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Pond5 Now Owned by Shutterstock - 2022.05.11As of today, Pond5 is a Shutterstock-owned company. The video-first agency has been acquired by the stock photo titan Shutterstock and will operate as a daughter company, while its libraries will be integrated into Shutterstock's workflow services. For more info, read our news coverage on the Shutterstock acquisition of Pond5.

pond5-logo (1)Pond5 is one of the most popular stock footage online marketplaces. This company launched 10 years ago specializing solely in stock videos and has maintained a leading position for years.

They have millions of Royalty Free stock footage clips, in varied themes, styles, resolutions, and formats, and a wide range of prices. Their diverse offer aims at covering all buyers' needs, including additional media types like photos, vectors and illustrations, music and sound effects, and more. It's so good it made it to our big list of the Best Stock Footage Agencies!

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Download 1080p HD videos from Pond5 for only $35 to $79

Do you want to learn more about this company and the benefits in their offers? Keep reading!

Highlights in Pond5's Stock Footage Offer

Here are all the must-know points in Pond5's service:

  • Over 5.5 Million of stock footage clips, including 2k, 4k, and 4k+ (lower resolutions also available)
  • Royalty Free license that grants you perpetual, multiple usage rights, for a one-time fee
  • Wide-range pricing: contributors set their own prices, so there's a lot of variety in price: from $10 to $500 or more (usually according to image resolution, clip length, and other parameters).
  • Buying options: on demand with credit packs that give bonus credits, or with a membership
  • Payment options: credit cards or Paypal
  • On demand credits are simple to understand and use: 1 credit =$1
  • Monthly and annual memberships that grant a set number of downloads from a curated collection of footage clips and other assets, and apply a discount over other on demand purchases
  • Intelligent search and visual analysis technology to find the best and most accurate clips for your needs
  • Complementary media types: photos, music and sound files, etc.

pond5-pricingDeeper Look into Pond5's Offer

As you can see, there's a lot to highlight in Pond5. They provide a great service for stock footage buyers, with millions of video clips in different resolutions and formats, available under a Royalty Free license that allows great flexibility in content usage. They've a very wide range in individual clips pricing, and a simple buying system with options for on demand and periodic purchases. Let's see:

Video resolution at Pond5

Pond5's stock footage shots are available in various image qualities. From lowest to highest, they have clips in Web, SD, HD (720p), HD (1080p), 2k, 4k and 4k+ resolutions. They also have them with different fotograms per second (FPS), starting at 23.98.

Most of their video files are in .mov format, but contributors supplying the videos can control wheter to offer multiple resolution options or other formats. When purchasing a clip, you can choose which one from the available sizes and formats you want to download.

For 4k and 4k+ downloads, they include the RAW file as well as the .mov version (which can be edited/colour corrected). The RAW file is the original, unedited and highest quality version of the clip. Having this is very valuable for video editors, as it's a highly editable file that allows them greater flexibility in working with the clips.

Moreover, they also offer free format conversion for customers.

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Download 1080p HD videos from Pond5 for only $35 to $79

Use in Commercial and Editorial purposes

All Pond5's stock footage clips are available with a Royalty Free license. This license type grant you perpetual and various usage rights over the content, for a one-time fee. What does this mean? Basically, that you pay only once and you get the right to use the clip in any of the accepted ways, forever.

Royalty Free license has very few restrictions, that include morally questionable or sensitive topics usage, and some limitations to distribution volume and reach. But the main limitation to keep in mind is regarding to commercial and editorial use.

The vast majority of Pond5's library is commercial-ready clips. Meanning you can use them in any commercial or for-profit project. When a video depicts recognizable people or private property, model and property releases are needed in order to use that video commercially. If a video has people and properties in it, but doesn't have the required releases, then it's for editorial use only. Editorial-only content can be used solely to enhance, accompany or illustrate editorial productions.

At Pond5's online catalog, Editorial-only videos are identified, with this status clearly disclaimed on the clip's details page.

Pond5 Clip Price

Pond5's Wide-range Pricing

One of the main differences in Pond5's service is that contributors (suppliers) are to set the prices for their own content. Altough the company gives them a pricing suggestion guide, all contributors are allowed to set their own prices.

