7 Best Unlimited Stock Footage Offers: Get High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Footage for Your Video Editing Needs!

Videomakers with a consistent and decent volume of work are better off with a stock video subscription, as it grants them access to premium quality stock video footage for their projects at a fraction of the cost of buying on-demand. 

There are several platforms that offer unlimited stock footage subscriptions, providing access to a vast library of high-quality videos. These subscriptions allow users to download and use as much footage as they need without any additional costs or restrictions, making it convenient for various creative projects.

To get unlimited stock video footage, consider subscribing to one of the following platforms that offer limitless access to royalty-free video clips: Motion Array, Artgrid, ProVideo Factory, FilmHero, Storytape, Findstory, or ClipStock.

Get a $50 discount on your annual subscription with unlimited downloads at Motion Array. The offer is valid for the annual, individual plan only.

These sites provide various subscription plans with different pricing structures, quality options, and additional features. There are even some agencies where to find unlimited stock footage for free. But we recommend to pay to get a higher-quality video.

And among stock footage subscriptions, those that provide limitless stock footage downloads are by far the most convenient in terms of price and flexibility. Just think about it: you pay a flat monthly or annual fee, and you get to download as much royalty-free footage as you wish, whenever you want. A no-brainer. 

Here we list the best stock video sites with limitless access that you absolutely must know.  We list the top 7 best stock video sites below, all allowing unlimited downloads of royalty-free video clips.

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AgencyPlan DurationPricewith FootageSecrets' special offer
VidevoOne year$144 / $240 per year$115.20 / $192 per year
Motion Array One year$20.83 per month = $249.99 per year$16.67 per month = $199.99 per year
ArtgridOne year$299 / $479 / $599 per year2 months FREE
ProVideo FactoryOne year$149 / $299 per year
FilmHeroOne year $180 per year
StorytapeOne year$199 per year
ClipstockOne year$99 per year
FindstoryOne monthFrom $19 per month

In this list, we try to list Types of footage available (e.g., 4K, HD, etc.), Quality of the footage, cost and pricing structure, licensing terms and restrictions, variety of clips offered, searchability/ease of use for finding desired clips

Best Stock Video Sites with Limitless Downloads

Motion Array

7 Best Unlimited Stock Footage Offers: Get High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Footage for Your Video Editing Needs! 3

Motion Array is a one-stop-shop platform for videomakers, that offers all kinds of creative assets and motion graphics collection and a hd footage library under an unlimited subscription model.

Get a $50 discount on your annual subscription with unlimited downloads at Motion Array. The offer is valid for the annual, individual plan only.

Here you will find virtually everything you need to materialize video projects:

  • Stock footage and motion graphics
  • Stock music and sound effects
  • Templates and Presets for industry-standard editing tools: Adobe After Effects/Premiere Pro/Rush, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro
  • Stock photos
  • Tools for creators: Video Collaboration platform, Portfolio builder, plugins, and integrations for the most popular video editing tools.
  • Learning hub with tutorials, resources, news, and more about the world's top video-making software.

For further info, see our Motion Array review.

You can access all of this, with unlimited asset downloads under a royalty-free license (cleared for commercial use), for a flat, monthly fee. You can opt between a monthly or annual plan:

  • Monthly: $29.99 per month
  • Annual: Regular price $20.83 per month ($249.99 a year) – EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Save $50 in our annual plan and get it for only $16.67/mo ($199.99/year) if you click and subscribe today!
Get a $50 discount on your annual subscription with unlimited downloads at Motion Array. The offer is valid for the annual, individual plan only.

These plans include 250GB of storage space, the possibility to submit custom media requests, and dedicated live chat support, among other perks. They're individual plans, but they do have a Team subscription available that has all the same features for $18.75 a month ($224.99 a year) per member, from two and up to twenty members.

However, if you can benefit from a single-user plan, this is the best time to get it: this exclusive offer lets you save $50 on your annual subscription, so click on the banner below and get it right now!

Here you find all the info on how to use our Motion Array coupon, too!

