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Royalty free videos and templates created by video professionals from all over the world.

  • $8 per HD video (Single Use)
  • $32 pe rHD video (Multi Use)

VideoHiveVideoHive - Affordable Stock Footage Marketplace 4 is a marketplace for stock footage and after effects, that is part of Envato, an ecosystem of digital stock content marketplaces in one platform.

Thanks to its super low prices and its variety of media types, VideoHive is a popular choice for many buyers who work with a low budget and need footage, after effects, motion graphics, add ons, and more media. At this outlet you can find all that, for as low as $1.

While their collection can be small when compared to other agencies that have millions of clips in their libraries, VideoHive (and Envato) are a good option to get cheap stock footage and other resources quick and easy. And trust it to be good as it's listed in our guide to the Best Stock Footage Agencies!

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VideoHive Resumed

Here's what you will find in VideoHive:

  • Over 275,000 stock footage clips covering lots of topics and styles
  • Around 34,800 after effects templates
  • Little over 30,000 motion graphics
  • Over 1,000 extra resources like Apple Motion templates, Cinema 4D templates and add ons
  • Different resolution options, from HD to 4K
  • Stock videos from $1 to $50 each
  • Buying a la carte with Paypal or credit card, or on demand with prepaid credits
  • Custom licenses: one-time use and multiple use options
  • Additional media types through Envato's network of marketplaces (stock photos, graphics, audio, and more)
  • Professional services through Envato's platform

VIdeoHive Footage

VIdeoHive Footage

VideoHive in Detail

VideoHive is a stock footage and after effects marketplace. It is integrated to a platform of stock digital resources' outlets, Envato Market.

In business since 2009, VideoHive provides Envato customers with thousands of stock videos, after effects, motion graphics and more related media.

The library is organized by media type, categories and topics, and has a good search engine to find clips easily. They focus in variety and have good quality standards, but most of their collection is what some would call “stocky”: generic, multi-purposed shots that were likely conceived as stock footage. If you're looking for premium, creative content, this library might not be for you. This is content that works well to add richness and visual coherence to small-to-medium video projects, but might not be at the level necessary to bring depth to more artistic productions.

One of most attractive points in their offer is their super low prices. VideoHive clips are some of the cheapest in the industry, with prices that start at as little as $1 per video. This is even more valuable considering they have clips from HD and up to 4K resolution.

Another distinctive feature is their licensing model. Because Envato works more like a “marketplace” than a stock agency, their legals are a bit different. Their licensing options have some similarities with Royalty Free, but with important differences: they limit usage to one use per license, just like Rights Managed does.

They have multiple payment methods including Paypal and credit card that you can use to buy a la carte, from just 1 item, and also prepaid credits that you can get to buy on demand and save Paypal/credit card transaction fees.

One of the bonuses VideoHive offers to customers is that, being part of a network of stock resources adds some useful functions, like a direct access to Envato's stock audio site (AudioJungle) to get music and sound effect to accompany your video projects, as well as to professional services through a freelancers network.

This is a good service if you have a tight budget. With VideoHive you can get stock footage to complete your work for just a few dollars a clip.

Sign up and explore VideoHive today! Browse and buy great and cheap stock footage and after effects!

Wanna know more? Let's dive in to each aspect of their offer.

Super Affordable Stock Footage

All items in VideoHive are incredibly cheap, especially when you compare their prices to some of the other eminent stock footage agencies.

Priced according to resolution, lenght, quality and complexity of the content, each format has its own minimum and maximum price per item:

  • Stock footage: From $1 to $40
  • After effects: From $6 to $65
  • Motion graphics: From $5 to $40
  • Apple motion: From $5 to $38
  • Cinema 4D: From $6 to $53
  • Add ons: From $8 to $65

All VideoHive items display their individual price on the item page, as well as other file details.

VideoHive Clip Page

VideoHive Clip Page

Video Resolution

Their stock footage comes in different resolution options:

  • HD: 1280 x 720p
  • Full HD: 1920 x 1080p
  • 2K
  • 4K

Custom Licenses

VideoHive sells licenses to use the stock footage clips in different projects. Now, while most agencies work with Royalty Free or Rights Managed licenses, this company has a custom license that sort of mixes elements from both. Envato's Video Licenses cover stock footage and motion graphics content, and there's two variants.

The cheapest one, and the one in which all VideoHive prices are expressed in, is Single Use. As it names says, it's a license that gives you right to use the content in a wide range of ways, but for only one project. If you want to use the same clip in a different creation, you need a new license. If you are creating a product that you will then deliver to a client, Single Use license covers you; but if you're intending to create a product and then sell it to multiple clients on demand, then you'll need a new license every time you have a new client to buy the product.

But there's also Multiple Use license, which is priced higher (the price varies from clip to clip, being from extra $3 on top of list price and up to a few tens of dollars on top of Single Use cost). This license is more similar to Royalty Free, letting you use the file in unlimited number of projects, and for unlimited number of clients.

None of these custom licenses allow you to use the content in templates nor in content to be sold as stock.

Learn more about Video licenses here.

Standard Licenses

For after effects templates, Apple motion, Cinema 4D and add ons, they have what they call Standard licenses. However, these are still not “standard” in a global sense: they are not Royalty Free licenses and they have their particular terms.

Standard licenses come in two variants too, but they are both single-use: you can only use the licensed content in one single project. If you want to use the same template in a different product, you need to buy a new license.

