Top 5 Agencies to Buy Royalty Free Cheap Stock Footage

Are you on the hunt for cheap stock footage that you can use in your videos? Look no further. Here you will find the best agencies to buy Royalty Free footage clips at low prices.

And of course, as a creative, you want the best video clips for your projects. At these super cheap footage agencies, cheap does not mean in any way low quality. You can license HD and even 4K clips to use in your video or film, without spending thousands. Isn't that the dream?

Cheap Stock Footage: Where to Buy Video Footage cheaper?

These are the stock agencies we recommend you to use when you want to maximize your budget's value. Each with their own particularities, they all offer some of the lowest prices in stock footage and have collections full of high-quality clips. Have a look at our list of affordable stock footage providers.

Now if you really want to learn how to buy and save, have a look at our Guide to Buy Stock Video like an Expert!

BONUS: StockPhotoSecrets Shop – Get Cheap Stock Video

The hugely popular Stock Photo Secrets Shop is the place to go for all small and medium-sized business looking for high-quality stock footage. Not only they have a huge library counting in the tens of thousands of thousands of video footage in every genre you can think of, all in full HD quality, but also has unbeatable low prices in convenient, on-demand purchase model! It’s well worth taking the time to check out, and you can do so reading our full StockPhotoSecrets Shop review.

Premium Cheap Footage

This agency sells stock video footage in the form of video packs, that you can buy on demand. You pay upfront for a number of video downloads, and you use them to get the clips of your choice. They offer 3 main packs, with each successive pack offering better discounts. Grabbing a 5 pack of video clips will set you back $198, the 10 pack weighs in at $380 and the 25 pack comes in at $980, or $39, $38 and $36 per video respectively. This is one of the lowest price rates in the stock footage industry, especially considering they are all full HD 1080 videos.

Even more awesomely, joining up to the website as a member will throw a massive 50% discount on top of every video pack, leaving them priced in at $99 for the 5 pack, $190 for the 10 pack and $450 for the 25 pack! How to become a member? Simply subscribing to any of the awesome and very cheap image plans they have available, which will also grant you all the complementary stills for your projects. A nicely round deal! Get your cheap stock video now!

Head over to StockPhotoSecrets Shop and buy your video pack today!

shutterstock-logoShutterstock is one of the most popular stock imagery agencies, mainly because of its huge library and its low prices. They have over 4.7 Million video footage clips, with great variety in themes and styles. Most of their footage is HD and they also have a large selection of 4K clips. Learn more about this agency in our Shutterstock review.

Shutterstock cheaper video clipsThey sell stock video on demand, by a single clip or with video packs. All their prices are based on video resolution and volume of purchase. You can buy videos a la carte, from $19 for Web size all the way to $79 and $199 for HD and 4K clips respectively. They do have a huge variety of slow motion and time-lapse royalty-free video clips.

But video packs offer a better price deal if you're willing to do a greater (yet small) upfront investment. Video packs let you buy downloads beforehand, and then use them to get videos. There are packs from 5 and up to 25 videos, arranged by resolution. The greater the pack is, the lowest each individual video costs. For example, HD clips are $79 each, but with a 5 download video pack, you pay $369, meaning each clip is $73.50. And with a 10 download pack, for $699, you're paying each clip at $69,90.

And great news for your budget: you can save even more with our special Shutterstock Promo Code, that gives you 15% off in your footage purchase! You  might even snatch some free clips in the meanwhile.

Enjoy a 25% discount on purchases of stock footage at Shutterstock! Offer includes video packs and individual clips, and it's valid from March 31st ...
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  • $78 per 1080p HD video download
  • Buy 5 HD Clips for $369 and save $5 per ...
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iStock – Cheap 4K Stock Video

iStock is another top stock imagery agency, the one that has been in the industry for longer than all the others. Owned by Getty Images (the most renowned stock photo agency in the world), iStock offers a large collection of stock footage that includes lots of clips that are exclusive to their site, at very affordable prices. To read more about this company, go to our iStock review.

iStock Cheap Videos

They sell stock videos a la carte, and they are priced in credits. Price is based in whether the clip is exclusive or not, rather than in image resolution. Essentials collection features all the clips that are non-exclusive. While still high quality and suitable for a broad range of uses, these clips are more affordable, at 6 credits each.

