ProVideo Factory: Get Pro Stock Footage at a Low Cost

  • $149 yearly subscription for unlimited downloads (HD Clips)

logo ProVideo FactoryIf you’re looking for high-quality video clips you can’t get anywhere else at a seriously affordable price, look no further than ProVideo Factory. While it’s relatively new to the stock video industry, ProVideo Factory has already secured clients like Bloomberg, Samsung, and NBC. Its library boasts over 150,000 high-quality video clips with a wide variety of subjects. 

We’ll review ProVideo Factory’s origin, offerings, prices and ease of use in this article to help you decide whether this is the best stock footage site for your business.

  • $149 yearly subscription for unlimited downloads (HD Clips)

You can create an account here to access a few free stock video clips and check out the quality for yourself. Or to learn more about this stock footage company, keep on reading!


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ProVideo Factory Quick Facts – Everything You Need to Know

We understand if you don’t have time to read a full-length, in-depth review; so we’ve put together everything you really need to know about ProVideo Factory right here:

  • They offer stock video footage of a wide range of subjects.
  • Their library has over 150,000 HD/4K and higher clips to choose from.
  • There are three purchasing options that are simple to understand.
  • All of their clips come under a royalty-free license.
  • They strive to change the stock video industry perception by offering quality and affordability.
  • They produce their own video footage – you won’t find these clips anywhere else.
  • Premium library prices range from $40 to $200 per clip and are even more affordable with the yearly plan option.
  • The site is easy to search for what you need.

With past clients like BBC, NBC, and Samsung, ProVideo Factory is turning the stock video footage industry on its head with great clips at reasonable prices.

Keep reading to learn more about this quality company’s license offerings, range of footage subjects, and so much more!

In Depth Review ProVideo Factory – Specifics of a Quality Stock Footage Source

We’ll review ProVideo Factory so you can understand why it’s a great option for your stock video needs by examining the footage subjects, price points and video specs offered. Then, you can decide if this is the right stock footage company to invest in for your business.

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ProVideo Factory Beginnings and Origin Story

ProVideo Factory started in 2014 by an avid videographer who brought his RED camera around the world, capturing beautiful clips one at a time. The goal was always to use cutting-edge technology to bring premium quality clips to the industry at an affordable price point, and over the last several years, they have succeeded. Their creative process has resulted in thousands of hours of footage, which have been shot and uploaded for businesses like yours to benefit from. Now, you can access clips from international destinations, at a fraction of what airfare would cost to get there yourself!

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ProVideo Factory Video Spec Offerings

Stock videos, much like stock photos, come at various resolutions. When you see HD, 4K, 6K, or 8K attached to a stock video clip, you may wonder what the difference is and whether you need a clip at the highest available resolution.

These abbreviations all refer to the number of pixels the footage was shot in:

  • HD: 1920 x 1080 (roughly 2 million total) pixels
  • 4K: 4096 x 2160 (roughly 9 million total) pixels
  • 6K: 6144 x 3,456 (roughly 20 million total) pixels
  • 8K: 8192 x 4320 (roughly 33 million total) pixels 

So, what do all these pixel counts mean? And what do you really need?

Well, the higher the pixel count in the footage, the clearer and sharper the video will be on all screen sizes. While HD will appear crisp and clear on Apple's iPhone or Android devices, it may not show that way on a 50″ screen television.

Some experts consider video shot in 6K or 8K to be “future-proof,” as in the footage will still look clear and crisp on devices that haven’t even been invented yet. 

If you want to invest in clips that will survive the test of time, high-resolutions over 5K will be right for you.

Otherwise, 4K video clips are considered industry standard for most projects and will look fantastic on most screen sizes. 

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  • $149 yearly subscription for unlimited downloads (HD Clips)

Royalty-Free Video Clips

As we review ProVideo Factory, it’s important we touch on the licensing they offer so you know what you can and can’t do with the clips purchased.

Their licensing model is quite simple to understand, which makes it a great resource for your business, whether you are highly knowledgeable about licensing agreements or not. Many stock footage companies require you to pay royalties or are otherwise very expensive, but you won’t see that at ProVideo Factory.

ProVideo Factory offers its clips under a Royalty-Free license, which means you pay once for a predetermined number of uses. You do not have to pay a fee each time you use the clip, which keeps things easy and affordable.

What You Can Do with ProVideo Factory Clips

After purchasing a clip from ProVideo Factory, you have permission to download the video and use and modify it, meaning you can edit or shorten clips, adjust coloring or add special sound or video effects to the content.

You’re also permitted to broadcast the footage as part of your final piece, so it may appear on television or online platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, as well as be used in ads, as long as you have purchased it under a commercial release agreement.

Finally, you have permission to distribute the footage as part of a larger project that you’ve created. For example, if you have a travel service and are creating a montage video of the destinations you specialize in and use several stock clips to do so, you would be allowed to distribute that.

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What You Cannot Do with ProVideo Factory Clips

While the stock footage is available for you to use in many ways once a license is purchased, there are a few restrictions set by ProVideo Factory that you must understand prior to use.

You cannot: 

  • Disassemble, translate, decode or reverse engineer the footage source code in any way.
  • Resell the content as a stand-alone piece, or incorporate it in your project in such a way that allows the download or extraction of it as a stand-alone file. 
  • Use it as part of a project you intend to sell through a stock video site.
  • Suggest that the person(s) appearing in the clip has a particular political leaning, ideology or endorsement.
  • Suggest that the person(s) appearing in the clip is suffering from a medical condition or is taking medication.
  • Use the content in an “obscene or pornographic” manner, as determined by the ProVideo Factory creators. 

