Motion Array Review – One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives

  • $199.99/year (with our $50 discount coupon code) for unlimited downloads in stock footage up to 5k resolution + video templates + video presets + bonus tools

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 6Motion Array is a stock footage and creative resources platform that offers unlimited download subscriptions and multiple bonus services and tools for video-makers of all avenues. 

The added value of their video presets and video templates, plus their creative workflow tools, make it an interesting option for video makers who want all their creative resources in one place and at a very reasonable price. 

In this Motion Array review, we'll have a close look at everything they can do for you.

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For those in a hurry, here is a quick look at everything you need to know about Motion Array. 

  • Founded in 2013 by motion designers and entrepreneurs Tyler Williams and Eri Levin
  • Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
  • It was acquired by Artlist in 2020
  • Offers stock videos, stock audio, and stock images
  • Includes libraries with video templates and video presets
  • Adds workflow tools (like a video website builder and review tools), exclusive plugins, and more 
  • 700K+ files in total
  • Royalty-Free license cleared for commercial use 
  • Subscription-only service – no on-demand buying available 
  • Unlimited downloads with all subscription options, including full access to workflow resources
  • Prices start at $29.99 per month 
  • Exclusive discount code: Save $50 on your annual membership!
  • Accepts credit card and Paypal
  • Free account with limited access available

Now that you know this, don’t you feel like learning more? If so, read ahead! We’ll review Motion Array thoroughly.

And for those of you interested in our special discount, here you can get our Motion Array coupon and all the details on how to use it! 

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Brief Background Info

Motion Array came to life in 2013, founded by motion designer Tyler Williams and video creative and animator Eri Levin. 

They initially started by producing video templates –primarily Adobe After Effects templates– to make some extra income while helping other creatives add spice to their content in an affordable way.

Then, Williams and Levi turned Motion Array into a one-stop shop for video creation and post-production, offering stock footage, stock music, and other resources besides templates, presets, and additional workflow tools for freelancers. 

In 2020, Motion Array was acquired by stock media licensing company Artlist for $65 Million. Since then, the service has continued to operate on its stand-alone website. 

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 10

How it Works

Working with Motion Array is very simple. On their website, all you have to do is sign up for a user account, so you can start accessing their services. You can opt between a free plan –which is very limited– or select a monthly or annual membership. Details on both these options are further below. Note: you can browse the site and the catalog without signing up, but you must have an account to use the service.

Once you’re signed up, you can start downloading. Motion Array’s homepage has a top menu bar with five large media categories: Templates, Presets, Audio, Videos, and Photos. Hovering over these categories, you will visualize subcategories. For example, videos are split between Footage and Motion Graphics. You can click on the category or any available subcategories to start browsing the correspondent media selection. 

In each library, you will find an initial Staff Pick selection of files, a search bar on top to find content by keyword, and unfolding menus to sort content according to different criteria –like newest, most popular, or the time when they were uploaded–, and various advanced filters on the left side of the screen, to further narrow results. All in all, navigating the collections is very easy. 

Once you’ve found what you were looking for, you can click on the file to see a description and other valuable info about the content, hit the purple download button when you’re ready to acquire it. The file in question will then be downloaded to your device. Simple as that. 

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 11

Stock Footage Library: Up to 5K+ Quality

The stock footage library is one of the most relevant services for most creatives. Motion Array has 100,000+ stock footage clips and around 54,000 motion graphics available on their Stock Video segment, appropriately divided into tabs. 

Stock videos start at 2K resolution, but you can find files up to 5K quality and beyond. These resolutions are suitable for professional use and allow excellent editing flexibility. 

It’s a somewhat modest collection compared to others, but they still have variety and extensive coverage of the most popular and sought-after topics and video styles. 

As for file format, they state their files would work with software that supports Quicktime format and MP4. 

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 12

Cool Assets: Video Templates and Video Presets 

This is where Motion Array adds value to its offer. Their platform includes libraries with downloadable templates and presets to create compelling videos easily and effortlessly add visual spark to your content. These collections set them apart from competitors, so it's worth knowing them in detail:

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 13

Video Templates

It's a selection of customizable templates for video creation –premade video layout designs that you can edit to add your footage and custom elements–.

This library hosts a huge variety of about 60,000 video templates ready to download and personalize. And the best is that it's neatly arranged by the editing software they perform. There are templates for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and non-software-attached motion graphic templates. 

This arrangement makes it super easy to surf, search and find the perfect template for your project.

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 14

Video Presets

There is also a collection of video editing presets –a list of saved effects that video editors can use to recreate a specific look or effect on their own videos–, which are thoughtfully divided according to the software they work on: you’ll find Adobe After Effects presets, Adobe Premiere Pro presets, and DaVinci Resolve Macros. 

This covers some of the most used pro video editing tools, and with 2,500+ preset files to choose from –some of which are bundles–you are not short of choice when downloading video presets ready to customize. 

Most video makers will appreciate this resource, as it saves time and effort in video post-production.

More Stock Media: Audio & Images

Motion Array doesn't just have video content. They include other stock file collections that come in handy to complete video projects. Here they are: 

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 15

Stock Audio

The audio library splits between stock music and sound effects. They offer around 100,000 royalty free music tracks and 24,000+ SFX files. 

