AI Video Generation: A New Way to Make Videos

AI video generation is an innovative technology that can help content creators save time and resources while creating high-quality videos for marketing, social media, and other platforms. 

Today we will explore how machine learning algorithms work to create videos with stunning looks and animations based on input text or templates, and we’ll delve into some exclusive features offered by top-rated AI video generator tools. 

We’ll also overview the benefits of using AI-based video creation platforms over traditional editing software options and share some valuable insights into how these cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing the way creators produce engaging visual content online.

If you want to know what's possible with ai-generated videos today, which AI video generators to use, and how they operate, this post is for you!

What is AI Video Generation 

AI video generation is a revolutionary technology that has changed how we create and edit videos. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, this type of software can analyze text, correlate it with visual and audio data acquired during a previous training phase, and generate realistic videos automatically. 

With this video creation method, you don’t use a camera nor spend hours manually editing content. Instead, you feed the tool all the material and instructions, and the intelligent algorithms synthesize a new video under your specs. 

For example, provide an image of a person’s face and some text about them. The AI will use this information to create a short animated clip featuring that person talking about themselves based on what was provided in the input data. Or feed the AI algorithm a piece of text and an instruction to turn it into a “talking head video,” it will create a realistic video with an avatar reciting your text. 

Note: an AI video generator isn’t the same as an AI video editor, although some tools do both. AI video editing is more about automating some of the video editing tasks on existing videos, and they’re very useful when you need professional videos but you don’t have video editing experience or knowledge to handle them manually. An AI video generator creates video content from scratch or with minimal input materials.

Let’s have a more detailed look into how AI video generation works. 

How Does AI Generate Videos?

As we said, AI video-generating apps analyze your source material and instructions and automatically create a video that meets those parameters using your provided content and/or synthesizing new content. For this, they can use different types of artificial intelligence or a combination of them.

Text-to-image AI can interpret written instructions (text prompts) and create a video based on them. If you write, “Create a 10-second clip of a sun rising over the sea horizon,”… the software will produce exactly that. Without any further input on your part. 

Machine learning algorithms can also analyze existing footage and identify patterns to generate new similar but unique content. For example, an AI video generator could take a video of an individual traversing one street and create a novel clip with the same person strolling along another avenue. 

AI video-generating tools can also synthesize human-like characters. Customizable avatars are becoming increasingly popular due to tools like Synthesia allowing users to create non-real-life characters for use in videos or other digital media projects. By inputting various parameters such as facial features, body type, clothing style, etc., these programs can generate 3D models that look just like real people – perfect for creating personalized stories or virtual influencers. 

Finally, services like offer “video at scale” capabilities by automatically generating hundreds of unique versions of any piece of footage based on user preferences, such as length/duration and resolution quality settings, etc. This allows businesses who want large amounts of high quality yet unique content to quickly without having to edit each individual clip themselves manually.

Benefits of Using AI Video Generation

All these combined technologies make it easier for companies and individuals alike to produce professional videos without needing expensive equipment or video editing software – thanks to AI-powered solutions. 

It eliminates much of the manual work required when creating videos from scratch. All you need is a text prompt and your source material which can then be manipulated into a finished product quickly and efficiently with minimal effort, without prior video editing skills, and without breaking the bank.

Secondly, users can tailor the output to their preferences; they can modify duration, colors, and effects to make the video more visually attractive and create video content on brand. This is great for marketing videos, promo videos, training videos, etc.

Lastly, since no two outputs are ever exactly alike due to randomization within algorithms used during the production process, each user gets unique results every time they generate something new – allowing them greater creative freedom with a high quality video output for whatever purpose may require it. 

These are the main reasons for professionals, businesses, and designers of all avenues to resort to AI video generators more and more each day. 

An AI video creation platform can be useful for those looking to save on their video production costs and effort. With that in mind, it is important to consider the legal implications associated with using images generated by artificial intelligence before incorporating them into your content.

Before embarking on AI video generation for your projects, you must learn and consider certain legal issues that can stem from using AI video making tools. 

Copyright: Who Owns What?

Primarily, copyright infringement could be a potential issue because most AI video generators available have been trained with millions of images and videos belonging to other artists, without their express permission and without compensating them. The jury’s still out regarding whether AI-generated videos infringe other artists’ copyright just by existing. Still, in any case, you must always avoid creating content that is too similar to other copyrighted work, or that imitates the cinematographic style of a particular artist. It’s also always best to check how the AI video creator app you are using was trained, as some work with fully-authorized datasets and are, therefore, a lot safer legally. 

Then there is also the matter of who owns your newly generated video using AI. Again, such legal matters are still in discussion right now, but so far, experts and authorities seem to agree that media created by AI cannot be copyrighted. This doesn’t mean you cannot use AI-generated videos at all. Still, it does mean that you might never be legally the owner of the content, potentially leaving the door open for others –including competitors– to use it. 

