Find the Best Adobe Alternative for Video Editing

With video continuously rising in popularity in multiple creative and commercial fields –marketing and advertising, social media, communication, entertainment, you name it–, comes an ever-increasing community of creatives avidly interested in producing video content and all it implies, including video editing. 

The expansion of video format mixed with affordable resources like stock footage and video editing software means not only seasoned filmmakers and video producers are in the game now: enthusiastic hobbyists, multiple hat-wearing marketers, and DIY-minded business owners are giving it a go as well. This wide range of users logically have different needs and not all of them will find them in the same tools.  While Adobe is arguably one of the kings of video editing with their star Premiere Pro and After Effects applications, there are many reasons for you to need or at least consider an alternative option for editing your footage. All the more when you're using content from the best stock footage sites combined with native material.  For you, the team at Footage Secrets has gotten hands down to work to bring you this list of the best Adobe alternatives for video editing, that will make it much easier for you to find the one that ticks all your boxes. 

Why Would Anyone Need an Adobe Alternative? 

Find the Best Adobe Alternative for Video Editing 2
Find the Best Adobe Alternative for Video Editing 3
Find the Best Adobe Alternative for Video Editing 4

Nobody can deny Adobe has some of the most complete software tools for image manipulation, and that includes video editing apps. Premiere Pro and After Effects are both very robust solutions that can handle each and every aspect of professional video editing. Premiere Pro is even one of the coolest AI video editing tools today. That’s the main reason they’re chosen by mainstream professionals creating some of the latest worldwide blockbusters as well as beginner artists putting together their first portfolio projects, and many in between.  However, the main counterpoint in Adobe’s editors is their cost and pricing structure. As it’s part of their cloud-based service (Adobe Creative Cloud), it is under a subscription model. You can opt for just one app, like Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects, ranging from $31,49 monthly to $239,88 yearly. Or you can get the full plan with access to all Creative Cloud applications for $79,49 per month or $599,88 per year.  While reasonable and certainly packed with benefits —Adobe Stock’s footage collection is accessible directly from Creative Cloud apps, for example– these subscriptions aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and for some, they’re just out of budget especially if they’re embarking on long-term projects or are looking for a permanent, go-to editing tool.  Another turndown for creatives is that their software requires powerful hardware resources, and also a certain degree of incompatibility and glitches have been reported from MacOS users.  This leads to a large crowd of folks needing to edit video professionally and looking for an alternative to Adobe that is as efficient but not so costly and fully compatible with their devices. And that’s why we’re here. 

Discover the new Creative Cloud Express - 2021.12.13Adobe has Find the Best Adobe Alternative for Video Editing 5now launched Creative Cloud Express, a user-friendly, multimedia design tool that is both an upgrade and a replacement for Adobe Spark Post. Soon, it will also integrate the functions of Adobe Spark Video, with tools for quick, easy, and powerful video editing that are perfect for non-professionals. Don't miss it!

You can learn more about Creative Cloud Express here

The Best Adobe Alternatives in Video Editors

Without further ado, here is our list of alternative video editing tools that can perform just as well as the Adobe apps. Read through and find your match!  (Pssst… need help with your editing skills? Then don't miss our cool guide to editing film like a pro!)

Topaz Labs Video AI – Powerful AI Video Enhancing

  • Platforms: Windows – Mac
  • Price: Lifetime purchase for $299 (includes one year of free upgradest)

  • Pro-level results in video enhancing
  • Gentle learning curve suitable for non-experts
  • State-of-the-art AI technology

  • Doesn't perform any other video editing tasks outside quality enhancement
  • There is no monthly or annual subscription to get started

Video AI is an intelligent video-enhancing tool developed by Topaz Labs –a small-team tech company dedicated to AI-based, image manipulation applications– that is capable of producing professional-grade video enhancement thanks to multiple AI video editing models. This makes it the ideal alternative if what you love the most about Adobe tools is the AI functionality to improve videos automatically. Video AI can upscale, denoise, deinterlace, and stabilize footage with just a few clicks and with impressive, natural-looking results. Where differs from Adobe apps is that Topaz is a download-and-install solution, and it comes with a lifetime purchase of $299 only. However, it's a very affordable cost considering you'll get to enhance as many videos as you wish forever.

HitFilm Express & HitFilm Pro – A First-Class VFX Editing Tool

  • Platforms: Windows – Mac
  • Price: Free with paid add-ons – Premium version for $299 (includes one year of free updates and support)

  • Professional-grade tool
  • Useful for beginners and experts
  • Strong VFX editing capacity
  • Extensive tutorials

  • Complex interface – requires time to learn how to use it
  • Pro version requires a considerable investment

Developed by FXHome, HitFilm is a well-rounded, streamlined video editor that is side-by-side comparable to Adobe tools. What makes it a perfect alternative? For one, it serves all editing needs, from basic cut and stitching to full-blown visual effects. In fact, VFX is where HitFilm thrives, with software capable of the most complex and mainstream-like editing including 3D animations and beyond. It also comes with very powerful features to manipulate audio, something not all video editors include. And here comes the best: HitFilm Express is totally free! While it comes with add-ons and special features you must pay to use, the software itself is free of charge, free of ads, and still a professional-grade editing tool. If you want full power, HitFilm Pro 13 is the ultimate premium version of the software. It has the benefit of being a one-time purchase and –unlike Adobe apps– doesn’t require a subscription. One thing to consider, though, is that being such a first-class product its interface is relatively complex and it’s a learning curve to get its maximum value. However, they provide extensive tutorials to walk you through it all. 