7 Best Unlimited Stock Footage Offers: Get High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Footage for Your Video Editing Needs! 6

Ever wonder how this service does compare to a relatively similar one? Check out our Motion Array vs. Envato Elements review!


7 Best Unlimited Stock Footage Offers: Get High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Footage for Your Video Editing Needs! 7

Artgrid is a stock video library and sister company of Artlist (the royalty-free music provider). It sells stock videos with a strong focus on visual narratives, sourced from talented cinematographers and intended for professional, creative work. They do have a lot of their own content available.

All their clips are Royalty-Free, and very high resolution, suitable for all kinds of uses, from social media to theatrical and more. They have three annual subscription options, all with unlimited video downloads in their hd footage library. What varies is the resolution and format you get the files in: 

  • Junior: up to HD quality – $299/year
  • Creator: up to 4K quality – $479/year
  • Professional: up to 8K quality + RAW/LOG files – $599/year 

In Artgrid there are no monthly subscriptions, so you must be very sure about acquiring a membership. However, the benefits are that the prices are insanely affordable –all the 8K content you wish for only $49.90 a month!–, and that it's upfront payment. 

But the best of all is that now you can try Artgrid for free for 2 months before deciding to pay for an annual plan! With this exclusive Artgrid free trial, you get the first 2 months of any plan you select, for free. 

www.artgrid.com pricing

Learn more in our Artgrid review.

ProVideo Factory

7 Best Unlimited Stock Footage Offers: Get High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Footage for Your Video Editing Needs! 8

ProVideo Factory is a royalty-free stock video library that offers exclusive, high-quality, and affordable stock videos. Their 150,000+ royalty-free video clips –with new ones added periodically– are all in-house produced and unique to their platform. They include a Premium library as well. 

They sell all content under a Royalty-Free license and from HD videos to content in 8K+ resolution, making it suitable for commercial projects, and they have three buying options

  • Premium library On-Demand: Pay from $40 to $200 per clip, based on resolution up to 8K+, one-time payment
  • HD Package: unlimited downloads up to HD res + 10% off in Premium clips – $149/year
  • 4K Package: unlimited downloads up to 4K res + 50% off in Premium clips – $299/yearwww.provideofactory.com pricing

These prices are incredibly convenient, if you think about it, you’re paying less than 25 bucks a month for all the 4K stock footage royalty-free video clips to access all the content you want! 

See all details in our ProVideo Factory review.


7 Best Unlimited Stock Footage Offers: Get High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Footage for Your Video Editing Needs! 9

FilmHero is a stock video library that innovates in its offer by selling high-quality video packages, produced in-house and with top gear, around different themes and topics. This way, you get to download videos with multiple angles but the same visual narrative, that you can mix and alter as much as you like in video editing. Each clip pack has between 5 and 20+ video royalty-free video clips. With these clip packs, you choose your video clip to download, especially if you don't want to spend all your money.

These are all royalty-free stock videos in 4K resolution, making them a great choice for filmmakers and commercial video editors in general. You have different buying options, too: 

  • Packages on demand: $29 per pack 
  • Monthly subscription: unlimited downloads – $49/month
  • Annual subscription: unlimited downloads – $180/year

When you consider the quality and novel concept of this service, their pricing is very attractive. Just imagine being able to download as many 4K resolution videos as you wish, for as little as $15 a month. 


7 Best Unlimited Stock Footage Offers: Get High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Footage for Your Video Editing Needs! 10

Storytape is a website where you can buy professional-grade stock footage, in their HD footage library and 4K resolution, that is presented into curated “scenes”, cinematic clips grouped together offering variety within the same concept. 

All under Royalty-Free licensing and cleared for commercial purposes, you can download these beautiful videos by choosing between three subscription plans: 

  • Starter: 5 HD clips per month – $49/mo or $29/mo with an annual plan
  • Basic: 20 HD clips per month – $99/mo or $79/mo with an annual plan
  • Unlimited: Unlimited clips in up to 4k plus after effects templates – $249/mo or $199/mo with an annual plan

As you see, the unlimited membership is the most cost-effective of all, giving you all the videos you want for under 200 bucks per month!


