4K Stock Footage: Best Prices for the Most Wanted Video Quality

If you’re serious about your video productions, you probably shoot in 4K, so you also want (and need) 4K stock footage. But where to buy 4K stock footage cheap?

You must know that being virtually the highest resolution available at most stock footage outlets, 4K videos normally have the highest price points too. But this doesn’t mean they’re expensive or unaffordable! We have some great deals in 4K stock videos that you’ll LOVE.

Ready to discover them? Read on!

Why 4K Stock Footage? Benefits in Ultra High Definition

At the risk of stating the obvious, you should definitely work with 4K video clips because it’s the highest definition available to the masses. And what we all want more than anything is the sharpest, most realistic image possible.

Even if you will not be exporting your final file in 4K, it makes a lot of sense to get 4K footage –that usually comes in RAW format with greater editing flexibility–, since you can easily downgrade the resolution as needed (for a YouTube video or a social media video for example). The opposite –upgrading image quality– is sometimes possible but it’s a lot harder to do.

As long as you can afford it, it’s always best to buy 4K stock footage: you’ll have the content in the highest resolution possible, so you can repurpose it as many times as you want without too much hassle.

Here you can find more details on image resolution, file formats, and more about 4K footage.

Cheapest 4K Stock Footage Offers

So where to buy cheap stock footage in 4K? Below is our list of the best and cheapest offers in 4K Stock Videos. Dive in!

Shutterstock – Great Variety in Affordable 4K Footage

4K Stock Footage: Best Prices for the Most Wanted Video Quality 2

Shutterstock is a hugely popular stock media agency, owner of one of the industry's largest stock footage libraries, with over 10 million video clips ready to download and use. They're known for their strict technical standards, the infinite variety in content, and very low prices. Their offer includes videos from web size to 4K, all available on demand. For more info, check our Shutterstock review.

Shutterstock is a good choice to buy 4K stock footage because:

They sell video packs according to resolution, which let you save more as you buy more, and they have the largest variety in 4K footage around, granting you'll always find the right clip for your work!

They offer three different sized video packs for 4K stock footage:

  • 5 4K Clips – $899
  • 10 4K Clips – $1699
  • 25 4K Clips – $3979

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Like this, you can decide how much you want to spend, thus how much you will be saving. You can obtain 4K stock videos for as low as $159,16 if you're willing to invest upfront. Plus, video packs are valid for a whole year after the purchase date, giving you great flexibility when it comes to planning your downloads. The added value in this offer is the huge pool of content you access: with over 10 million clips to choose from, you'll find options for every topic you can imagine!

But we saved the best for the last: the new Shutterstock video subscriptions let you download either 10 or 20 videos per month, in HD and 4K quality indistinctly, and plans start at $159 a month. Hiring a yearly subscription, especially one paid upfront, improves the per-clip price a lot, with the lowest rates being of just under $9 for a 4K clip!

So if you love to have options when it comes to 4K content, and like to control how much you spend and when Shutterstock is certainly an alternative worth exploring.

Even more so now, because using our special Shutterstock Coupon Code you will be saving 15% in your purchase of 4K video, be it a single purchase, video pack, or subscription!

This exclusive coupon gives you 15% off on your next stock footage purchase: video packs, credit packs, or video subscriptions!

iStock – The Cheapest 4K Videos in the Market

4K Stock Footage: Best Prices for the Most Wanted Video Quality 4

iStock is one pioneer company in stock media and a very successful one as well. Backed by prestigious Getty Images and famous for their thoughtful curation process, their stock footage offer is distinctive for their large collection of exclusive, high-valued content, added to a selection of budget friendly videos. You can learn it all in our iStock Video review.

This should be your go-to agency for 4K stock videos. And here’s why:

iStock prices videos based on the collection, not in image resolution. This means that 4K costs the same as HD, making them one of the cheapest deals in 4K stock footage in the market!

At iStock you can buy stock footage on demand, and all videos are priced per unit and according to collection (and status):

  • Essentials (budget friendly and non-exclusive): 6 credits
  • Signature (high value and exclusive to iStock): 18 credits

The final cost of each video will vary. There’s a fixed price per unit for quick checkout, but you can also buy credit packs, where the individual credit price lowers in bulk purchases, letting you save in the long run. What’s cool is that iStock credits never expire, so you can invest now and download videos whenever you want.

  • Essentials: $60 direct purchase – between $48 and $57,50 with credit packs
  • Signature: $170 direct purchase – between $144 and $165 with credit packs

That’s right: at iStock, you can buy professional, carefully curated 4K videos for as little as $48 each! Even more, you can get first class, exclusive 4K footage for only $144 the piece!

This is a real bargain if you compare it to the standard price for 4K clips across the market, which is around $199 per download.

So if you’re after 4K stock footage, iStock is definitely your best friend. Especially now, because our exclusive iStock Promo Code gives you a great 15% Off in EVERYTHING including CREDITS! For a limited time, you'll be able to buy credit packs and subscriptions at a cut price! Grab the code now! And don't forget to check these awesome methods to download iStock media without watermarks and legally!

Buy your choice of stock videos and stock images at iStock with a 15% discount on credit packs and subscriptions.
4K Stock Footage: Best Prices for the Most Wanted Video Quality 6

Storyblocks Video – 4K Videos with Unlimited Downloads

4K Stock Footage: Best Prices for the Most Wanted Video Quality 7

Storyblocks is a company specialised in stock footage with a very distinctive offer that brings the “Netflix model” to stock. They have a large, wholly-owned library full of clips in all resolutions, covering various topics and styles. You can find more info in our Storyblocks review.

What's different about them –and you need to know if you're after 4K stock footage– is this:

Storyblocks offers subscriptions for video, and they have unlimited download plans. These plans give access to their native library with hundreds of thousands of videos including 4K content, at no added price. This means you can download as many 4K videos as you want, for one fixed fee!

Right now they have some options in subscriptions according to the number of downloads and library access:

Basic Plan (5 HD Videos per Month) Unlimited Video (HD, 4K, AE Templates) Unlimited All Access (Video, Audio, Images)
$19 Monthly $39 Monthly $65 Monthly
$99 Yearly $199 Yearly (57% off) $349 Yearly

If you have a need for 4K videos all the time, this is a great solution. With an Unlimited Video plan, you're getting as many of them as you want for $39. And for only $199 you secure unrestricted downloads for a whole year. That's insane! Think of the lowest per-clip prices out there and it's clear that after a few downloads you're already saving hundreds of dollars!

So if you have a constant need for 4K stock footage, Storyblocks has you covered. Their unlimited plans make you save more the more clips you download.

But the annual deal is by far the best. It lets you save as much as $269 (or 57%) from the regular month-to-month price, giving you all the 4K footage you can download for just $199 a year! Go ahead and start your Storyblocks Annual Membership right now!

If you like the unlimited downloads model, you should explore similar options, for example, check our Storyblocks vs Envato Elements comparison and find out which one serves you best!

Buy Cheap 4K Stock Footage & Create Awesome Videos

As you can see, you don't have to break the piggy bank to get ultra HD footage to use legally in your productions. It's all a matter of knowing where to go! So remember:

  • iStock has the cheapest 4K clips prices in single purchases 
  • Videoblocks by Storyblocks has unlimited subscriptions to 4K videos
  • Shutterstock has the greatest library of 4K footage

So which one will you choose? Let us know!

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