AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors!

Ever since AI came into the visual creation industry, we’ve been eager to see what cool tools came up to make our work easier, faster, and more professional. 

AI video editing is one of the fields that has seen a lot of development lately. Intelligent features are constantly added to industry-leading editors, and new applications based on AI functionality keep gaining popularity amongst non-professional creatives. 

Today we tell you all about the coolest tools for automated video editing that you should know and that you’ll have a lot of fun trying!

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Benefits of Personalized AI-Driven Video Editing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long disembarked in creative software. Through neural networks and machine learning technology, AI can automate tasks in the video editing process that would otherwise have to be done manually by the users. AI technology applied to video editing not only offers automation to save time but also eliminates the need to learn specific skills –that not everyone has the time or opportunity to do– and lets you produce professional videos without having previous editing experience. Plus, introducing synthetic videos (videos created by a computer program instead of shot with a camera) opens new creative possibilities for videographers. video editing

Automatic video editing tools are a real game changer in the video industry! With an automatic video editor or an auto video maker, you can achieve visuals that would've been impossible to create before.

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Did you know you can use AI to create videos from scratch? It's true! AI video generators can synthesize entirely new video content from written descriptions or sample images. Read our guide to AI video generation to learn all about it!

Overcoming AI Video Editing Challenges – Ethical Considerations and Detection Tools

Machine learning video editing has come a long way, enabling realistic lip-syncing and video generation that can be both beneficial and harmful. While these technologies can revolutionize content creation and storytelling, they also raise ethical concerns, such as spreading misinformation and non-consensual manipulation of videos.

To overcome these challenges, researchers are developing detection tools that can identify deepfake signatures and subtle inconsistencies in manipulated videos. Encouraging critical thinking and media literacy among consumers is also essential, as it helps viewers question the source and context of the media they consume.

By striking a balance between harnessing the potential of AI video editing and addressing its ethical implications, we can continue to create innovative tools while minimizing the risks associated with deepfake technologies.

Maximizing the Automated Video Editing Potential

An AI video editor is an automatic video editing software tool that automates the whole or parts of the editing process through AI features. This machine learning video editing lets you do things like automatically create videos from video template files, quickly correct colors, smoothen jump cuts, and other edits like automatic stabilization, object detection, automatic reformatting for different social platforms, remove the background, or perfectly blend in an audio track in your video with just one click, to name a few. adobe premiere pro

With automated video editing, you can create professional-looking videos in just a few minutes and effortlessly, even if you only have basic editing knowledge or even no video editing experience at all. An auto video editor is a huge time saver.

Read here to learn how to edit videos like a pro, with or even without an automatic video editing tool! adobe premiere pro

What are AI Video Makers

While some people may use AI video maker and AI video editor as interchangeable terms, technically speaking, they aren’t the same. An AI video maker –also referred to as an AI video generator or AI video creator– is a machine learning video editing software that lets you easily create a whole video “out of thin air,” usually from text prompts or a series of steps to select preferences (eliminating the need for recording videos). They are actual auto video creator tools that produce original footage, not just editors for existing video recordings. 

With an automatic video maker, you can create content in any video style that is perfectly customized to your own voice, creatively speaking, without having to shoot it and edit it. It also lets you create stunning and interesting videos you couldn’t make otherwise – for example, you can create a beautiful aerial video of a desert, even if you never left your home in central Europe. All without compromising video quality.

Besides being a huge time saver, auto video creators expand your creative possibilities.

Why Choose AI Video Editing for Your Business

We mentioned that AI tools revolutionized the video-making industry, and that extends to businesses that often need promo videos, product videos, demo videos, YouTube video, and all kinds of engaging videos for social media channels and other means of marketing and branding. 

For business owners, social media marketers, and anyone looking to DIY business videos online, intelligent video editing apps are a great resource that, combined with stock footage, help you get a video quickly and easily done and published.

