another great benefit is that each pack allows downloading clips in the consigned and also in lower resolutions, at no extra cost. For example, if you buy an HD video pack, you can use it to download HD, SD, and Web resolution videos. Packs are also renewable. If you wish, you can set up your video packs to renew periodically. This way, every time your pack expires, whether because you used all the downloads or because the time was due, Shutterstock will automatically refill your downloads (and charge you, of course). Plus, you are allowed to have as many video packs active in your account simultaneously, and you can choose which one to use when you select a video to download.   Shutterstock's Video Packs Pricing

Shutterstock Video Packs Pricing

  • Web: 5 for $79 (saving $16), 10 for $149 (saving $41) and 25 for $349 (saving $126)
  • SD: 5 for $229 (saving $16), 10 for $439 (saving $51) and 25 for $999 (saving $226)
  • HD: 5 for $369 (saving $26), 10 for $699 (saving $91) and 25 for $1699 (saving $276)
  • 4K: 5 for $929 (saving $66), 10 for $1759(saving $231) and 25 for $4259 (saving $716)

See Shutterstock Footage full price and plans here.

How You Can use Shutterstock Footage with Royalty Free License

All Shutterstock stock videos are sold under a Royalty Free license. This means you only pay for the license once, and you get a variety of usage rights, forever. Please note that Shutterstock footage clips are paid, Royalty-Free license means you don't have to pay for further royalties, but they are not free videos and cannot be used without a valid, paid license.  Each stock footage agency sets its own licensing terms. While Royalty Free license has some main features in common at all agencies, each of them has its own, particular license. Shutterstock's Royalty Free Commercial license allows you to use stock video clips in the film, video, tv, advertisement, or other multimedia productions, distributed to the public in any way. You can also use the clips on the Internet (on websites) or as part of a live performance. Once you buy a license to a clip, you can use it for as long and as many times as you want. Just as with still images, restrictions forbid the use of the content in any morally questionable or defamatory way. Make sure you read Shutterstock's licensing terms carefully and that you understand which uses are allowed, and which are forbidden.

Buying Shutterstock Footage

If you liked what you read and you're ready to buy clips, all you have to do is to sign up for Shutterstock (and don't worry, it's free). Once you do this, you can explore the Shutterstock Footage offer, create lightboxes with the clips you are interested in (all for free), and of course buy them when you're ready. But wait. If you would also want to maximize your budget, you can seize our special deal and save 15%% on your stock video purchases with our Shutterstock Coupon Code!

Shutterstock Footage Clip Page

Shutterstock Footage Clip Page

What Makes Shutterstock Cool

Shutterstock was amongst the first companies in noticing the rising popularity of video content in marketing, advertising, and other graphic or visual design purposes. Three years after their launch, in 2006, they introduced Royalty Free stock footage to their offer, centered on the same premise of high quality and affordable pricing that is at the company's core. In the 10 years since its introduction, Shutterstock Stock Footage offer has grown to over 4 million video clips in varied image resolutions and formats, covering a wide range of themes, topics, and styles. In addition to their contributor-supplied content, they also have great clips from high-profile video producer brands like Red Bull Media House and Associated Press.

Innovation and Wide Tech Services for Shutterstock Footage Buyers

This company defines itself by its focus on customer experience. They aim at providing an elegant, flexible, and user-friendly service. For this reason, they invest a lot in user functionality, with many great improvements in over a decade their website has been live. Today, Shutterstock's interface works in multiple languages, and they've added mobile apps for both buyers and contributors. One of their latest additions to their site is a new search engine based on computer vision, that boosts up search and discovery of images and videos in their library. Shutterstock's search function is now using artificial intelligence to analyze images and videos in terms of visual composition and content, instead of just keywords as it used to be. This technology allows them to find and display the best and more fitting matches for any search as well as to suggest better-matching similar content. But they also added a reverse image search feature, in which you can drag and drop an image in their search bar and the system finds matching results in their collection. This tool was extended to their mobile apps, and the company says it will be available for video soon. They also have Shutterstock Labs, a portal with different apps to boost up your work with digital imagery, which includes Sequence, a web-based, simple video editing tool where you can search, select and edit clips from Shutterstock Footage collection. See it in action in this video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTYwn9O-x7s Plus, they also have stock music and sounds collection to complement stock footage and video productions.

Buying at Shutterstock, Pros, and Cons

All the above are great reasons to buy stock footage at Shutterstock
  • They are a serious, well-established, and successful stock footage vendor.
  • They have a huge collection of high-quality, Royalty-Free stock footage clips, available at different resolutions and formats, at affordable prices.
  • The royalty-Free license grants you multiple usage rights for a one-time fee.
  • Buying on demand lets you control how much you spend, and the long, 1-year validity of downloads gives you great time flexibility to administrate your budget.
  • Video packs let you save hundreds of dollars in your purchases, and give you greater control over your budget.
  • Their intelligent search engine makes finding the best clips for your projects quicker and easier.
  • They offer a simple web app to do basic edits.

However, there are some downsides in this company's offer. Here's what we think are the cons in buying at Shutterstock
  • Although the video packs are a very simple and straightforward way to buy, there are companies that improve the on-demand stock videos offer. iStock, for example, prices their Essential (non-exclusive clips) at $60, and this includes HD and 4K clips. Plus, iStock's on-demand purchases are done with credit packs that let you buy all kinds of media. At Shutterstock, on-demand packs are divided by media type.

Shutterstock Footage Review: Yes or No?

shutterstock-logoDespite the negative points in their offer, we think Shutterstock is a great and reliable option to buy stock footage. Their user-friendly and customer-oriented technologies add value to already good service. They have cheap prices and a simple buying process that saves you hundreds of dollars, millions of assets covering any imaginable topic, and edgy technologic tools to make it better, faster, and easier for you to find and use the clips you want. What's more to ask? If you want to buy stock footage clips to complement your audiovisual production projects, Shutterstock Footage is the place to go. And remember you can save 15%% on your purchases with our special Shutterstock Coupon Code.

This exclusive coupon will save you 15% on any image subscription and on-demand image pack! 
This exclusive coupon gives you 15% off on your next stock footage purchase: video packs or video subscriptions, including the new Flex plans !

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