They all tend to follow a logic structure where higher-value, better quality and longest clips are priced higher, but the price points can vary significantly from one contributor to the other.

This leaves Pond5 with a very wide pricing offer for individual clips. You can find short, SD resolution clips for as low as $5, long 4k+ productions for $500 or more, and anything in between.

Pond5 Credit PackagesSimple On Demand Buying

Their system lets you buy stock footage a la carte. Although technically they use a proprietary credit system, their credit price is $1, so they naturally price everything in USD. Individual video clips price is displayed on the clip's details page, along with all technical information.

To buy on demand, you must buy a credit package. And the larger the package is, the greater free bonuses they have.

  • $250 credit package gives you a $10 free bonus
  • $500 credit package gives you a $25 free bonus (this is their most popular product)
  • $5000 credit package gives you a $500 free bonus

Free bonus credit is free to use to download more clips.

Pond5 MembershipsPro and Premium Memberships with Monthly and Annual Options

The company also offers subscription plans, granting a certain number of downloads per month. They can be hired month by month or annually, and in two different volume tiers. The subscriptions give access to downloads from a specificly curated collection of clips.

  • Pro Membership, at $69 per month or $559 per year, gives you 5 downloads a month from a collection of 200,000 curated HD clips.
  • Premium Membership, for $139 monthly or $839 yearly, gives you 10 downloads per month from a selection of 200,000 HD and 4K clips, 15,000 music and SFX files, and 200,000 images.

All Membership plans include a 10% discount on any purchases from the rest of the library.

One downside in their downloading system is that the purchased clips are downloadable for 14 days after purchase date. Passed that period, if you haven't yet downloaded the file, you need to contact the company to reactivate the download. This doesn't cost you any extra, but it's a bit inconvenient.

pond5-search-reultsIntelligent Search Engine and Footage Discovery Feature

One of the latests developments the company introduced is related to the way their systems organize and find content. They've added computer vision technology to their platform, with practical applications for both their suppliers and customers.

For buyers, the new technology improves search functionality. Having an intelligent and comprehensive software analyzing the visual content in the library, they are able to deliver best matching results much more quickly and accurately.

Plus, the search engine also showcases similar content to any given search, helping you discover footage to boost up your productions.

On their website, you can browse their catalog by media type, by theme/topic, and by most popular. And their new search engine includes advanced filters that let you refine results by price, length, resolution, FPS, and further options like whether the clip contains sound, if it loops, or if it includes model or property releases.

Thanks to this technology, you are likely to find the best and most suitable content for your needs.

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Download 1080p HD videos from Pond5 for only $35 to $79

The High and Lows in Pond5's Offer

Here's the main reasons we think they're valuable:
  • They have millions of clips, granting variety in content, style and topics, and resolution
  • The flexible licensing terms assure to cover most of your usage needs
  • With 4k and 4k+ clips you get the RAW file, improving editing capability
  • They've a simple and straight-forward buying system
  • Broad range of prices to fit any budget
  • Subscriptions for larger volume buyers
  • Intelligent clip search to save time and discover best-fitting content
  • Additional media to complement your projects

There are, however, a few negative points in their service:
  • Active download time limits: if you don't download your purchased clips within 14 days, you must request the company to reactivate the download, and they only do this twice per purchase. At other stock footage sites this doesn't happen.
  • They don't offer Extended licenses, to cover extra rights you might need. If your intended use is not allowed in their Standard license, you cannot use their service.
  • The subscriptions are only based on a limited curated collection, not on the whole 5.5 Million clips. This is due to the dispar pricing of their individual clips, which makes impossible to offer a flat monthly fee for any of them indistinctly.

But these downsides are little in comparison to the advantages in their proposal.

Pond5: A Great Choice to Buy Stock Footage

With all that said, we feel Pond5 is a great option to buy stock video. They are a very reliable company that has been in the industry for a decade now, and have maintained a position with a top-quality service.

If you want to be able to choose the resolution, price and content in your footage clips, then Pond5 is a great choice for you. Whether you want to buy a la carte or commit to monthly or annual fees for a constant flow of downloads, they have what you need.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up at Pond5 and start downloading great stock footage shots today!

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Download 1080p HD videos from Pond5 for only $35 to $79

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