MotionElements Has Asia’s First 360° and VR Stock Footage Collection

MotionElements Has Asia's First 360° and VR Stock Footage Collection 1Just as ourselves and all the major players in the footage world predicted, augmented reality video keeps rising in the market. MotionElements, an Asia-based stock footage marketplace, announced today their upcoming 360° and VR collection –first of its kind in Asia–.

The new collection is in the process of building, and the company is issuing a call for submissions in these formats. They expect to launch a selection of 100,000 360° videos and photos, within the next six months.

If you're into VR and immersive video, this could be a great chance to monetize your shots. And if you are after these kind of content to include in your productions, you will soon have a new supplier as well.

MotionElements Has Asia's First 360° and VR Stock Footage Collection 2

MotionElements: Asia's First 360° and VR Collection

Just as we told you last year, 360° and VR video are rising formats in the video market. The explosion in the mass consumer market of cameras capable of shooting this format and devices capable of properly displaying it, adding major brands and producers adopting it in their latest marketing campaigns and video productions, have all resulted in this kind of content becoming increasingly popular and on high demand.

In fact, most of the top stock footage and video producing companies listed it as one of the hottest trends in 2016, and predicted its continued rise for 2017. 

MotionElements joins them now with their new 360° and VR collection, launched in beta today. At the moment its only a very small selection of clips and images, but they expect to grow it to hundreds of thousands within the first half of the year.

This is the first stock footage collection in these formats in Asia, and it's calling for submissions, which opens a great chance to sell 360° and VR content in the Asian market.

The collection includes 360° panoramic videos, animations, photos and animated backgrounds,  in multiple camera angles and options. They hope to have at least 100,000 files available within the next 6 months.

Prices are so far quite affordable:

  • 360° photos from $1 to $199
  • 360° animations from $15 to $299
  • 360° animated backgrounds for $150
  • 360° videos from $80 to $200

MotionElements Has Asia's First 360° and VR Stock Footage Collection 3

A Great Way to Earn from your VR Shots

If you're a VR enthusiast and you shoot, or want to shoot, in these formats, MotionElements is giving you the opportunity to monetize these shots in the Asian market, through their marketplace. They are calling for submissions of photos and videos in these new formats, in order to build up their incipient collection.

On their VR collection page you can check out their technical requirements for 360° submissions. Contributors selling content on MotionElements earn between 50% and 70% of each sale, so it's a nice chance to make some money with your content.

A New Supplier for VR Content

As 360° video becomes more and more popular, and everyday more companies, brands and producers create more pieces in this format, it's always good to know where to find stock video clips to enhance your custom footage.

MotionElements now puts themselves in the list of stock footage marketplaces offering 360° and VR content, along with other important names in the industry like Shutterstock or Videoblocks.

We all know it's always good to have options to choose from, and so the upcoming VR collection at MotionElements is definitely good news for all of you wanting to produce more 360° video productions this year.

Explore MotionElements' new 360° VR collection and seize the chance to make money from your shots!

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