The Best Sites with Unlimited Music for Video

Films, videos, footage. There is a reason why they are collectively called “audiovisual arts”, and that’s that the sound and music are key components of the final experience.

Every filmmaker and video creator that knows their craft know values to have the perfect music and sound effects for their pieces. But where to find it, it’s a whole other story.

Commissioning music pieces and producing sound effects is doable, albeit costly and time-consuming. Stock music licensing is a much more affordable and immediate solution.

A stock music service with unlimited downloads is the most cost-effective of all offers for busy creatives who are constantly pushing new projects and using stock footage to their advantage. 

Here we collected the best offers with unlimited music for video production that will make your music selection and sound editing as breezy and budget-friendly as possible!

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Stock Music is a Quick & Affordable Resource

As we said a moment ago, it’s the basic notion that good video productions include equal-quality audio. Sharp native sound, emotion-driving music, and realistic sound effects are all necessary to complete a well-polished video or film. Here you find some cool hints on how to choose the best music for video.

Unless you happen to be a musician and sound technic, you won’t be able to create these materials yourself. Even if you can, factoring the time it’d take to create them would lengthen your production timelines by weeks. So there are two possible roads to take:

You can commission music for video – There are plenty of music artists and sound experts willing to create custom tracks under your specifications. But this is both costly and also takes its time.

You can use stock music! Royalty free music and stock SFX are music and sound effects tracks with a professional quality that is already created and available to license and use in your work legally. Not only they are immediately ready to download and edit into your footage, but they are also much cheaper than custom audio files.

The stock music market is quite prolific and like Technavio's report exposed, it could be as big as $364 Million+ in the next four years.

So let's say you can rest assured you will find all the stock music you need!

Unlimited Music Gives you More Value for Money

Now say you run a YouTube channel –vlog or else–. Or you’re a marketing creative specialising in commercial videos for social media. Or maybe you’re a passionate filmmaker in the making. Perhaps you run a podcast.

In any of these scenarios, you’re going to need way more than just a couple of music tracks, rather a bunch of them for every new project you develop. And then you'll have to edit the audio for your video like a pro.

While stock music is very affordable, the cost can add up when you’re constantly licensing new content. Enters the great solution of unlimited music subscriptions! There are several companies offering all-you-can-eat styled plans for stock music and stock SFX, meaning you pay a fixed monthly or annual fee, and you get to download just as many audio files as you wish.

With this model the more music you download, the more value you’re getting from your subscription. And once you factor the plan’s cost into your budget there will be no surprises.

If you like how all of this sounds, discover the best unlimited music subscriptions, next!

Best Music Services with Unlimited Downloads

These are professional stock audio providers, some of which are listed as our go-to top stock audio agencies, that include at least one offer of unlimited music in their platforms. Some of them are also amongst the best stock footage sites, as well!

Shutterstock Music – Unlimited Music from an Industry Powername

YouTube video

The Best Sites with Unlimited Music for Video 2Shutterstock is one of the titans in the stock media industry, they’ve been in business for almost 2 decades and at top of the game for virtually the entirety of that time. Shutterstock Music is their stock audio division, and they have recently introduced an unlimited plan that is the answer to any creative’s prayers. 

For only $199 a year, you get unlimited access to Shutterstock Music library, to download as many tracks as you wish, for one whole year! This includes music tracks, loops, short files… everything you need to create compelling audio for your projects. 

Noteworthy, the license included with this subscription covers web-based, commercial use. This means social media, websites, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more that is to be viewed digitally. However, concepts for TV and film, radio, or apps aren’t covered. 

Now, there is also the Flex 25 plan that gives you multimedia downloads (stock music, stock videos, and stock images) all with the same plan and with the same royalty-free license. It has a limited monthly download cap, but worth exploring!

Shutterstock Music offers a sizable collection –thousands of tracks– and the variety that comes with it, plus cool functionality like a comprehensive search tool that includes genre, mood and tempo, and even keyboard shortcuts to navigate track results. 

  • Affordable for high-volume users
  • A large and varied collection
  • Trustworthy company

  • License is limited and does not cover mainstream media use

Certainly, a well-rounded deal to stock yourself with professional-quality music for your projects!

Artlist – Unlimited Music for Filmmakers

YouTube video

The Best Sites with Unlimited Music for Video 3Artlist is a music licensing company that stands out in the crowd for their artistic-minded approach –they're a sister company to Artgrid stock footage service–. Developed by filmmakers, the service focuses on music and sound effects that are valuable for film creatives, under annual, unlimited subscriptions. 

Their playlists and categories are very user-friendly with all tracks curated under a strong filmmaker-oriented ear. And you can download as many of them as you wish, for just $199 a year. You have more options, such as a subscription for SFX only that is cheaper at $149 yearly, or an annual, all-inclusive plan for both music and SFX that costs $299 annual. 

Artlist’s license is royalty-free, perpetual, and enables commercial use in most video-related mediums like web, social media, TV, film, streaming, and more. But it’s not suitable for non-video usage, which means it’s a no-go for podcasts or radio, for example. 

