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Get valuable market analysis and comprehensive advice from an industry expert. When it comes to making the best out of your involvement in video production and stock footage, the perspective of an experienced, successful veteran can mark a difference. In this section you will find our expert’s take on all the aspects of this industry, and his advice to seize business opportunities.

Authentic Stock Footage: The Top Visual Trend + 3 Premium Agencies to Buy It

Authentic imagery, authentic style... you've likely heard these terms lately. Authentic stock footage is one of the hottest visual trends today. It's a style ...

Interview with Zeke Koch from Adobe Stock: Find Out the Details on Adobe Stock’s Latest Updates

While attending this year's Photokina --world's largest Trade Show in imagery industry--, which took place last week in Cologne, Germany, I was lucky to meet ...

How Drones Put Awesome Aerial Footage at your Reach

The constant development in drone (unmanned aerial vehicles) technology has been very interesting to follow. Despite it's various applications in different ...

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Why You Should Get Started in 360° and VR Footage Right Now

Have you asked yourself if it's worth to do 360° and VR? If you have, we have the answer for you: you should start shooting 360° Immersive and Virtual Reality ...