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Aadobe-stock-logodobe Stock is a relatively new service in stock imagery, that offers stock footage along with stock photography, and it's a very interesting option with a lot of potential usability for creatives.

This service, as its name gives away, is part of design software company Adobe, owners of some of the most popular video editing tools like Premier Pro and After Effects, and of the cloud design platform Creative Cloud that includes all their software tools.

Adobe Stock integrates a collection of stock footage directly into Adobe's Creative Cloud, allowing you to browse, license, and edit stock footage into your video production without ever leaving the design program's interface. And all this, at very affordable prices. For these and reasons you will soon find out below, it's one of the Best Stock Footage Sites we listed for you. 

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$79.99 per 1080p HD Video Download from Adobe Stock
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But if you want to know more details about Adobe Stock, stay with us!


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Adobe Stock in a Few Words

Here's what you need to know about Adobe Stock:

  • 2 Million HD stock videos in varied themes and styles
  • Over 100,000 4K footage clips
  • All content available directly within Creative Cloud‘s applications
  • Sourced from well-known microstock agency Fotolia, acquired by Adobe in early 2015
  • Enhanced license: use forever in a wide range of usage and without distribution limits.
  • A la carte buying and affordable prices
  • Pay with a credit card or PayPal
  • Additional stock photography collection to complement your projects

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$79.99 per 1080p HD Video Download from Adobe Stock
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A Closer Look at Adobe Stock

Now that you know the main points, let's have an in-depth look at what Adobe Stock offers.

Clearly, the greatest advantage in Adobe Stock is its integration into Adobe Creative Cloud and all its software apps supporting Libraries – for footage, these are Premier Pro and After Effects-, and it's a service suitable for Creative Cloud (or Adobe's design software apps) customers.

It's important to note that Adobe Stock's collections, for both stock photos and videos, are sourced from microstock agency Fotolia. Adobe acquired Fotolia between late 2014 and early 2015, and a few months later they launched Adobe Stock. While Fotolia still operates independently, Adobe Stock integrates a curated selection of that library into Creative Cloud.

The stock videos are sold a la carte only, with a simple and affordable pricing structure based on video resolution, and they only have HD and 4K clips. Having recently reached 2 Million videos in their collection and fastly growing to include more and more content, their library is varied and high quality enough to meet most of your stock footage needs.

Stock Footage Right into your Editing Apps

While you are allowed to download and import Adobe Stock's assets into any other design software that supports the file type, the real value in using this service is to use in connection with their proprietary apps, which are at top of the market. This means that, ideally, you must have a Creative Cloud membership to exploit all Adobe Stock's potential.

With Adobe Stock you can browse and license stock footage directly from Premiere Pro or After Effects interact, and simply add the selected clips to the app's library. But that's not the only advantage: you are also allowed to add the watermarked, unlicensed preview (without paying) to your workboard, and to work with it for as much as you want.

Adobe Stock Video Creative Cloud Screenshot

Adobe Stock Footage in Creative Cloud – Screenshot showing selection of content inside editing apps

Whenever you're satisfied with the final result of the video, you can proceed to license the asset, and the unwatermarked preview will automatically update to the higher resolution, unwatermarked and licensed file that you get the right to use in your project.

Adobe Stock Video Creative Cloud Screenshot Usage

Adobe Stock Footage in Creative Cloud Screenshot showing the use of watermarked preview in projects

This is quite useful for video production, as it lets you experiment with a particular clip and do all kinds of edits and tweaks to it, getting a visual idea of how you can use it in your work, before actually paying for it.

Adobe Stock Footage in Creative Cloud Screenshot showing licensing process

Adobe Stock Footage in Creative Cloud Screenshot showing licensing process

One-Time Fee Enhanced License for Commercial Use

All stock videos in Adobe Stock are sold for commercial or editorial use. This means they are all dutyfully model and property released, and safe to use for commercial purposes.

Moreover, they all come with an Enhanced license, that is similar to Royalty Free, but with added rights. This license gives you rights to use the content in a wide range of ways (that include print, digital, websites and social media), for as many times as you want and for as long as you want, and without any distribution volume limitations, all for a one-time, flat fee that is set according to video resolution.