  • Artistic and high-value catalogue 
  • Tight curation and categorization process 
  • Wide-range licensing terms 

  • Unfit for audio-only projects 

A heavily artistic collection like this grants you the chance to find the perfect song for your film or video, and for less than 200 bucks a year, it’s a real bargain!


Soundstripe – High-Quality Unlimited Music

YouTube video

The Best Sites with Unlimited Music for Video 4Soundstripe was founded by professional musicians, and it shows. This stock music & sound effects service is all about quality. From curated playlists to intuitive search, their website is an ode to the excellence in music and user experience, and the best is they offer plans with unlimited licenses.

At Soundstripe you can opt between month-to-month or annual plans. The latter gives you the best value for your money, as you could expect. And then you also have three tiers based on your particular needs. There is a Standard plan with unlimited music downloads for $15 a month or $135 a year. The Premium plan that is perfect for most content creators' needs with unlimited access to both music and sound effect tracks comes at $252 a year. And they also have a Business plan for medium-to-large companies that adds multi-seat access and other corporate-related perks for $75 monthly or $795 yearly.

  • Great site user functionality like intuitive search
  • Adobe Premiere integration available with all subscriptions
  • Strong quality-oriented curation

  • Licenses are royalty-free but custom (one per project)

If you're after state-of-the-art stock music for your productions, Soundstripe is certainly the place to go.

Storyblocks Audio – Unlimited Music and Multi-Media Option

YouTube video

The Best Sites with Unlimited Music for Video 5Storyblocks is a stock media platform compartmented by media type. Storyblocks Audio is their music and sound effects service, that is packed with thousands of tracks for your every need. This agency works with several subscription options, but the plans with unlimited downloads are by far their star offers. 

In Storyblocks you can opt to hire plans month-to-month or per year (the latter saves you more money). The most popular choice is the Unlimited Audio plan that comes with unlimited access to the whole audio library (including music, loops, and SFX tracks) for just $149 a year. If hired monthly, it costs $15 per month. But for those who need stock music, stock footage and stock images all to realise their vision, the Unlimited All-Access plan is a great solution, with unlimited downloads of all these media types for just $349 annually or $65 monthly! 

  • One plan to download all kinds of media types
  • Wholly-owned libraries granting less-widespread content

  • Modest collections compared to other outlets

The multi-media approach and the royalty-free licensing model that lets you use the content in all kinds of commercial projects make Storyblocks a wonderful alternative for users with big creative needs and small-ish pockets. 

Storyblocks Audio

TunePocket – Unlimited Music from an Artists Collective

YouTube video

The Best Sites with Unlimited Music for Video 6TunePocket is a collective of music composers offering stock music under a royalty-free license. Their entire library is produced by a small yet worldwide network of artists, making it more exclusive than other agencies’. And they offer unlimited subscriptions too. 

In TunePocket the subscriptions are arranged on the base of intended use, but they all offer unlimited music downloads. The Personal plan is ideal for YouTubers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and others developing individual projects, and it costs $99 a year. The Business plan is for corporate businesses, organizations, agencies and other entities looking to generate profit through video content, it comes at $199 a year. Additionally, there is an on-demand pack of 5 downloads for $39 for those who need a handful of tracks. 

  • All content produced by handpicked artists 
  • Dedicated YouTube functionality: content ID free tracks + YouTube channel whitelisting available

  • Not so user-friendly search feature 

If you are after a more intimate selection of music and love to support artists’ collectives, TunePocket is a very good choice!


Choose a personal subscription and get unlimited access to our entire catalog of royalty free music, loops, and sound effects. Cancel any time.

Filmstro – Dynamic Library with Unlimited Music

YouTube video

The Best Sites with Unlimited Music for Video 8Filmstro was created under the concept of letting filmmakers edit music in the same way they edit video. The result is the world's first dynamic stock music library, with the innovative twist being it's possible to customize professional scores to create a unique sound for your project. You can also create music directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut as well as downloading over 1,000 completely free ‘static’ versions of their tracks to use in your Youtube videos.

They have three subscription tiers according to your intended use, and you can opt to hire them month-to-month or annually. The lowest-priced is for YouTube use only, and there are higher options that include wedding videos and online ads, and even broadcast TV and Film for professionals. All subscriptions come with full access to the library and unlimited downloads. And all tracks are completely Royalty-Free, once downloaded they are yours to use forever even after your subscription expires.

  • Customization of tracks
  • Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro integration available with all subscriptions
  • Great cinematic and orchestral music

  • You need to install their app in order to access the core, customization features
  • They have less contemporary music than other providers

Filmstro is a great match if you wish to have tailored, unique soundtracks for your videos without having to commission music.


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All the Music for your Videos is Just One Click Away

Armed with this knowledge you now know there are no excuses not to have top-notch, compelling music in your videos.

These unlimited stock music services put large collections of professional-grade, original music and sound effects at your disposal, under very affordable flat fees, and with the royalty free license that grants you will not be bothered with copyright claims.

Is there more to ask for?

Go ahead and select your unlimited music provider right now! We'll love to hear what your new projects sound like!

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