Videoblocks’ Latest Visual Trends: What’s Hot in Video for 2017

videoblocks-logoVideoblocks continues to grow and expand in the stock footage world. The increasingly popular stock footage agency has just shared they have had a very satisfying year in 2016, and looking forward to a great performance in 2017, they released a report showing the most trending content among their customers this year, and their projections for the most sought-after themes and styles for the next.

In essence, the best selling content revolves around the concepts of minimalism, nature-related themes, and high visual impact. The top-selling contributors are renowned video production houses with years of experience and superb quality content. The most trending topics are all linked to lifestyle, emphasizing modern society and new takes on individual roles, blooming technologies and a new perspective on lifestyle photography based in realistic aesthetics.

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Videoblocks Best Content in 2016

As part of their report to share their great results for this year, and hoping to motivate contributors bring in more content on the rising trends, Videoblocks has shared their top selling clips and contributors, and the most used keywords for 2016.


With slight variations, the best-selling clips share certain features

All the clips are characterized by having a strong visual impact and a somehow minimalist aesthetics, with only two or three colors dominating the image.

Best-Selling Authors

As for the top contributors, the names do not come as a surprise.


  • WaveBreak Media: Owned by top videographer Sean Prior, this video production house delivers super high quality stock videos in a wide variety of themes and styles, and their content is used by lots of big-name companies worldwide
  • Eyeidea: A small and very successful video production firm specialized in motion graphics, 3D animations and visual effects. Lead by artist Chad W. Anderson, this brand's content is being in use in lots of mainstream TV, film and live events around the world.
  • CreativeMedias: Based in France, this company produces and commercializes all kinds of media content, including stock footage, Apple Motion Templates, After Effects templates and more. They have big networks and brands in their client list, and their content is varied and high quality.

As you can see, Videoblocks has some very renowned producers in their contributor list, and it's not a shock that they are behind the most popular videos in the platform. Best of all is that you can access to the most trendy content from the best videomakers in the industry, at Videoblocks' super low prices, and boost up your own productions with compelling, high quality imagery that will resound great with your audience.

Fastest Growing Keywords

The company also informed about the keywords their customers used more and more increasingly this year, as a clear indicator of the concepts, themes and topics that are popular right now:


  • Young” is the top fastest growing keyword, having growth in use by 235%
  • Woman” follows, having being used 116% more
  • Health” is right behind, as people searched for this topic 85% more

These keywords are lined with the visual trends that experts and insiders keep identifying as the more demand-rising ones: modern society that embraces young culture, new gender roles and a higher presence of women across multiple activities and themes, and a praising for health, fitness and well-being topics.

If you haven't explored these kind of content yet, you definitely should. There's a reason why so many buyers are looking for it, and you can only expect the variety and quality in the offer on these categories to rise along with the demand for it.

Videoblocks Trends Projections for 2017

Based in the analysis of this internal data, Videoblocks shared their predictions for the three most popular trends in stock video for 2017:

  • Authenticity: They say the demand for authentic lifestyle footage –that shows people in everyday scenes with a more candid, natural-like perspective– will continue to rise
  • Aerials: Company assures aerial footage is taking over the space, and will soon be everywhere
  • Mobile: Anything related to mobile technology will remain popular. Using social media, interacting with smartphones and tablets, video shot with or displayed on mobile devices, and more

Again, these trends are in line with the most sought-after content for this year, and are all themes that continue growing in popularity since years. The authentic style brought up by social media and UGC (user generated content) seems to be here to stay, and new technologies that are everyday more present in our lives will also find their place in the footage that represents us: smartphones and mobile technology, and drones, which are taking aerial footage to a whole new level.

Plan your 2017 Video Productions with Trendy Content

vb_logoNow you know what Videoblocks, one of the most successful stock footage companies in the industry today, thinks will be the most eye-catching content for next year. And you know that they will likely expand their offer in these niches.

It's time to think of new concepts for your videos or films that let you seize these visual trends and raise the level and reach of your work. What are you waiting for?

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