Artlist Bought Video Assets Marketplace Motion Array To Boost Up Its Services

Artlist Bought Video Assets Marketplace Motion Array To Boost Up Its Services 2Artlist, the stock audio company that also owns royalty-free stock footage service Artgrid, has announced today the acquisition and merging of Motion Array, a digital video asset marketplace, into their platform. 

This purchase is a significant investment –coming after having raised considerable funding mid-2020— aimed at improving the quality and quantity of Artlist’s licensable content library, particularly adding a new collection of video templates, but also at expanding their offer for video creatives thanks to Motion Array’s video capabilities and technology.

See our Artgrid review for more info on this company’s stock footage offer. And read on for more details on this new move. 

Expanding Video Catalog with Half a Million+ New Files

Artlist Bought Video Assets Marketplace Motion Array To Boost Up Its Services 3That is what Artlist is doing by acquiring Motion Array and its vast multimedia library for $65M. Their collection counts with high-quality video templates, presets, plugins, transitions, motion graphics, and photos. In fact, Motion Array has the largest Premiere Pro templates stock collection in the world — which now is Artlist’s. 

Such a large influx of fresh content only improves your chances of finding all the materials you need for your projects in this outlet, all in one place. 

Furthermore, Motion Array works under a subscription-only model, and so they will also be reaching out to an extended client base, of over 6 million subscribers worldwide to be precise. 

Artlist Bought Video Assets Marketplace Motion Array To Boost Up Its Services 4

Improving Video Solutions for Creatives with Tech Tools

This is the other front of their offer that Artlist wants to enhance via acquiring Motion Array, a company that developed several useful filmmaking tools. 

Integrations with editing software, features for video collaboration, and a portfolio builder are some of these efficient video-making offerings that will now merge into Artlist’s service. 

This is a move they hope will turn both companies into a video creators’ powerhouse marketplace, a comprehensive solution for video creatives. 

Have you used Artlist or Artgrid’s services before? Are you eager to try them out now they integrate all these cool features and assets from Motion Array?

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