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About Footage Secrets

Footage Secrets is an online magazine focused in the blooming industry of stock footage, covering everything from microstock to macrostock markets, and footage industry in general.

With a solid background in stock imagery business, we apply our experience and expertise to provide our readers insights, agency reviews, offer comparisons, market analysis, special deals, and education on technical and usage aspects on the subject of stock footage, among other valuable services.

In our website you will be able to learn about stock footage, compare prices, services, technicals and legal aspects across the different stock footage agencies, and buy the best quality footage for your needs at the best possible prices. All at one place.

Our aim is to contribute to the ongoing development of motion stock imagery, helping the market to grow and the industry to improve its services. Whether you are a creative, a buyer, an executive, entrepreneur or enthusiast, we are happy to share our knowledge about the industry with you, to help you meet your personal goals. And we will be even happier to hear your results!

About Us

Footage Secrets is part of Stock Photo Press, the largest network of digital publications dedicated to stock imagery business.

Stock Photo Press manages several online magazines, including publications in English, like StockPhotoSecrets.com, MyStockPhoto.org, PhotoBuyerGuide.com, and BuyMicrostock.com, and German online magazines like Fotoskaufen.de and Fotos-verkaufen.de. Plus, we are the co-founders of Microstock Expo, the first conference dedicated to the microstock industry.

Footage Secrets is the younger sister to Stock Photo Secrets, our digital magazine focused in all means stock photography, with emphasis in microstock. Both publications share the same goals, but each directed to a specific field in stock imagery. If you would like to learn more about stock photography to complement your video projects, we ensure you will find all you need at Stock Photo Secrets.

About the Team

amos-struckAmos Struck

Amos is Founder and Editor of Stock Photo Press and all its publications, and he's our main author.

He has a successful background in sales, and is an entrepreneur and a long-time publisher in the stock imagery industry. Besides founding Stock Photo Press and co-founding Microstock Expo, he is the creator of several software solutions in stock photography, like the Microstock Photo Plugin and PixelRockstar WordPress Plugin. He is also a speaker and consultant in industry-related areas.

Amos is passioned about marketing and technology. And he also loves food.

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