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Update: Videoblocks is Now Storyblocks - 2020.04.17The company previously known as Videoblocks rebranded into Storyblocks and now offers dedicated libraries for stock footage, stock audio and stock images, with unlimited download plans available just like before. It's the same company, with a new name and improved service!

Storyblocks Trends Guide 2017 is Out with The Hottest Video Content 1Earlier this month Storyblocks Video (previously Videoblocks) brought us their predictions on visual video trends based on their 2016 performance. Now, and just in time for the end of the year balances, they share their full, comprehensive guide for video trends in 2017.

Just as they (and we) predicted, the most trendy content is dominated by the latest consumer technology, the concepts of authenticity and diversity for lifestyle topics, all in a strongly realistic first-person perspective.

Want to know what to produce in 2017? Then read on!

See the trends above live in this video by Storyblocks:

Video Trends for 2017

Videoblocks's report is based on their internal data: 56 million searches, 13.6 million downloads and 1.8 million uploads. Around these metrics they identified the emerging trends in video content they think will take over in 2017. Here they are.

360 and VR Footage

Videoblocks by Storyblocks was one of the first stock footage players in bringing these new, hyper-reality formats to their library, launching the first 360 & VR clips collection in April 2016.

At Footage Secrets we explained you why you should get started in 360 and VR earlier this year as well, and we were not wrong, as Videoblocks now confirms.

Their searches and downloads for hyper-real formats increased by 814% this year, and we can only expect it to keep rising. As for topics, relaxation concepts, time lapse, aerials and popular urban locations were among the top.

GoPro Footage

The successful portable camera and the compelling POV action videos they are capable of producing were another increasingly popular style in 2016, with 1235% more searches and downloads.

Road action and extreme sports and activities were the main topics buyers sought for, with themes like driving, spherical, road and motocross leading the searches.

Drone Footage

Back in August, we told you about drone technology and how it was revolutionizing aerial footage. The market agrees with us according to Videoblocks by Storyblocks.

They saw a rise of 712% in drone-shot content, with the top searches revolving around topics like city, landscape, desert and waterfall.

Mobile and Social Trend

The massive explosion of mobile technology and social media is in no way slowing down. Putting video creation at the tip of your fingers, smartphone cameras and image-first social platforms like Instagram continue to popularize a style of more personal, intimate and realistic video.

Videoblocks reports an increase of between 130% and 270% in mobile-related topics such as selfie, smartphone, mobile and iPhone. It seems as consumers love this kind of content, producers keep seeking after it.

Authenticity & Lifestyle

In many ways related to the new ear of user-generated content, and the new perspectives on our modern society, the trend for authentic, modern and diverse content in lifestyle topics continues to rise. At Footage Secrets we covered this trend, along with the best agencies to buy from, and Videoblocks confirms it's still a hot one.

With a rise of between 185% and 336% in searches, video creators have been actively looking for modern takes in themes like family, LGBT, diversity and lifestyle.

Stay at Top of your Video Production with Visual Trends

Thanks to Videoblocks, and with a little help of Footage Secrets, you now have great insights and tips on what kind of videos to create if you want to stay at top of your production in 2017.

Be it hyper-reality, aerials, action POV, mobile styled or authentic, or all of them, choosing your theme and style among the hot visual trends for next year is a smart move to ensure your content is compelling, current, and appealing to your audience.

Happy creations!

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