Shutterstock Video Subscription is Now a Reality!

Shutterstock Video Subscription is Now a Reality! 1

News keeps coming from Shutterstock. The leading stock media agency has just announced the launching of a new subscription scheme for stock footage, a completely new offer on their platform that until now only sold stock videos on demand.

The new video subscription plans are geared toward digital content creators and businesses and hope to solve your creative needs in times when video content keeps rising in trends and finding great stock videos that increase engagement gets harder and harder. pricing

The Shutterstock Video subscription could be a real game-changer for many video makers on a budget, make sure you read until the end!

Note: The information and prices for video subscriptions are updated to 2024

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A quick note: As of 2024, the video subscription offer has been integrated into Shutterstock's flex plans, which let you download stock videos, image files, and stock music, all with the same subscription. Here you can read about Shutterstock Flex offer.

Shutterstock Video Subscription: Pro Stock Footage All Year Round

The option to buy stock video at Shutterstock with a subscription is aimed at those who have an increasing need for crispy fresh video content constantly.

When they first introduced video subscriptions, the agency had a series of plans specific to video. But later on, they integrated video downloads into their multimedia plans –branded Flex subscriptions– that give you access to stock footage, stock images, and stock music.

These plans have a monthly credit limit, as each file type costs a different number of credits. Videos cost 10 credits each, regardless of resolution.

The subscriptions currently have six volume-related price tiers: 10, 25, 50, 150, 350, and 750 credits per month, respectively. All plans include video downloads in SD, HD, and 4K quality and give access to the entire catalog with 50 Million+ videos, 734 Million+ images, and thousands of music tracks. pricing

The final cost depends on the plan's extension: you can opt for a month-to-month subscription or an annual commitment. The latter is expectably better priced, but you also have the choice between annual billed monthly or annual billed upfront (this last one offers the best per-credit prices of all). Here's the Shutterstock Video Subscription price (Flex plan price) breakdown:

10 credits a Month (up to 1 video) 25 credit a Month (up to 2 videos) 50 credits a Month (up to 5 videos) 150 credits a Month (up to 15 videos 350 credits a Month (up to 35 videos 750 credits a Month (up to 75 videos
Month-to-Month $49 Month-to-Month $89 Month-to-Month $125 Month-to-Month $249 Month-to-Month $369 Month-to-Month $499
Annual billed Monthly $29 Annual billed Monthly $59 Annual billed Monthly $99 Annual billed Monthly $149 Annual billed Monthly $169 Annual billed Monthly $199
Annual billed Upfront $299 Annual billed Upfront $599 Annual billed Upfront $989 Annual billed Upfront $1,499 Annual billed Upfront $1,649 Annual billed Upfront $1,999

As you can see, the upfront-paid annual option is the best deal with SD, HD, and 4K clips at just $2.50, $3.95, $8.30, $16.50, $24.95, or $24.90 a piece –by far one of the lowest prices in the market for such high resolution–. But even the month-to-month alternative saves you a lot of money already, compared to the individual purchase and video pack pricing.

To find more details on the agency and its prices, check our full Shutterstock Video review!

Get your Shutterstock Video Subscription Now

This is also the perfect chance to make use of our Shutterstock Footage Coupon Code and save even more on your purchase!

To know what you can and can't do with Shutterstock videos, check our Shutterstock Video License guide!

Shutterstock Video Subscription is Now a Reality! 2

Shutterstock Video Plans FAQ

How much does a video cost on Shutterstock?

The price of a video depends on the method you use to buy it. Single video clips on demand cost between $65 and $399 depending on the resolution. With video packs, you can cut that price down from $63.95 for SD videos to $91.95 for 4K videos (those prices are with the largest video pack available).
Video subscription plans (flex subscriptions), however, offer the lowest per-video rates. For one, they are not bound to resolution, so you get the highest quality for the same price. A month-to-month subscription plan gives you up to 1 clip a month for $49 (and it can be a 4K video!) and even better prices for more downloads per month. An annual plan improves that offer, with videos as cheap as $2,50 each –with an annual, billed upfront plan for up to 75 videos a month at $1,999/yr–.

How many times can I use a Shutterstock video?

Shutterstock footage clips are all royalty-free and come with unlimited usage rights. Meaning once you download them and pay for them, you can use them time and time again in as many projects as you wish without ever having to pay for them again.

Is a Shutterstock subscription worth it?

Considering the very low price per clip and the flexibility in usage, a Shutterstock subscription plan for video makes a lot of sense, and it's certainly worth it if you have a use for at least 10 or 20 clips a month.

Is Shutterstock video copyright free?

All Shutterstock footage content is still owned by the contributors that created them. In that sense, they are not copyright free: they are copyrighted.
However, the license that Shutterstock issues let you use the videos without attribution.

Affordable & Professional Stock Footage for Your Increasing Content Needs

By adding a subscription model to their stock footage offer, Shutterstock is effectively trying to lend a hand to all the content creators that are struggling to keep up with the fast-paced and video-craving digital platforms of today.

All researches and studies point out that video content keeps rising, fueled by social media, streaming, and other digital platforms. The new generation of creatives is all in with tapping on this market's opportunities; for that, they need to produce more content faster and better.

If you run a business, using videos in addition to image content in your branding and marketing is the wisest move. Motion imagery helps increase engagement and shows a lot of advantages and solutions for positioning your company better in the market.

To the obvious budget restrictions that make it hard to shoot every bit of footage you need for a video project, we have to factor in other limitations such as time and availability, and geographical location: sometimes, it's virtually impossible to have the kind of time and money to go from the US to Egypt to shoot a video of the pyramids, and it can be equally difficult to contact and commission someone to do it from abroad.

Shutterstock has already made moves to simplify video production workflow for its customers, with the recent addition of its stock footage library to its mobile apps. By bringing in video subscriptions, they are also addressing the issues with production costs and content availability all at once.

That is not to mention Shutterstock's constant investment in technology to improve user experience and its rich catalog that covers the needs of most businesses with premium content in popular categories and styles: backgrounds, motion graphics, stock footage, everything is in there. And they add new clips every week, too.

If you tend to use 10 or more new stock footage clips every month, you should definitely jump on the video subscription bandwagon with Shutterstock!

Get your Shutterstock Video Subscription Now

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