The signature collection includes all the stock video footage that is exclusive to iStock, and you can only license with them. They are very high-end video production supplier creating these clips exclusively for iStock. These shots are significantly higher quality, as they are high-value productions with the superior overall look. For this reason, they are priced higher, at 18 credits each. The best is that 4k HD cost the same.

Now, credits have different value depending on the credit pack you buy (the larger the pack, the cheaper the individual credit). The minimum packs required to buy stock footage takes their price to $60 for Essential and $165 for Signature. But it can go much lower than that with larger packs, as low as $24 and $144 respectively. Plus, you must know that these prices do not vary with video resolution, meaning with $60 you can buy a 4K Essential clip all the same than an SD one. This by far one the lowest prices for 4K footage in the market!

And you can have more. With our limited time, exclusive iStock Promo Code you can get 15% off in EVERYTHING including CREDITS! For limited time, you'll be able to buy credit packs at iStock with this great discount, to get your stock footage cheaper than ever! Grab the code today!

Get a 15% Discount on all credit packs and subscriptions. Exclusive iStock coupon code is valid only until Thursday, April 30, 2020.  
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ArtGrid – Unlimited Pro Stock Footage

ArtGrid is a stock footage service brought to you by the same owners of Artlist –a premium stock music site–. This platform focuses on high-value, professional stock videos shot with the latest cameras available and at top resolution. Their catalogue is sourced from filmmakers and aimed at filmmakers, and royalty-free for commercial use. They have content in up to 8K and RAW, in a considerably large and varied collection spanning many popular subjects and styles. More details? See our ArtGrid review.

They sell 1-year memberships with full and unlimited access to their library, meaning you can download as many clips as you want for one flat fee. Such fee depends on the maximum resolution you want, ranging from $299 to $599 where the cheapest enables downloads in HD only and the most expensive lets you get videos in all resolutions up to RAW/LOG.

If you need lots of super-curated, artsy and current footage clips with professional quality, this can be the perfect fit for you!

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ProVideo Factory – Unique Clips from Around the Globe

logo ProVideo FactoryProVideo Factory is an excellent choice if you are looking for high-end stock footage from various corners of the world, at affordable prices. This company specialises in videos shot with state-of-the-art cameras by dedicated teams that produce content exclusively for this library. Footage comes in up to 8K resolution and is all Royalty Free for commercial use. To learn it all about their service, read our full ProVideo Factory review. 

You would think such premium quality footage would cost a pretty penny, but this agency's pride is to be accessible for most creatives' pockets. That's why they work with annual subscriptions that include unlimited downloads, priced at $149 for HD and $299 for HD and 4K. Additionally, they offer a Premium library where you can buy video clips in up to 8K resolution and RAW files on demand, ranging from $40 to $200 depending on image quality.

What's cool is they also let you test their service and see the value in their content at no cost. All you have to do is sign up to download and use their selection of free stock footage!

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VideoBlocks – Unlimited Footage Downloads

videoblocks-logoVideoblocks company is very popular because of their innovative buying model: they sell you a flat-rate membership that gives you unlimited downloads from their wholly-owned library of over 115,000 high-quality stock videos. And they also have a separate marketplace with over 1.5 Million stock footage clips from contributors from all over the world; to access this marketplace, where you can buy clips a la carte, you must have a membership. Find out more about this agency in our Videoblocks review.

Given the nature of their model, the membership is a great deal to get cheap stock footage: $149 a year for unlimited access to their library of HD clips, and $198 annually for access to that plus 4K and 4k+ content. The more video footage clips you download, the cheaper each of them is costing you. They also have a monthly membership option, so you don't have to commit for a whole year if you don't want to. Simple and super cheap.

Plus, your membership gives you access to the marketplace, where you can buy videos a la carte for $49 for HD and $199 for 4K which includes a lot of slow-motion and time-lapse stock video footage. With over 1.5 Million videos to choose from, this is also a very valuable option.

And do you know what else? You can try their service for free for one week, and download free stock videos – up to 140! If you want to buy cheap and high-quality stock footage, Videoblocks is certainly worth it. Their free trial gives you free clips as well.

