Envato Elements vs Motion Array: In-Depth Platform Battle

When selecting the best platform to download stock footage, motion graphics, and other creative assets, the debate between Envato Elements vs Motion Array is a common one. Both platforms sell digital assets and offer vast resources that cater to various needs, making it essential for users to understand their key differences.

Here we will provide an in-depth analysis of Envato Elements and Motion Array by exploring their features, benefits, and pricing structures. We'll also compare their content offerings and user experience so you can make an informed decision on which platform suits your requirements better.

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Finally, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each platform to help you make a wise decision that aligns with your individual needs and long-term objectives. By thoroughly researching both platforms, you can ensure that you invest in the most suitable option for enhancing your motion design skills and creating stunning video content.

Envato Elements Overview

This quick review of Envato Elements will help you know more about this stock media provider to better compare against Motion Array. For more detailed info on this service, read our full Envato Elements review.

envato elements vs motion array elements.envato.com homepage

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements vs Motion Array: In-Depth Platform Battle 3

Envato Elements is a subscription-based, one-stop shop for all your creative needs. It provides unlimited access to over 14 million high-quality digital assets across various categories like stock videos, video templates, music tracks, graphic templates, fonts, web templates, WordPress kits, and more, all for a flat monthly fee. Catering to videomakers, designers, freelancers, eCommerce stores, bloggers, and businesses alike – it has something for everyone.

Benefits of Envato Elements

  • Library Size: With millions of assets available at your fingertips, from various categories like stock footage to audio files, and with more assets added monthly – you're bound never to run out of options when working on commercial or personal projects.
  • Unlimited Downloads: All membership options come with unrestricted access and downloads from the entire catalog, so you don’t have to worry about creative limitations
  • Affordable Pricing: The monthly or annual subscription plans provide cost-effective solutions compared with purchasing individual items separately.
  • Royalty-Free License: All the assets come with a single-use, royalty-free license allowing commercial use without worrying about copyright issues or additional fees.
  • WordPress themes: Design websites and web pages in WordPress easier than ever with their collection of WordPress themes and design kits. 

How to Use Envato Elements

To start taking advantage of Envato Elements, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on the Envato Elements website and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.
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  2. Browse & Search: Use the search bar or browse through categories to find the perfect assets for your project.
  3. Download & License: Select desired items and click the ‘Download' button. You'll be prompted to register the specific project you’ll use the asset in, and the license to cover that usage will be issued automatically. 

In summary, Envato Elements offers a comprehensive library of graphic and video assets at affordable prices with unlimited access, making it an excellent choice for any content creator seeking a large volume of high-quality content without breaking the bank. 

Envato Elements is a great resource for stock footage, video and audio clips that can be used in various creative projects.

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Next, we'll investigate another prominent platform – Motion Array – to aid you in deciding which service is most appropriate for your requirements.

Motion Array Overview

Let's dive into the world of Motion Array to better understand what it offers against Envato Elements.

For more exhaustive information on this platform, refer to our Motion Array review.

envato elements vs motion array motionarray.com homepage

What is Motion Array?

Envato Elements vs Motion Array: In-Depth Platform Battle 5

Motion Array is an all-in-one service for creative professionals, the video creator in particular, offering an extensive selection of stock videos, motion graphics templates, video transitions, music tracks, video presets plugin, and sound effects.

Their service includes a portfolio website builder and a video collaboration application. Plus, Motion Array pricing is subscription-based, and you get stock media downloads and all extra tools for a flat subscription cost. With its user-friendly interface and a rich library of content at your fingertips, it's no wonder why many creatives choose Motion Array for their project needs.

Benefits of Using Motion Array

  • Quality Library: It has an ever growing library boasting over 700,000 curated, high quality assets between video footage, video templates, video presets, stock audio, and stock images. There’s always something fresh waiting for you on Motion Array.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The easy-to-navigate website makes finding the perfect asset quick and painless, so you can spend less time searching and more time creating.
  • Royalty-Free License: All assets are under a royalty-free licensing model allowing commercial use without additional fees or restrictions. The Motion Array license doesn't require you to register project files every time you use an asset in content creation.
  • Exclusive Extension: Access all of Motion Array’s assets directly in your favorite video editing apps, thanks to their installable, exclusive Adobe marketplace extension.

