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Videoblocks continues to grow and expand in the stock footage world. The increasingly popular stock footage agency has just shared they have had a very ...

Footage specialist stock agency Pond5 has recently introduced new licensing options for their large collection of stock footage. While their Standard license ...

Authentic imagery, authentic style... you've likely heard these terms lately. Authentic stock footage is one of the hottest visual trends today. It's a style ...

Working in video production you'll eventually come across to the term "B-roll" (or B roll, or Broll). You'll notice it's a common term, and that everybody in ...

If you knew them or heard of them, you migh know that Corbis Motion was a great source for stock footage. Bill Gates' stock imagery company had hundreds of ...

While attending this year's Photokina --world's largest Trade Show in imagery industry--, which took place last week in Cologne, Germany, I was lucky to meet ...

Stocksy is an intentionally small and remarkedly more artistic stock photography agency, with a different business structure and offer. After years of ...

The Internet is an effective resource to improve your video or film production, stay up to date with industry developments and trends, and find valuable ...

Stock footage supplier Videoblocks is not pacing down in their efforts to bring top-quality content and valuable services to their customers. They have just ...

Are you a videographer using Youtube to showcase and promote your work? Are you a Youtuber, focused in sharing your creations on this platform? If so, you'll ...

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