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Save up to 90% by signing up to $99 per year plan with unlimited downloads of video clips and footage. Clips price starts at $19 per HD Download once ...
Payment Method

Credit Card, Paypal

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Adobe Stock – Stock Footage for Creative Cloud

adobe-stock-logoAdobe Stock is a new service that integrates stock footage (and photos, vectors and illustrations) from popular stock agency Fotolia right into Adobe's Creative Cloud apps. The integration includes over 1 Million HD stock videos and over 100,000 4K clips. To learn more about this service, read our Adobe Stock review.

The service sells videos a la carte. HD clips are at $79 and 4K at $199. The buying system is easy and quick. Just select the videos you want, and enter your payment details. Simple as that.

They have high-quality videos in many different topics and themes, but the value in their offer is in the integration with Creative Cloud resources. If you use Adobe's video editing apps, Adobe Stock makes your life easier by letting you search, license and use stock footage shots without ever leaving the editing app's interface. Pretty cool.

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Pond5 – The Footage Expert

pond5-logo (1)Pond5 agency is very popular in the market and was one of the first successful agencies focused in stock footage. They have a huge library of over 5.5 Million clips, including HD, 4K and 4K+ clips, and a model where videographer price their own clips, resulting in a wide range of prices, in average very affordable. If you want to know more about the company, go to our Pond5 review.

They sell stock footage on-demand with credit packs, but the pricing is super simple because a Pond5 credit equals $1. Instead of cutting from credit price, their packs give you bonus credits, the larger the pack, the greater the bonus. You can buy packs from $250 up to $5000, and get bonuses from $10 to $500 respectively. How many clips you can buy with your pack depends on your needs and selection: at Pond5 you can find Web resolution clips for $5, long 4K+ productions for $500 or more, and pretty much anything in between.

Plus they also offer subscriptions. Their memberships give you access to a curated collection of clips, and a different amount of downloads depending on the plan. Pro membership gives you 5 monthly downloads from a selection of 200,000 HD clips, for $59 a month or $559 a year (that is $11.80 per clip per month and $9.31 per clip per year). Premium membership gives you 10 monthly downloads from a collection of 200,000 videos that include HD and 4K resolutions, plus curated selections of bonus files like stock photos and sound effects; prices are $139 a month ($13.90 per clip) and $839 a year ($6.99 per clip). Low price or what?

If you're looking for lots of stock videos, Pond5 has the pricing range and subscription plans to make the best out of your budget.

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Download 1080p HD videos from Pond5 for only $35 to $79

So there you have them. 5 of the best stock agencies to buy cheap royalty free videos. With such low prices and simple buying systems, you have no excuses when it comes to spicing up your projects with high-quality stock video clips. Don't forget to also add sound effects to your videos or music for videos here.

These agencies will help you boost up your productions and get the best value for your money, all at the same time. What's more to ask? Get your cheap stock video now!

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Cheap Stock Footage Comparison Table

A la carte
Video Packs
Credit Packs
Stock AgencyMin. Price Max. PriceMin. Price per ClipMax. Price per ClipMin. Price per ClipMax. Price per ClipMin. Price and DownloadsMax. Price and Downloads
StockPhotoSecrets Shop$18 (25 HD Videos, with Member's discount)$39 (5 HD Videos, regular price)

$19 (Web)$199 (4K)$13.96 (25 Web Videos)$189,80 (5 4K Videos)  
ArtGrid    $299 Yearly - Unlimited downloads - HD only$599 - Yearly - Unlimited downloads - Up to 4K
ProVideo Factory$40 (HD)$200 (6K)    $149 Yearly - Unlimited downloads - HD only$299 Yearly - Unlimited downloads - HD and 4K

$49 (HD)$199 (4K)    $79 monthly - Unlimited downloads$198 Yearly - Premium unlimited downloads

6 Credits (Essentials)18 Credits (Signature)  $24 (Essentials) - $144 (Signature$60 (Essentials) - $165 (Signature)  

Adobe Stock
$79 (HD)$199 (4K)      

$5$500+  They don't reduce clip price, but give bonus credit for more downloads
$69 monthly - 5 downloads$839 Yearly - Premium 10 downloads
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