Regular standard license is the lowest priced option. All prices listed above correspond to this license. It lets you deliver the final product containing the stock template to unlimited number of end users or clients when you're delivering it for free (you may charge for your services, but not for the product itself). You are allowed to use the content in products you create upon request, but you need a license for each end product or client. Regular license does not allow to sell creations using stock templates.

To sell end products, you need an Extended license, which is again priced higher than Regular (tens of dollars more, in average). This option adds the right to use the content in one final product to be sold to only one client, but eliminates the right to create content upon order.

As you can see, VideoHive's licensing terms can be a bit more complex to understand than other agencies', but again, their super cheap prices can make up for the extra effort and extra licenses needed. If you're buying a $1 clip and you want to use it in multiple ways and sell it to various clients, a multiple-use license wouldn't cost you more than a couple tens of dollars anyways.

Learn more about Standard licenses here.

Buying A la Carte or On Demand

At VideoHive you can buy just 1 item, or many of them at the same time. To buy clips, all you need to do is sign up and create an account with them.

In general lines you are always buying a la carte, as they don't have proper media packs or credit bundles like other agencies – there's no direct discounts on large volume purchases.

VideoHive Cart Checkout

VideoHive Cart Checkout

When you select a clip you want, you are given the option to hit “buy now” button and be directed to checkout page, or to add it to your cart and checkout once you're done adding clips. If you go with the first option, you will be asked to enter your payment details (which you can choose between Paypal and credit card), and then process the payment. But in this case you must cover the transaction fees, that tend to be between $1 and $2. Depending on what are you buying, this might not be the most convenient way to go… If you're buying a $1 item, means you're paying more for the transaction than for the actual content, for example.

For this reason they have a sort of on demand system, where you can buy prepaid credit. At VideoHive this is called “making a deposit”: you add as much credit (in USD) to your account as you like, with a minimum of $20 and a max of $1000, and then use this credit to pay for clips. If you do this, you will be spared transaction fees. Prepaid credit is valid for up to one year after purchase date, but every time you “top up” your credit count, the total of it gets boosted up to the latest purchase date, extending the life of your credit.

User-Friendly Search and Browsing Tools

At VideoHive you can search clips by introducing keywords in the search engine's field, and then you can refine the results using multiple filters that let you select the media type, the price range, and sort by number of times the clips have sold and by the rating they've received from other users. You also have advanced filters for number of people depicted, video resolution, frame rate, clip lenght and finally sorting by the ones in Alpha channel and clips which have loop function enabled.

Plus, on the site's homepage you'll find labels for all the main Envato Markets as well as the latest featured artists, and a gallery of the latest, most popular and best selling items.

VideoHive Latest and Trending Content

VideoHive Latest and Trending Content

Extra Benefits from Envato's Network

As it's part of Envato, buying from VideoHive gets you closer to interesting bonus services. Some of them can be quite useful to save you time and money.

For one, Envato platform is famous for their “bundles”: limited-time offers of large media packs at super discount price (up to 80% off and sometimes more, from total items price). These bundles are usually assembled around a theme or subject, and they include files from all Envato markets: stock footage, photos, graphics, audio, etc. Even if footage is your main interest, you can take advantage of these offers to explore the quality and potential in other Envato media, and use it to highlight your projects, without spending much.

In addition, you have access to all said markets, and VideoHive's site has direct links to the other main marketplaces in the network, making it easy to jump from one to the other and browse their content. Moreover, they have a direct link to AudioJungle's library of stock music and sound effects, letting you find the right sound complement for your stock videos in just one click.

Lastly, Envato also has Studio, a service that connects freelance creative professionals with clients needing their services. Prices for custom work at Envato Studio start at $100. Whether you want to hire someone to take care of some aspects of your project, or that you try and offer your skills there for extra revenue, it can be an interesting service to explore.

VideoHive Pros and Cons Balance

Let's recap. Here's what we think it's the best in this stock footage service:
  • Super cheap prices, amongst the cheapest in the industry
  • Variety of media formats
  • Single item purchases and on demand buying
  • Access to additional media and professional services

And here are the downsides we found in their offer:
  • More complex than usual licensing terms: their licenses are not the industry's standard and understanding them might take a little extra time and effort.
  • Lack of media packs or credit bundles that apply direct discount to bulk purchases.
  • Predominantly basic content, not too fit for more artistic purposes


VideoHive, Yes or No?

While we feel there's enough good points in this offer to make it a good deal for buyers, we believe the answer here depends on your purpose and your acquisition power.

VideoHive is a great deal if you work with a tight budget. They have some of the cheapest prices in the market, and footage that is HD and up, all the way to 4K, making them suitable for anything from YouTube videos to feature films.

But the content does not follow this premise. Sure their library is varied enough as to cover most topics and subjects, but in general lines they aim at fulfilling basic visual needs (the essential stock footage concept). Based on their pricing guidelines, we know their most expensive clips are higher quality in both resolution and content. But still, their collection is definitely “stock”.

If stock is what you're after, then this is a perfect fit for you. You can get the extra scenes and filling content you need and spend a lot less than you would at other agencies.

But if you want higher-value content, closer to premium and with a greater creative input, you might not quite find what you're looking for in VideoHive.

Ready to start browsing footage, after effects, motion graphics and more? Explore VideoHive!


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