Pond5 New Extended Licenses: Extra Usage Rights for Footage

pond5-logo (1)Footage specialist stock agency Pond5 has recently introduced new licensing options for their large collection of stock footage. While their Standard license is very flexible, with multiple usage rights and without time or geographical limitations, their new Extended licenses add even more allowed uses, including digital merchandising (that is, use of clips in a production you will further distribute for sale), access to more users to the same account, and a higher indemnification per item.

The new Extended licenses come at higher price points, adding their correspondent fee to the Standard license price, and cover commercial-ready stock footage, photos, illustrations, After Effects templates and 3D files. Editorial content, music and Public Domain media are not reached by these options.

For more details on this stock agency and their offer, please read our full Pond5 review. 


Pond5 Extended Licenses: Expand the Uses for Stock Footage

So far, Pond5 sold stock videos with a Standard Royalty Free license. This license allowed using the clips in multiple productions, for commercial purpose, perpetually and without geographical restrictions. It also included an indemnification for up to $15K, but the use in items for resale was limited to prints, leaving stock footage out of reach.

Last week, the company introduced their new Extended Licenses, which remove the few limitations in Standard license, for an added cost. There's two licensing options, each with its own terms and price point:

  • Enhanced License: Raises indemnification fee to up to $250K per licensed file, broadens access of users to the same account to 10 seats, and gives you unlimited print and digital resale rights, allowing you to use video clips in productions for resale distribution among other things. Enhanced license has a price of $149 on top of the Standard license price. 
  • Premium License: Takes indemnification to up to $1 Million per item, adds unlimited seats, and maintains the unlimited resale rights. Premium license costs $299 plus the Standard price. 

All licensing options, including Standard license, let you use the videos in as many projects as you wish, and in most media placements imaginable, from web to local tv to worldwide cinematographic productions.

In essence, the new Extended licenses let you finally use Pond5 stock footage in productions you intend to redistribute for profit. If you work with a creative team, the additional seats are a great bonus, and you can choose between Enhanced and Premium according to your team's size. The bigger amount in indemnification is also a big plus, as it ensures you will be legally covered against any potential usage issues, giving Pond5 content a higher value in terms of legality.

It's important to note that Extended licenses cover only their videos, photos, illustrations, After Effect templates and 3D models for commercial use. The Editorial and the Public Domain content, as well as their stock music collection, are not included within the reach of these licenses.


Get your Pond5 Stock Footage with Extended License

As Pond5 lets each contributing author set their own prices for their videos, this agency has a wide price range across SD, HD, 2K, 4K and 4K+ resolutions. But for Extended licenses the prices are set by the agency themselves.

However, you must know the Extended license price is added to the regular clip price, which is displayed in every clip's page and corresponds to Standard license. When you find the video you want, if you will want it with an Extended license you must calculate the price by adding said license's price to the regular one.

  • Enhanced license: $149 + regular price
  • Premium license: $299 + regular price

The process to acquire an Extended license for a video –or for any other media type included– is very simple. Just search or browse for content as you normally would, and once you've found the footage you like, click on that clip's page to see the details. In this page you will see the preview of the clip, the regular price, and a slide-bar with the licensing options. Simply select the type of license you want, and the final price for the video will be automatically displayed below. Then you can add the clip to your cart and complete the purchase in the usual way.


Pond5‘s Extended licenses make this company have one of the highest indemnification levels in the industry, and pars them with all the other agencies offering stock video with resale rights. If you're a Pond5 regular buyer, you will find a lot of value in this update. If you have never tried Pond5, now you have even more reasons to give them a shot, knowing you have multiple usage rights available, and that you are as legally covered as you possibly could when it comes to using stock videos in your work.

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