Shutterstock Launched a New Unlimited Music Subscription

Shutterstock Launched a New Unlimited Music Subscription 2

Shutterstock has recently announced a new stock audio offer: the new and improved Unlimited Music Subscription for their Shutterstock Music segment. 

With a basic and a premium plan available, this subscription comes with unlimited downloads and extra perks, such as a selection of PremiumBeat content and Metaverse-ready files. 

Read on for the full details of the Unlimited Music Subscriptions! If you want more info about the company, check our Shutterstock review.

Shutterstock Launched a New Unlimited Music Subscription 3

Shutterstock Unlimited Music Subscriptions: High-Quality, Exclusive and Metaverse-Ready Tracks

The new plans are split into Essential and Premium. Still, both include unlimited downloads, with access to 13,000 exclusive Shutterstock music tracks and a library with 8,000 immersive SFX files that come in Stereo, 5.1, and Ambisonic formats, making it the first “Metaverse Ready” library, as the agency proudly announced. 

The Premium subscription adds access to a selection of 14,000 tracks from PremiumBeat’s catalog. Which is no small thing when you consider PremiumBeat is Shutterstock’s high-end stock music service, packed with exclusive content from world-class artists. For more info, check our PremiumBeat review.

All files come with a Standard Music License from Shutterstock, which enables use in websites, social media platforms (including ads), video streaming platforms (personal use), films and theatrical as well as live events (students), and audio-only podcasts, among other benefits. The license remains valid even after your subscription expires. 

Shutterstock Launched a New Unlimited Music Subscription 4

Unlimited Music Plans Pricing: Lowest Prices for Stock Music

Unlike the previous offer which was only annual, with these plans you can opt between a month-to-month subscription, a yearly plan billed monthly, or an annual paid upfront deal. The total cost of your plan goes down according to that order: 


  • Month to month: $29/mo
  • Annual billed monthly: $19/mo
  • Yearly with upfront payment: $199/yr (equals $16.60 per month)


  • Month to month: $69/mo
  • Annual billed monthly: $49/mo
  • Yearly with upfront payment: $499/yr (equals $41.60 per month)

It’s easy to see how much you can save with a subscription vs. buying tracks on demand. A single track with a standard license on Shutterstock Music costs $49, meaning if you get a yearly, upfront payment plan, you would be saving as much as 90% of the cost of buying single tracks, and you would be getting unlimited downloads for the same price of 4 single tracks bought on demand!

Shutterstock Unlimited Music: A Good News for Audio and Video Creatives

Through this new offer, Shutterstock aims to cover more creative needs of more customers. The plans certainly provide a way to get the music and sound effects you could need for your projects at much lower rates than before. 

The agency also highlights some points where they do better than their competitors. Their Metaverse-ready files are a big bonus, and they add value with their exclusive PremiumBeat content. 

They also mention how you won’t get copyright claims for your music tracks after your plan expires – many stock music subscription services invalidate licenses once your membership is up. Plus, they list some of their user-oriented features like the possibility to search music using a track as a reference (think reverse image search but with audio). 

Are you going to get an unlimited subscription to Shutterstock Music? Let us know!

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