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DaVinci Resolve 16 – The Ultimate Color Correction Tool for Video

  • Platforms: Windows – Mac – Linux
  • Price: Free – $299 for Studio version (Beta)

  • It’s an all-in-one video editor
  • Has unique and very advanced features
  • It simplifies editing tasks for time-saving

  • The interface is complicated and requires learning your way around it
  • The most powerful features are locked in the paid, pro version

DaVinci Resolve 16 is the latest version of BlackMagicDesign’s video editor. It’s most remarkable feature is its famous, advanced color correction tool. But this robust software is equipped to handle your video projects from beginning to end, as it takes care not only of editing but also of post-production including audio and VFX. So it goes without saying it’s a very cool alternative to Adobe. What makes it stand out? It comes with a cool multi-user collaborating function that allows various team members to work on different aspects of the project all at once. And adds AI, in the form of a Neural Engine, to power some of the most advanced features. You’ll be pleased to learn there is a free version of DaVinci Resolve available, and while it’s limited as one could expect, it is still very complete and useful if you’re trying to edit your videos without spending in software. But for taking full advantage of this solution you need the pro, DaVinci Resolve Studio. Currently in Beta, its price is very reasonable and it’s a one-time purchase with no further payments needed. You gotta keep in mind this tool is complex and its interface isn’t the friendliest around. But once you get around it you’ll notice some of its key functions are actually much simpler to use than in other editors. 

Final Cut Pro X – The Go-To Video Editor for Apple Lovers

  • Platforms: Mac
  • Price: Free trial (30 days only) – $299 for full access

  • Full compatibility with macOS devices – not so demanding hardware specs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple integrations for added functionality

  • It’s for Mac only
  • Interface works better on bigger, iMac screens

If you’re a Mac user, by far the best alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro is Final Cut Pro X. Why? Because it’s developed by Apple themselves to not only cater to their users’ particular needs (and who knows Apple lovers better than Apple), but also to work oily and sleekly on macOS devices. Its full compatibility adds to their professional editing features to give you everything you need to edit video on your Mac. A great advantage in this tool is that, despite being professional-grade, it’s relatively user-friendly and doesn’t take too long to get your way around its features, providing an easy transition for Apple iMovie users that are ready for the big leagues in video editing, as well as anyone who’s not as experienced in using pro-level software. Final Cut Pro X handles everything in video editing, even supports 3D files. And has various plugins and integrations available to ensure you can get your projects done. As a negative, it’s worth noting that the beautifully designed UX works better in bigger screens like those of the latest iMacs. However, you can still use the software and get most of its powerful features working with more modest Apple devices. Currently, you can start out by trying Final Cut Pro X for free for one month, but the full, unrestricted access to this editor is under a one-time fee. Considering its utility, it’s a very reasonable price. 

Vegas Pro 17 – A Video Editing Alternative for Windows 

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Price: Free trial – $199 to $399

  • Customizable interface
  • Complete audio editing functionality
  • Extra integrations available

  • It’s Windows-only
  • It’s not quite a professional tool

Now under the Magix developing team, Vegas Pro 17 is a non-linear video editor that, while only available for Windows users, is very complete and features some very advanced functions like a full-blown audio editing tool (something Adobe Premiere Pro users may miss). Its latest version adds very interesting and useful functionality like nested timelines to work on simultaneously or independently, professional colour grading, VFX and more. One very cool thing about this software is its interface is customizable and you can both arrange it to have your most-used features at hand, and save layers for continued use. While the audio editing capabilities and further integrations available make it a well-rounded solution for most creatives, in certain aspects it can be said that Vegas Pro isn’t quite a pro-level product. Despite that, it’s certainly capable of handling video editing for most of your needs. They offer a free trial, but if you want to work with this software long term you’ll need to buy it. If you own a previous version, you can access the upgrade, discounted price. If not, you need to pay full price but it’s a very industry-standard one and a one-time payment.

LightWorks – The Open Source Alternative in Video Editing

  • Platforms: Windows – Mac – Linux
  • Price: Free version – From $24,99 to $437,99

  • Reputable software with 25 years of history
  • Free and very complete
  • Supportive community with a big, active forum

  • The free version doesn’t export in a professional-level definition
  • The user interface requires learning

LightWorks is an open-source video editing software launched over 25 years ago –almost as old as Adobe Premiere–. As a result, it has a very loyal and active user base, and it is currently a very capable editing tool with impressive performance. This is a non-linear editor and is equipped with features to handle professional projects at top speed, including VFX functionality. Some cool perks? They developed a USB keyboard to work with their editor, that you can buy separately. And they have a very big community forum that is lively and full of resources. One thing worth mentioning is that LightWorks’ interface is not similar to those of other comparable editing software. So if you come from one of them, it will take you a while to get accustomed to its disposition and features. You will love to know this open-source tool has a very efficient free version that can do it all… except for exporting in anything over 720p. Their paid models are much more competitive for the professional user, and you have options for monthly and annual subscriptions, as well as a one-time purchase. 

Edit Your Videos Away with Our Great Alternatives to Adobe Software

As you see, there are no excuses not to get yourself hands down to work with creating and editing awesome, professional-quality videos. Even if you don’t like or can’t quite work with the famous Adobe editing apps –be it due to budget restrictions or personal preferences–, there are plenty of options to get the work done!  Have a look around and explore the Adobe alternatives we presented you, we’re sure you’ll find one you’re comfortable with.  Happy editing! 

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