How to Use Motion Array

Getting started with Motion Array is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account: Sign up for a free account or choose one of the Motion Array membership plans that best fits your needs.
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  2. Browse and Search: Explore the vast library by browsing through categories, using Motion Array's search tool with keywords, or applying filters to find exactly what you want.
  3. Preview Assets: The preview feature ensures the content meets your digital project requirements before you proceed to download assets.
  4. Download & License: Once you’ve picked the asset you want, simply hit the Download button, and the item will be sent to your local storage, automatically licensed. You can also use the same assets for future projects with this sole license.

In no time, you'll be on your way to creating stunning visuals and captivating audio experiences with the help of Motion Array's extensive collection of digital assets.

Motion Array is an excellent resource for stock footage and video, offering a wide variety of content at competitive prices. 

Comparing Envato Elements and Motion Array

Having assessed Envato Elements and Motion Array, let's contrast them side-by-side in terms of cost, content selection, and user experience to determine the most suitable for you. By the end of this section, you'll have a better understanding of which platform might be the best fit for your needs.

Envato Elements vs Motion Array: In-Depth Platform Battle 6
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Cost Comparison

Both providers offer unlimited downloads. Envato Elements has a simple pricing structure with two options: monthly or annual subscriptions. The monthly subscription is priced at $33 (But you can save with our Envato Elements Coupon and pay only $8.25 for your first month!), while the annual plan is billed monthly and is only $16.50 per month (which equals $198 per year).

Both plans give you unlimited access to all their digital assets, including stock footage, photos, graphics, templates, and more.

Motion Array also has a straightforward pricing scheme: There is a month-to-month membership for $29.99/mo and an annual plan that goes for $239.88/yr – this breaks down to $19.99 per month and saves you as much as $120 from the monthly price (Now you can get the yearly plan for only $199.99 with our special Motion Array Coupon!).

All membership options give access to their library with unlimited downloads, as well as to all the additional features such as the video review tool or the portfolio website builder.

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Content Comparison 

Content-wise, in Motion Array vs Envato Elements, both sites offer a wide spread of digital assets. However, the main difference lies in their focus areas. 

Envato Elements vs Motion Array: In-Depth Platform Battle 8

Envato Elements excels at providing a wide range of templates for various design software like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. Additionally, they offer a large selection of stock photos and graphics.

Motion Array primarily focuses on video content and editing presets, with an extensive library of stock footage, Adobe Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro exclusive plugins, and After Effects preset styles. They also provide music tracks and sound effects to enhance your projects further. And they have an Adobe panel extension for you to access Motion Array right from within your favorite Adobe app.

Envato Elements vs Motion Array: In-Depth Platform Battle 9

User Experience Comparison

In an Envato vs Motion Array comparison regarding user experience, both provide user-friendly interfaces, enabling users to explore their respective libraries easily. Envato Elements offers a clean layout with well-organized categories, making it easy to find what you're looking for quickly. Their search functionality is also quite powerful – allowing users to filter results by format or license type.

Motion Array's interface is similarly intuitive, with precise categorization and advanced search options such as filtering by resolution or frame rate when searching for video content. One unique feature of Motion Array provides the ability to preview videos directly within the platform without downloading them first – saving time during your creative process.

Pros and Cons of Each Platform

Choosing between Envato Elements and Motion Array can be a daunting task, especially when both platforms offer such enticing features. To help you make an informed decision, let's examine the pros and cons of each platform.

Envato Elements Positives
  • Large Library: With over 14 million digital assets, including stock footage, photos, graphics, and templates for motion graphics projects – it's hard to beat the sheer volume of content available on Envato Elements.
  • Affordable Pricing in Annual Plan: For just $16.50/month (billed annually), users can access all digital assets with unlimited downloads. This makes it highly cost-effective for professionals who require numerous resources regularly.
  • User-friendly Interface: The platform is easy to navigate and offers various search filters that allow users to find what they need quickly.
Envato Elements Negatives
  • Limited Video Templates Selection: Although there are plenty of video templates available on the platform, some users might find their selection limited compared to specialized platforms like Motion Array.
  • Single Use License: You must register your intended use for the downloaded assets, and that license covers only said use. If you wish to use the same asset in a new project, you need to re-download it from the website and register the new project for a new license. 
Motion Array Positives
  • Motion Graphics Focus: As its name suggests, Motion Array specializes in motion graphics templates and resources. This makes it an ideal choice for video creators looking specifically for motion design skills or unique video editing solutions.
  • Premium Video Templates: The platform offers high-quality, professionally designed video templates catering to those working with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.
  • Affordable Pricing in Monthly Plan: The starting price for Motion Array is $29,99, and it’s only a month-long commitment. 
Motion Array Negatives
  • Narrower Content Selection: While specializing in motion graphics is one of its strengths, its collection is very modest compared to Envato.
  • Adobe-Focused: If you work with other software editors to create videos, you have less use for a large portion of Motion Array’s offering.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Platform for You

When making your decision between these two stock footage and creative assets services, take into account essential workflow factors such as which software you use the most and what kind of projects you develop more often, in addition to what type of content you need and what your budget is. 

