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New Video Packs: A Cheap Stock Footage Offer You’ll Love!

New Video Packs: A Cheap Stock Footage Offer You'll Love! 1Every filmmaker knows the value in high quality, cheap stock footage to complete a project (and if you don’t, here you can learn how to use stock footage to lift up your production!). But when you work with a limited budget, your options are often equally limited. Well, until now. Stockphotosecrets Shop (Stock Photo Secrets Shop) has come out with new stock video packs here that have some of the best prices in the market, making them available for nearly all creatives out there regardless of their budget size. More info about the agency in our Stock Photo Secrets Shop Video review.

The Stock Photo Secrets Shop Video Packs provide you HD, cheap stock footage that you can download within minutes and use in your productions, including commercial projects. Their low prices are unbeatable thanks to their exclusive discount for subscribers, which will give you HD 1080 clips for less than $20! the Best Stock Footage Websites ever!And you know it's a good offer as it comes from one agency amongst

Video Packs
HD Video Packs with 50% Discount for Active Members
$90 $198

Ready to know more about this deal and how to seize it? Keep reading!

If you’re ready to buy stock footage cheap, go to Stock Photo Secrets Shop right now!

Video Packs: Cheap Stock Footage on Demand

Stock Photo Secrets Shop is a stock media agency focused on small and medium-sized businesses, providing high-quality imagery at affordable prices, with offers aimed specifically at those working with limited budgets.

So far known for its great deals in stock photos, vectors and fonts, now the shop includes a great selection of high definition and 4k stock footage, ready to download under Royalty Free license enabling commercial use. 

HD Video Collection has thousands of high-resolution clips covering various themes and topics, ready to be downloaded and used to complete your latest productions. The collection is curated by latest additions and themed galleries, plus categories with popular topics. It includes a search engine to find clips based on keywords, and the system also provides similar clips to the one you preview. Check out some of the awesome clips available: 


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Video Packs
HD Video Packs with 50% Discount for Active Members
$90 $198

Video Packs Pricing: Best Deal in the Market

Stock Photo Secrets Shop sells stock videos on demand only, in the form of Video Packs: packages of video file downloads that you pay upfront, and use whenever you want within 2 years. These packs come with a nice discount on volume, where the more clips you buy, the less each will cost you. And they have some of the lowest prices in the market too!

Another great feature in Stock Photo Secrets Shop Video Packs is that the downloads videos in a pack can be downloaded anytime within 2 years: you can buy the packs now and use your downloads whenever you want within 2 years, giving you the flexibility to decide when and how to invest and to use your money.

Here are the regular prices:

  • 5 videos for $198 – $39 per unit
  • 10 videos for $380 – $38 per unit
  • 25 videos for $900 – $36 per unit

If you have a quick look at the prices in some of the other popular cheap stock footage agencies, you will quickly see how competitive this offer is, being one of the cheapest around.

It’s particularly cheap considering this is all 1080 HD videos, with Royalty Free license, meaning you pay once and get the right to use the footage forever, in as many projects as you wish. Some other outlets may offer similar price points, but for lower quality footage, or with restrictive licenses that allow one-time use, for example. All videos are HD 1080 and they come with commercial-ready Royalty Free license!

Explore HD Video Collection and buy your Video Pack here!

New Video Packs: A Cheap Stock Footage Offer You'll Love! 2

Stock Photo Secrets Shop Bonus: Insanely Low Prices for Active Members

As if those prices weren’t low enough, Stock Photo Secrets Shop comes out with an exclusive deal for their members (customers to any of the image subscription options available on the shop). For them, all video packs come at half price!

If you’re an active subscriber to any image subscription -there’s monthly and annual plans starting at just $35, and the awesome 99club with 200 photos a year for just $99-, you will be able to purchase any video pack you want with 50% off. Which mean’s you’ll pay only $18-$19 per video!

Here are the lower prices for active members:

  • 5 videos for $99 before $198$19 per video (before $39)
  • 10 videos for $190 before $380 – $19per video (before$38)
  • 25 videos for $450 before $900 – $18per video (before$36)

Still images are a great complement for video production, and Stock Photo Secrets Shop has millions of them in up to XXL size. This deal lets you secure all the imagery you’ll need for your projects at the lowest price.

Discover Stock Photo Secrets Shop Image Subscriptions and save in your videos now!

Boost Up your Production on the Cheap with the Video Packs

Stock Photo Secrets Shop's Video selection is professional, high quality, and very easy to browse. If you add its cheap price and flexible Royalty Free license, it’s a no-brainer that it has lots of benefits for every filmmaker!

This offer has the lowest price in the market for HD, Royalty Free footage. If you want to make both your creative mind and your pocket happy, then these Video Packs are the right for you.

Explore Video Collection and buy your Video Pack here!

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