While other tools require complex skill learning and demand you to invest considerable time into your video project, the best AI video editing apps help you create interesting videos almost automatically and without any special skills. You can go from zero to having videos online on your YouTube channel in no time.

Every time you want to optimize your time (and budget) and get amazing videos for your business, an AI video editor is a great tool.

AI Video Editing Solutions

Here is our list of the best AI video editing software for you to create high quality videos on a whim and at affordable rates. 

Be it for automatic video editing or to generate new video clips out of nowhere, these premium and free automatic video editor tools do the job beautifully!

Adobe Premiere Pro – AI Features Powered by Adobe Sensei adobe premiere pro adobe premiere pro

Adobe Sensei is Adobe’s AI tech that brings intelligent automation across all the different tools in Adobe Creative Cloud, including key features of Adobe Premiere Pro, the application specifically designed to edit videos professionally that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem.

Adobe Premiere’s AI features are various and all very useful: 

  • Color match: Match the colors of two different clips instantly
  • Morph cut: It’s a transition effect that smoothens jump cuts to improve visual continuity. It’s especially useful to eliminate long pauses in interviews and talking head videos 
  • Scene edit detection: Automatically identify shorter clips in a longer video and cut them into scenes (very useful to extract best moments out of longer footage, to turn into clips for social platforms, for example)
  • Auto reframe: A feature that intelligently finds the focal point in a video and keeps it visible even on a different aspect ratio. It’s ideal for when you want to extract a short, square-formatted clip for social media platforms out of a long, wide format video, for example adobe premiere pro
  • Adobe Audition: Combining the power of Premiere with Adobe Audition (an audio recording and editing tool), you can automatically remix or stretch a music track to fit your needs for background music – (Learn the best tips for audio editing here!) Premiere Pro

This is without mentioning the many tasks this app handles outside AI: Adobes Premier Pro video background removal and replacement with a new background image or footage, green screens editing, and more.

If you are a pro video editor or have comparable skills, the AI functions of Premiere Pro are a time-saver and produce terrific results. adobe premiere pro

Premiere Pro can be bought as a single app application subscription starting at $20.99/mo, or as part of Creative Cloud membership from $54.99/mo. But you can also test it for free for one week with this exclusive Premiere Pro Free Trial!

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Topaz Labs Video AI – Intelligent Video Enhancing

AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 2
AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 3

Topaz Labs’ Video AI is a browser-based tool for video upscaling and quality enhancement based on AI technologies that collect data from multiple frames to produce optimal results. 

This intelligent video editing tool has multiple features to improve the overall quality of videos on their website instantly and with just a few clicks: 

  • Upscaling: Upscale video resolution with sharpness and natural details. Take an SD video to HD quality or an HD video to 4K or 8K resolution effortlessly 
  • Denoising: Remove noise and grain, and reduce flickering and other visual artifacts from your video
  • Deinterlacing: Transform interlaced videos into progressive ones through deep learning technology and avoid visual artifacts
  • Restoration: Restore old videos retrieving realistic details for a natural result with no added visual artifacts video enhancement

Every time you want awesome videos of the best quality possible, Video Enhancer AI is a good choice. 

You can acquire Video AI with a lifetime purchase –pay once, use forever–, including one year of free upgrades, for $299.

Picsart – Simple AI Video Editing for Web and Mobile

AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 4
AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 5

Picsart is an online platform with powerful yet user-friendly design tools for creatives that now uses AI technology to automate and simplify the creative workflow even more. The platform has both an image editor and a video editor and maker.

With Picsart Video Editor you can:

  • Personalized text to videos – Titles, subtitles, and descriptions are easily added with the text tool, plus you can choose from a variety of fonts and text styles
  • Add music to videos – From their stock music collection, or your own music track
  • Animated transitions – Go from one scene to the next with animated transitions and video effects
  • Resize video – Adapt your video dimensions for multiple social platforms like Instagram, YouTube or Facebook in just one click
  • Trim video – Trim and arrange your clips effortlessly to create the perfect sequence and duration
  • Free-to-edit images – Access Picsart's collection of stock images that are free to use in your projects

The best part is that the Picsart video editor application is available both on their website and also as a downloadable app for mobile devices.