Consider Your Needs and Budget

The first step in choosing between Envato Elements and Motion Array is determining what resources you need for your projects. Both digital asset platforms offer a wide range of stock footage, photos, graphics, templates, etc., so take some time to explore their libraries before making any decisions.

Budget-wise, both platforms have subscription-based pricing models; however, they differ in terms of cost. Envato Elements is cheaper if you subscribe for a whole year, but month-to-month, a Motion Array subscription is more affordable. Evaluate how much you're willing to spend monthly or annually on a subscription service while keeping in mind that investing more upfront might save money over time if you frequently use digital assets.

Think About Your Long-Term Goals

Your choice should also depend on your long-term goals regarding project types or business growth plans. For instance:

  • If you're looking for high-quality video templates specifically tailored towards Adobe After Effects users – Motion Array could be an ideal choice due to its extensive collection.
  • If graphic design plays a significant role in your projects – Envato Elements' vast library with diverse design resources, including web and presentation templates, may better suit your needs.
  • In case scalability is crucial for future expansion – opting for Motion Array's commercial license would provide peace of mind knowing all assets are covered without worrying about individual licensing.

Research Both Platforms Thoroughly

Before making a final decision, it's essential to research both platforms thoroughly. Motion Array has additional services for video content creators, such as a review and collaboration tool and a website portfolio builder.

Envato Elements has a greater variety of graphic resources outside of just video: presentation templates, WordPress themes, 3D assets, and more. Depending on what you usually create and what materials you use, you could benefit from one more than the other.

You may also read user reviews and testimonials from professionals that have experience using Envato Elements or Motion Array for their projects. Glean valuable info from reviews and feedback of those who have employed Envato Elements or Motion Array for their projects to acquire an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks each platform has.

In addition, take advantage of any free sample content offered by these platforms to get hands-on experience with their interface and asset quality. For example, Envato Elements offers monthly freebies, while Motion Array provides a selection of free content upon sign-up.

Finally, you can compare special offers and exclusive benefits that you can obtain for one or the other service. For example, we have an amazing Envato Elements Coupon Code that gives you a 75% off on your first month of subscription, and we also have a cool Motion Array Promo Code that lets you save $50 in an annual membership.

By considering your needs, budget, long term goals and researching both platforms in-depth – you'll be well-equipped to make an informed decision between Envato Elements and Motion Array that best suits your creative endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions Envato Elements vs Motion Array

What happened to Envato Elements?

Envato Elements continues to operate as a leading subscription-based marketplace for digital assets. It has expanded its offerings over time, now providing a wide range of resources such as stock videos, music tracks, graphics, and more. The platform is constantly updated with new content and remains popular among creative professionals.

Is Motion Array trustworthy?

Yes, Motion Array is a trustworthy platform that offers high-quality digital assets for video production and other creative projects. They have an extensive library of royalty-free content and provide users with excellent customer support. Additionally, their website features user reviews which can help you gauge the quality of their products.

Is Envato Elements trustworthy?

Absolutely. Envato Elements is a reputable platform known for offering premium-quality digital assets at affordable prices through its subscription model. With millions of items in their library and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, it's safe to say that they are reliable when providing top-notch resources for your creative needs.

Is Envato Elements better than Storyblocks?

Both platforms offer great value but cater to different needs. While Envato Elements provides access to various digital assets like graphic templates or WordPress themes alongside stock footage & audio files, Storyblocks focuses primarily on video & audio content only. Choose based on your specific requirements & preferences.
Here you can see a detailed Envato Elements vs Storyblocks comparison!

Conclusion: Envato Elements for Content Creators, Motion Array for Video Makers

In conclusion, Envato Elements and Motion Array offer great benefits for professionals and businesses looking for stock video and other media resources to enhance their design projects.

While Envato Elements has a larger content library with more variety of media types, Motion Array offers a video-first approach and unique features like video review tools. Ultimately, the choice between these two platforms will depend on your specific creative needs and budget.

Before settling on a platform, we recommend that you thoroughly research both Envato Elements and Motion Array to determine which best suits your needs and budget.

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