License: What Do They Cover?

In connection to copyright, there is the issue of the license terms. The different AI video synthesizers have different licensing agreements, which entitle you to different usage rights. If you intend to use the videos commercially –like in marketing or brand awareness– you need to check and select the license that enables commercial use – not all apps provide this. 

Individual Rights: Have You Been AI’d?

Another important consideration is the right to privacy and trademarks. As you might already know, humans legally own the rights over their own likeness, and brands, logos, and other trademarked elements are private property. 

Why is this relevant? Because you have to be careful when you generate videos featuring a person that exists in the real world or when your video replicates well-known brands and designs. Despite being AI-generated, this type of content still infringes others’ individual rights, and they could very well sue you or request that you take down/destroy video footage that depicts them. 

In conclusion, while using AI for generating videos offers many advantages, it is important to consider any potential risks involved beforehand to avoid any future complications arising from those decisions made today.

Next, we will provide a bit of information about the latest and most popular AI video generators. 


AI Video Generation: A New Way to Make Videos 2

Synthesia is a text-to-video generating service that lets you convert your marketing text –and other types of copy– into a professional-looking video without shooting a single frame. You can create your own custom AI avatar to use as your on-screen channel, AI voices in 120 languages, and a selection of video templates to edit with your custom footage, among other great features. 

Pricing starts at $30/mo for individuals and small teams, but you can get a quote for an Enterprise plan, and different add-on features are available upon request. Still, this cost is much less than that of producing videos from scratch with traditional methods, and it also works 10x faster.

AI Video Generation: A New Way to Make Videos 3 is a website where you can convert articles into presentation-styled videos, including an AI presenter avatar, in minutes without any special skills required. Just choose a template –you can also work with a blank timeline–, customize it as much as needed, add your slides and your voiceover text, select your avatar, and hit render – the video will create on its own, with the presenter voicing and lip-syncing to your text and your visual materials correctly displayed on the screen. You can also translate your video into 65 languages. 

There is a free plan with one minute of video creation and limited access to avatars and templates, and the premium plans start at $29/mo. 

If you want quick explainer videos to promote your blog posts, this is a good option to try. 

DeepBrain AI

AI Video Generation: A New Way to Make Videos 4

DeepBrain AI is an AI video generation platform where you can convert a written script into a video within minutes. They have dedicated AI human avatars (and they focus on global inclusion, so they have a lot of diversity), AI-generated studio backgrounds, and more to make your video look as natural as possible. It’s ideal for news-styled content, for example. 

The starter plan is $29, and they also have a bespoke Enterprise option. Overall, a very reasonable cost for the quality content and time-savings it provides.

Coming Soon: Make-A-Video by Meta

AI Video Generation: A New Way to Make Videos 5

Meta, the multinational tech conglomerate that owns Facebook and Instagram, among other essential platforms of today’s online world, has announced the development of an AI image-generating tool, Make-A-Video, that converts text prompts into video. With it, you are meant to be able to create any video content you can imagine, in any style, just by describing it in writing. 

As interesting and promising as it sounds, Make-A-Video is not yet available to the public, although you can sign up for their waitlist.

FAQs in Relation to Ai Video Generation

Is there AI that generates videos?

Yes, currently, there is AI software that generates videos. Most of the services available to the public focus on AI avatars (customizable human figures that act as a presenter for a video), but the technology that could synthesize any user’s requirements into motion imagery is around the corner. 

How is AI used in video?

AI is increasingly used in video production to automate tedious tasks and enhance creative processes. AI can be used for object recognition, facial recognition, tracking objects within a scene, creating visual effects such as color grading or stylizing videos with filters, and generating new content from existing material. Ultimately this technology allows creators to create more dynamic visuals faster than ever while maintaining quality control over their work.

How do people make AI generated videos?

AI generated videos are created by leveraging machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks to generate content. This process involves training the AI model with a large dataset of existing video clips, which it then uses to learn how to create new footage from scratch. The AI system can also be trained on various parameters such as lighting, camera angles, and color palettes in order to produce realistic-looking results. This technology can generate realistic-appearing video clips with enough data and computing power.

How does AI enhance video?

AI technology can enhance video by automatically recognizing the footage's objects, people, and activities. It can also be used to detect faces, track movement, add special effects, or even generate entire scenes from scratch. AI-powered tools can understand the context and deliver intelligent suggestions for editing decisions, such as color grading or sound mixing, that would otherwise require manual labor. AI is an effective way to rapidly enhance video footage's quality with little effort.

AI Video Generation is a Good Alternative to Video Production

AI image-generating technology is incredibly useful. It can help businesses, professionals, designers, freelancers, and bloggers create high-quality video content with faster production times while saving on production costs.

Utilizing the most popular and advanced AI video makers, you can generate remarkable visuals to make your project stand out.

Go ahead!

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