You can access the editors and basic functions for free, but if you want full use of all resources, you need a premium Gold subscription, which starts at $11.99/mo.

Runway – From Basic to Advanced Editing in AI 

AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 6
AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 7

Runway is an intelligent video editing solution to edit a video quickly and easily and with optimal results. 

They rely heavily on their AI Magic Tools to give you automated functions that take care of basic edits as well as advanced post-processing: 

  • Green Screen: Automatically remove video background to make a transparent background video (just as if you had shot it with a green screen background)
  • Impainting: Paint out objects from your video (or the background of your video) effortlessly
  • Automatic Noise removal: Get rid of background noise from audio tracks in one click
  • Auto Subtitles: Add auto-generated captions to your clips 
  • Automatic beat detection: Adjust your clips to the beat of an audio track for a seamless result. This is useful to avoid having to use audio editing tools for such simple tasks

This is not to mention their dedicated video template collection and stock media resources you can use to produce cool social videos, corporate videos, YouTube videos, and more. 

Furthermore, a tweet recently shared by Patrick Esser –a research scientist from Runway– strongly suggests that an AI video generating feature might be soon coming onto the platform.

Overall, Runway is a very complete video editing application no matter what level of project you have in your hands.

Runway's free plan gives you unlimited access to AI features and unlimited exports in 720p resolution – and it's completely free.
Their premium plans start at $15/mo for everything from the free tier plus unlimited exports in 1080p HD quality, and there are higher tiers for 4K and 4K+ quality and other benefits.

Lumen5 – Video Editing + AI Video Generation

AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 8
AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 9

Lumen5 is a user-friendly personalized video editing tool that uses intelligent computer technology to enable everyone to create engaging video content without needing to have video editing skills. Thats real ai-driven video editing here.

Their automated video editing features combine with dedicated stock media libraries and professional templates, to help you produce awesome videos that are perfectly on brand, in just a few clicks. It’s especially geared toward social media platforms, and you can even share your videos directly from Lumen5 onto your channels. 

You can do pretty much everything for cool short videos here: 

  • Basic video editing: Merge, trim, cut, add voiceover or audio track, add text, resize, compress videos, and much more
  • Advanced video editing: Add special effects, subtitles, color correction, and more to your videos for a perfect finish
  • Full video creation: Select a template and add stock videos, add music, stock images, upload a video of your own, and more to produce channel-focused video content easily

As if that wasn’t enough, Lumen5 includes a full-blown AI video-making feature that lets you create videos from text instructions. Using intelligent, natural language processing software, this tool generates a storyboard and suggests and aggregates the ideal visuals to produce a video, all based on your script. It’s an ideal solution to turn a blog post or article into a video with little to no effort. Thats real automated video editing here!

If you want beautiful and effective videos but don’t know the first thing about video editing, Lumen5 is a good fit for your needs. 

You can use Lumen5 for free and download videos in up to 720p resolution with the Lumen5 watermark, or go for the paid plans that remove watermark and give you videos in 1080p resolution or higher, among many other perks, starting at $79/mo.

Rawshorts – AI Video Animation & More

AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 10
AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 11

Rawshorts is an AI-powered video editing and intelligent video editing tool with an added AI video generator. It is designed to help businesses create explainer videos, video presentations, video guidelines, and more, effortlessly. 

With this app you can: 

  • Create videos or animations from professional video templates, including animated social videos, animated whiteboards, promo video clips, and much more. 
  • Use stock videos to complete your creations
  • Generate videos from text content: animate or turn into video content from spreadsheets, blogs, articles, and more.

Rawshorts is very useful because, besides its dedicated creation tools, you can also license stock videos from their collection for commercial use, which is a nice bonus. 

Companies that need to add visual spice to their written data can certainly benefit from Rawshort’s service. 

