Adobe Firefly is Bringing AI Video Editing to Adobe Apps

Adobe Firefly is Bringing AI Video Editing to Adobe Apps 2

Adobe was one of the latest companies to join the AI tech frenzy by launching Adobe Firefly –a family of generative AI models–. Still, it seems they’ve picked up a pace, as they have now announced that Firefly-powered features will soon be integrated into Adobe’s video, music and sound effects, and animation applications. 

The upcoming features intend to automate several editing tasks and improve the creative process with intelligent software that can perform edits from written instructions. 

It sounds promising!

Adobe Firefly for Video and Audio Editing

Per the announcement on Adobe’s blog, the features that will soon come to Premiere Pro and other video and music editing apps are in the “imagining” phase and will begin rolling out later this year. Still, we already know they base on text-based, AI video editing, where you can make significant changes to footage clips through text prompts:

  • Text-to-Color Enhancement: Be able to completely shift the mood or style of an already-recorded video by changing the time of day or even the season it displays by only typing “make this scene feel warm,” for example. 
  • Custom music and sound effects: Generate bespoke royalty-free audio content to convey a feeling for a scene.
  • Auto captions, text effects, graphics, logos: Use text-based AI generation to add subtitles, title cards, logos, and contextual animations to your videos.
  • Script analysis: Speed up and improve your creative process with a powerful script analyzer that can turn your written ideas into visual storyboards and suggest B-roll to materialize it. 
  • Creative assistants: Personalized, virtual guides to help users improve their video production skills.

All these useful resources are lined up with Adobe’s correct assessment of the creative industry, where video content is still at an all-high popularity, and the demand for short-form videos keeps growing. 

It's good to see how fast they're moving with generative AI functionality since launching Adobe Firefly less than a month ago.

See the new features in action in this video showcase by Adobe:

A Legally Safe Option for AI Video Creation

Essentially this is what Adobe Firefly will provide. While text-to-video capability seems to still be a bit far –for end users, at least– the upcoming suite of AI-powered video editing has the benefit of accelerating production workflows, expanding creative possibilities, and being a lot safer and more ethical to use than other alternatives out there. 

You see, Adobe Firefly is trained solely with content from Adobe Stock, openly licensed content, and media whose copyright has expired. While this means its generative capabilities might not be at the same level as other similar tools –give it time, though–it also means that everything the software generates is built on the basis of authorized, legally safe content, something others can’t say and are even in trouble for. 

Are you excited to try the new Adobe Firefly features when they come out? We sure are!

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