Source: ProVideo Factory Licensing Agreement

Otherwise, the stock video footage you download from ProVideo Factory can be used in conjunction with the release it is purchased under. Keep reading for a simple definition of each release ProVideo Factory offers.

Commercial Release

“Commercial” is defined as any purpose that your business can profit from. Video clips purchased and downloaded under a commercial release means you can use them for marketing, advertising or other promotional purposes. There are more restrictions and metaphorical “red tape” to get commercial releases, as clips also require model and/or property releases before they can be used for marketing purposes.

Model Release

If a clip is marked, “Model Released,” that means you are permitted to use the footage, including the individual appearing in the clip, for marketing, advertising, merchandising, or other promotional purposes. If a clip of an individual on ProVideo Factory does not have a model release, you cannot use it for commercial purposes.

Property Release

A clip must be marked, “Property Released,” if any private property appears in it before you can use it for commercial purposes. This means that whoever owns the property has agreed to allow footage of it to be used to market or advertise businesses.

Editorial Release

An editorial release is almost the complete opposite of a commercial release. Content available under an editorial release cannot be used to market or advertise a business. Instead, this is content approved for news or educational purposes that the public can benefit from. For example, news outlets often use stock footage to help illustrate a story on TV, and that stock footage is used is under an editorial release.

ProVideo Factory – Pricing and Packages

Now, we’ll review ProVideo Factory’s pricing and packages so you know what to expect when purchasing from their platform.

Pricing ProVideo Factory

ProVideo Factory offers three pricing tiers: one pay-per-clip and two subscription packages. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Pay-Per-Clip from the Premium ProVideo Library

If you rarely have projects that require stock video footage, this is the best option for you. Clips are offered under a Royalty-Free license, so you can purchase a clip once and have unlimited downloads and uses of it. This is also the most expensive option, but may be the most cost-effective for your business if you only need a few video clips. Here’s a pricing breakdown when you pay-per-clip:

  • Premium HD video clips are $40
  • Premium 4K resolution clips are $100
  • Premium 5K+ resolution clips are $200

HD Subscription Package – Unlimited HD Video Clips

With the HD subscription package from ProVideo Factory, you pay an annual fee of $149 for access to 150,000 HD clips and unlimited downloads. Plus, you get 10 percent OFF any clips from the premium library.

This package would work well if you are looking for stock footage to use in social media ads or content primarily consumed online since HD resolution is best for screens smaller than a television.

Here’s a price breakdown for the HD package:

  • $149 yearly fee for access to 150,000 HD clips
  • $36 HD clips from the premium library
  • $90 4K clips from the premium library
  • $180 5K+ clips from the premium library

4K Subscription Package – The Best Deal

If you regularly use stock video to promote your business on television and online or want to, the 4K Package is the best option for you. At an annual fee of $299, you have access to 150,000 HD and 4K clips, as well as 50 percent OFF the premium library.

With this package, you truly get the most video content for your money. Here’s a total price breakdown of the 4K Package:

  • $299 yearly fee for access to 150,000 HD/4K clips
  • $20 HD clips from the premium library
  • $50 4K clips from the premium library
  • $100 5K+ clips from the premium library

ProVideo Factory – Easy to Find What You Need

Finally, we’ll review ProVideo Factory’s ease of use, because nothing is more frustrating than being unable to find what you’re looking for on a stock video site. Fortunately, you won’t have any trouble with ProVideo Factory’s ease of use:

ProVideo Factory: Get Pro Stock Footage at a Low Cost 4

Right away on ProVideo Factory’s home page, you can browse their nine most popular categories:

  • Aerials
  • Nature
  • Medical
  • Timelapse
  • Business
  • Wildlife
  • Slow Motion
  • Sports
  • Lifestyle

Within each category, there are thousands of clips to browse and choose from. You can also watch a watermarked version of the clip, so you know exactly what you’re getting before you purchase it.

Additionally, when you head to search for video clips, you can narrow down the criteria by:
filter options ProVideo Factory

  • The plan it is included under (HD, 4K or the Premium Collection)
  • The video resolution (All, HD, 4K or 5K+)
  • The release it is available under (Commercial or Editorial)

You can also search for videos by keywords in the site’s search bar. For example, a quick search of “barista” resulted in the following clips:

ProVideo Factory: Get Pro Stock Footage at a Low Cost 5

ProVideo Factory – An Affordable, High-Quality Stock Footage Option

As you can tell, ProVideo Factory has several affordable options, without sacrificing any of the quality you’d expect from a professional stock footage agency. You have the ability to edit clips to meet your project’s needs and use them multiple times without paying royalties.

They are the sole creators of all the videos, so you know it’s unique and can’t be found on any other stock footage platform. Their wide range of subject matter make them an asset for any small, mid-sized or large company, and with past clients like Samsung, BBC, NBC, and Bloomberg, you already know they offer a quality product at a fair price point.

We hope this in-depth review gave you a full overview of what to expect when purchasing from ProVideo Factory. Discover what they have to offer today!

  • $149 yearly subscription for unlimited downloads (HD Clips)

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