7 Best Unlimited Stock Footage Offers: Get High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Footage for Your Video Editing Needs! 11

Findstory is a stock video library created by seasoned video creatives from various fields. Their unique approach consists in producing stock video clips in-house, treating each shooting as a commission for a “virtual client” with an advertising style in mind. Like this, they’re able to offer hundreds of “stories”, packs of clips from the same scene to help your visual storytelling. Plus, they also take special requests. 

Their videos are all royalty-free (though they work with a one download-one use rule) and up to 6K quality, so you won’t have issues using them in professional work. You can buy royalty-free video clips with any of three subscription plans, which regulate how high a quality and what rights you get for using the content: 

  • Vlogger: Unlimited downloads, personal use (no client work), up to HD – from $19/mo 
  • Creator: Unlimited downloads, commercial work, up to 4K – from $39/mo
  • Professional: Unlimited downloads, commercial work, up to 6K – from $49/mo

Keep in mind, that these prices are for month-to-month subscriptions, you can get plans even cheaper if you are willing to subscribe for a whole year! 


7 Best Unlimited Stock Footage Offers: Get High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Footage for Your Video Editing Needs! 12

ClipStock is a stock video library that offers stock footage, stock music, and sound effects in one big library, where all content is exclusive to their site (and you won’t find it elsewhere). They provide footage in HD and up to 6K resolution. 

Licensing is royalty-free, so you can totally use it for commercial purposes, and they have monthly and annual subscription available: 

  • Monthly: Unlimited downloads up to 6K resolution – $19/month
  • Annual: Unlimited downloads up to 6K resolution – $99/year for the first year ($199/year from 2nd year onwards) 

The chance to download as many files as you want, and not just video but also music and SFX files –something not many other competitors are offering– for as little as $8.25 per month, is hard to pass on!

Some Tips and Tricks

  • Availability: Unlimited stock footage provides a vast library of video clips that can be accessed at any time.
  • Variety: With unlimited stock footage, there is a wide range of content available, including different genres, themes, and styles.
  • Cost-effective: Subscribing to unlimited stock footage services can be more cost-effective compared to purchasing individual clips or hiring a videographer for specific projects.
  • Time-saving: Instead of shooting new footage for every project, using unlimited stock footage allows for quick access to pre-existing high-quality videos.
  • Flexibility: Unlimited stock footage offers the flexibility to use and reuse clips in multiple projects without additional costs or restrictions.
  • Professional quality: Most unlimited stock footage platforms provide high-resolution videos shot by professional filmmakers, ensuring top-notch quality for various purposes.
  • Convenience: Accessing an extensive collection of stock footage online eliminates the need for physical storage space and allows easy browsing and downloading from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Licensing rights: It is crucial to understand the licensing terms associated with unlimited stock footage subscriptions to ensure compliance with usage restrictions and avoid copyright infringement issues.

Unlimited Stock Footage FAQs

Next, we address the most common questions around unlimited stock video sites: 

Are these plans really unlimited?

Yes, all these stock video libraries, in the offers we detailed, offer truly unlimited downloads. Some, like Findstory, establish a daily download cap (in their case, of 100 files per day) to avoid users using scripts to automatically download content and prevent stockpiling –users downloading more files than they can use, intending to save them for later–, but there are no real limits for how many files you can download while your subscription is active. 

Can I Use the Videos Forever?

Yes, in all cases, the stock video clips you download and use in a project while your subscription is active, are yours to use forever (and without ever paying another penny). However, at most of these sites, the content you downloaded but have not yet used when your subscription expires, cannot be used anymore: the license expires along with the subscription in these cases, to prevent stockpiling (people downloading lots of clips at once and canceling their subscription afterward). 

Are The Clips Suitable for Professional Use?

Yes, all these companies thrive in providing stock footage that is professional quality and cleared for commercial use. Their clips come in standard formats, from basic to super pro and high quality like RAW,  and are compatible with most video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and more. Learn how to edit a video like a pro right here!

Are you ready to get unlimited stock footage? Let us know which site appealed to you the most!

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