This is a much smaller selection than what you can find on other platforms, but they have content in the most solicited genres and themes, and 100,000+ audio tracks is not a tiny catalog. 

Format-wise, their FAQ says files will be compatible with software that supports .WAV files.

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 16

Stock Images

The still images library has 95,000+ stock photos in many different styles and with various popular subjects. They’re high-resolution, and they come in JPG format, mostly. 

Additional Resources: Workflow Tools, Plugins, Integrations

This company has a strong focus on being a video creators hub with everything a freelancer video maker can need to handle his production workflow. For this reason, their service doesn’t limit to downloadable stock files but also expands to include different workflow solutions. Which are the following: 

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 17

Portfolio Website Builder

They offer a user-friendly website builder to create a professional video editor/filmmaker portfolio online. Using customizable web page themes, you can create your website in a few simple steps, fully branded with your logo and colors, including a gallery of your best work, connecting your social media and email contact, etc.
The company advertises this tool lets you set up a portfolio in one minute or less, and then all you have to do is connect it to your domain and publish it. You may also use Motion Array’s portfolio platform to host your site.

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 18

Video Collaboration

Their review & realtime collaboration tool is a platform for presenting and finishing your video projects. On this board, you can invite unlimited collaborators, and it helps completed projects faster.

There are features to receive client feedback, such as real time comments, a way to mark tasks as done, control versions of the project, use password protection, and more to ensure the back and forth is smooth and safe and leads to faster approvals.

You can even brand the collaboration board with your own logo and connect it with your domain or Motion Array portfolio. Plus, the tool works on both desktop and mobile. 

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 19

Adobe Integration

Another resource they provide is an installable Adobe integration to have Motion Array’s marketplace accessible directly on your Adobe apps. It currently works for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop but will soon be available on Premiere Rush and Audition. 

This intends to simplify your creative workflow when you use Adobe tools to edit your projects. However, it is directly competing with Adobe’s proprietary stock content service, Adobe Stock. 

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 20

Exclusive Premiere Pro Plugins

Finally, they also have a list of around 50 exclusive plugins for Premiere Pro with different effects and transitions that you can download, install and easily apply in your post-production process. 

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 21


Pricing: Unlimited Downloads Plans + Exclusive Discount

Motion Array’s pricing is straightforward because it’s a subscription-only service, and they only have three available options: individual monthly plan, individual annual plan, and team plan. 

All subscriptions come with unlimited asset downloads, a royalty-free license for commercial use of stock media files, unlimited access to workflow tools, and 250GB of storage. 

Let’s see the prices for Motion Array offers: 

Individual Plan

If you are looking into a single-user plan, this is the best time to get one, as this exclusive Motion Array offer cuts $50 from the regular price on an annual subscription so that you can get it for $199.99 a year!

Get a $50 discount on your annual subscription with unlimited downloads at Motion Array. The offer is valid for the annual, individual plan only.

Motion Array Review - One-Stop-Shop for Video Creatives 23

However, if you don't want to invest that much in advance, you can always go for a month-to-month subscription, as the monthly fee is only $29.99.

Team Plan

  • From 2 and up to 20 team members: $224.99/year per member, which is $18.75 per month per member

As you can see, the plans at Motion Array cost the same or even less than competitor agencies. Considering you can download as many assets as you wish from a pool of 700k+ multimedia files, plus bonus resources, this paid membership is an excellent deal for limited budgets. 

Free Plan

Here it’s worth mentioning that the platform allows you to sign up for a free account, which gives you limited access: you can surf and download stock assets from a selection of free assets and enjoy one-month free trials for their workflow tools. That's one reason why we love Motion Array.

Another important thing: When you want to cancel your paid subscription, you must switch it from paid to a free account in your dashboard. 

Motion Array License: Royalty-Free and Flexible

All content you download from Motion Array with a paid subscription is subject to their standard universal license, a royalty-free license for personal and commercial use. 

Their terms allow you to use the downloaded files in as many projects as you wish, without project size or distribution restrictions. You may use the media in advertising, social media marketing, YouTube (monetization covered), broadcast, company communications, feature films, live events, non-profit communications, and more. 

There are a few restrictions, which are usual to most royalty-free licensing: sensitive use, no resale, and no redistribution. 

The one crucial limitation you must know about is that the downloaded assets are only valid for new projects as long as you have an active subscription. All media you already used in a project is cleared and licensed forever, even after your Motion Array membership ends. But all the assets you didn't use before ending your subscription cannot be used in new productions. For this, you need to activate one membership again.  

Conclusion: Good for Video Creatives on a Tight Budget

For all the above details, we feel Motion Array is a good option for video makers working with reduced budgets. Paying a single membership fee, a video creator can download most assets needed to complete a project, such as stock footage clips, buy Adobe After Effects templates and presets, stock music and still images. 

And you may even take advantage of the tools: the portfolio site builder to showcase your work professionally and the real-time video realtime collaboration tool to receive frame-accurate feedback, make on-screen notation and get one-click approvals of your latest project.

While the stock footage and audio collections are modest, they’re high-quality and varied enough to cover most creative needs. And with unlimited download subscriptions that also come with workflow tools and other perks, it is cost-efficient.

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