Stock Footage Video Buyers Guide

Find valuable information, advice and tips to make informed decisions at the moment of buying stock footage. The stock footage market is complex, and there’s so many details in features and offers that it’s easy to miss out. Through our comprehensive analysis of the market, here we offer you agency comparisons, top agency lists for determined purposes, where to find additional resources and benefits, and much more.

4K Stock Footage: Best Prices for the Most Wanted Video Quality

If you’re serious about your video productions, you probably shoot in 4K, and so you also want (and need) 4K stock footage as well. But where to buy 4K stock ...

Top 3 Stock Video Subscriptions to Make the Best of your Budget

How to make your budget and your stock footage content needs meet? That's one of the main concerns of most stock footage buyers. There's lot of agencies ...

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Top 5 Agencies to Buy Royalty Free Cheap Stock Footage

Are you on the hunt for cheap stock footage that you can use in your videos? Look no further. Here you will find the best agencies to buy Royalty Free footage ...

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New Video Packs: A Cheap Stock Footage Offer You’ll Love!

Every filmmaker knows the value in high quality, cheap stock footage to complete a project (and if you don’t, here you can learn how to use stock footage to ...

How Much does Stock Footage Cost? Find Clips for your Budget!

As a Footage Secrets reader, your not new to the wonders that stock footage can do for your production (And if you are, you can learn all about stock footage ...

Discover iStock Video and All It’s Awesome Benefits!

Every production company in the world has and will at some point need to take advantage of stock video in their works and with such  high saturation in the ...

How to Choose the Right Music for Video

Stock Music (sometimes called Stock Audio) is as prevalent in the modern world as the top 40 charts from the latest artists. Used in everything from ...

Videoblocks Trends Guide 2017 is Out with The Hottest Video Content

Earlier this month Videoblocks by Storyblocks brought us their predictions on visual video trends based on their 2016 performance. Now, and just in time for ...

Where to Find and Buy Great Corbis Motion Video Footage?

If you knew them or heard of them, you migh know that Corbis Motion was a great source for stock footage. Bill Gates' stock imagery company had hundreds of ...

The Ultimate Guide to the 30 Best Websites for Filmmakers

The Internet is an effective resource to improve your video or film production, stay up to date with industry developments and trends, and find valuable ...

Find and Use Stock Footage on Youtube – Make Awesome Videos!

Are you a videographer using Youtube to showcase and promote your work? Are you a Youtuber, focused in sharing your creations on this platform? If so, you'll ...

Best 5 Stock Audio Resources: Music and Sound for your Video

Audio -- music and sound effects -- has a major effect on how audience will react to your video. While video production will always emphasise footage and its ...