They also have Extended licenses available, which add the right to use the content in products that you will then resell.

In all cases, the licensing terms forbid you to redistribute, resale, or give away the licensed content.

Learn more about Adobe Stock Licensing Terms.

High Definition Footage

Adobe Stock offers only high definition content, with two resolution options available:

  • HD: 1920 × 1080 px
  • 4K:  4096 × 2160 px and 3840 × 2160 px

HD clips are available in MOV format, 4K clips have various file formats available. Plus, all their 4K clips are also available in HD resolution.

Buy Stock Footage Paying as You Go

While for stocAdobe Stock Video Pricingk photography they have subscription options available, stock footage is, at least for now, sold on an a la carte basis. This means you only pay per clip individually.

Their buying system is quite simple and straight-forward. Their clips are priced according to video resolution and in USD.

HD: $79,99 per clip

4K: $199,99 per clip

You simply select which clips you want to license (when you're ready to) and you complete the payment process. They accept credit cards and PayPal.

Find our more about Adobe Stock Price and Plans.

While simple-structured and easy to buy, the main downside with Adobe Stock stock footage is the absence of bulk purchases and discount prices for large volume buyers. Yes, it's a useful service for Premiere Pro and After Effects users, but if you want to buy lots of videos it can get pricey.

Edgy Website but Basic Search Functionality

Adobe Stock has its own independent website, where you can browse their content and sign up for the service, as well as buy assets – but you can do this from Creative Cloud too.

The site has a modern and edgy design and feel, and it features the editor's choice galleries of content among other nice discovery functions. They also have a blog where they share news, analysis and tutorials.

Adobe Stock Video Search Example

Adobe Stock Video Search Example

There's also a search engine that you can use to search their libraries. Entering keywords you get lots of matching results in return, but the filtering functionality is a bit limited. You can only sort results by media type (and you don't have a way to browse footage content in any other way), by relevance, popularity, most recent, most downloaded or undiscovered, then by resolution and additionally to include or exclude content depicting people.

While these filters might be enough for a wide majority of users, for some looking for other specifics like FPS or clip length this is insufficient.

Access a Collection of Great Stock Photos

A bonus in using Adobe Stock is its library with over 50 Million high-quality stock photos, including a newer collection of premium, high-value images.

Given the way Adobe Stock integrates with Creative Cloud, this means you can access these photos and edit them right into your projects in the same seamless way you do with stock footage.

Recap: Ups and Downs in Adobe Stock Service

Adobe Stock has, then, valuable points in their offer:
  • Huge library with high quality and high definition content
  • Seamless functionality in top video editors Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • Improved Royalty-Free license that allows unlimited distribution
  • Simple a la carte buying
  • Stock photos to complement the video

And they also have some turn-downs:
  • Lack of discounts or promotions for large volume purchases
  • Not very useful if you're not a Creative Cloud customer
  • Basic search engine with little filtering options


When is Adobe Stock the Right Choice?

This one is simple: Adobe Stock is a smart choice and worth your while if you are already a user, or intend to use Creative Cloud's apps.

Moreover, it's a good option if you only need a few clips now and then. At $79,99 for HD and $199,99 for 4K videos, their prices are paired up with those of other popular agencies, but Adobe Stock adds the advantage of a streamlined and easier workflow for editing.

Now, if you need lots of clips every month, then it's a personal decision-based in cost/benefit balance: with Adobe Stock you can edit and finish projects much easier, but without video packs or subscriptions you'll end up spending more than if you were using other agencies and importing the content to your video editing tool.

If you prefer other, non-Adobe video editors, then the cost per asset can be too high in relation to the limited benefits you'll get. Adobe Stock is a perfect complement for Creative Cloud apps, but it's very basic if you remove that advantage.

If you use Premier Pro or After Effects, and you want to experience the benefits in-licensing and adding stock footage to your projects in just a few clicks of your mouse, head over to Adobe Stock now!

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$79.99 per 1080p HD Video Download from Adobe Stock
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