Rawshorts' starter free trial comes with 5 non-premium exports in 480p resolution, watermarked. The paid subscriptions start at $49/mo for 25 premium exports in 1080p quality without watermark, 10 stock video licenses, and more.

Synthesia – AI-Generated People Videos

AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 12
AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 13

Synthesia is a very innovative AI video generating software that produces custom personalized videos at scale, parting from synthetic media – this is, AI-generated images. 

What Synthesia does for you, essentially, is create video or audio content from scratch, based on your requirements. 

They give you: 

  • AI Avatar: An avatar is a digital, photo-realistic representation of a human that acts as a presenter for your videos – useful if you don’t want to appear on camera and can’t hire on-camera talent. They have a collection of 65+ diverse avatars to choose from. 
  • Custom personalized Avatar: If you wish, you can also turn yourself or someone from your team into a custom personalized AI avatar to perform in your videos. Personalized avatars are paid separately.
  • AI Voices: Turn any script or text into sound, choosing from multiple computer-generated human voices, in 60 different languages. Perfect if you want a cool presenter voice that nature didn’t give you, or to sound perfect in other languages you don't fluently speak.
  • Video Templates: Choose from a collection of 25+ professional video templates to create beautiful and on-brand videos in no time 
  • Stock media: Complete your projects with their collection of 1M+ royalty-free images, icons, GIFS, background music, and more
  • Added video editing features: Include automatically-generated closed captions, or record your screen, to include in your video productions
  • Custom uploads: add your brand image elements or custom audio tracks to your videos

This is an innovative personalized approach to corporate and marketing video creation and one that is very interesting and even fun to use. 

If you are up to trying making videos with computer-generated people as your presenters, Synthesia is the way to go. 

You can start using Synthesia for $30/mo, which gives you 10 video credits per month, and access to all their features minus the custom avatar one –which is paid separately–. There is also a custom corporate solution if you care to contact the company directly to discuss your business needs.

Meta's Make-A-Video: AI Text-to-Video Generator

AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 14
AI Video Editing: Create and Change with AI Editors! 15

Meta, the umbrella company that manages Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and more, has recently shared with the public –via social media– their new development, Make-A-Video, an AI text-to-video generating tool that can transform text prompts into original video clips.

The tool is not yet available to the public, but Meta AI has been taking user requests via Twitter and sharing the outputs. As far as we know, the idea is that you can enter a text description, and the software delivers four synthetic video clips based on it.

So far, the results shared online are pretty impressive and mostly focused on fantastic and surrealist concepts.

While you cannot yet use this video generator at your discretion, you can always send your request to Meta AI, and follow closely as they will likely have more announcements and releases for this new development soon rather than later.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Video Editing

Can AI edit a video?

Yes. Artificial intelligence software is capable of editing a video. There are intelligent algorithms that can perform basic to advanced editing tasks, like removing unwanted objects and adding subtitles, or enhancing video resolution and smoothing scene transition, for example. 

What is AI in editing?

The AI technology in video editing is mostly about automating certain tasks of the editing process, to both produce better results, and save time. 

Does AI replace video editing?

Yes and no. AI functionality can handle certain aspects of video editing for you, but at this time it cannot completely edit a high quality video without user input – not the mass-accessible tools anyway.

Can you automate video editing?

Yes, with the help of AI tech, many tools let you automate all, or parts of, the video editing process.

Is there an app that automatically edits videos?

There are several automatic video editor apps, as well as software that is capable of both manual and automatic video editing.
Adobe Premiere Pro brings AI features to improve your video editing experience, and Runway has multiple features to edit videos automatically, for example.

Does Premiere Pro have AI?

Yes. Adobe Premiere Pro has AI features, all powered by Adobe Sensei which is the company’s proprietary machine learning tech for visual content creation. 

And there you have it. Those are the ultimate AI Video Editing tools you absolutely must know about and hopefully try. 

Which one piqued your interest the most? Let us know!

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