Here Comes Vimeo Stock! New Stock Video Site by Vimeo

Here Comes Vimeo Stock! New Stock Video Site by Vimeo 1There's a new stock footage provider in online-town! And its name is Vimeo Stock. The name says it all: online video hosting and sharing platform Vimeo (listed as one of our 30 Best Sites for Filmmakers) has made the leap into the licensing business, with a collection of high-quality footage sourced from their creative community.

Launched today, their new stock offer includes Royalty-free stock videos in high definition, some of them exclusive to their platform, at market standard prices with discounts for members. Their collections are powerful, their content is attractive, and their service appears to be competitive for the industry. You can have a look at some of their clips in the intro video above.

Here we tell you all you need to know about the new Vimeo Stock! 

Here Comes Vimeo Stock! New Stock Video Site by Vimeo 2

Vimeo Stock Tapping on Creative Community Value

A few years back we saw a lot of photo-sharing platforms developing different types of stock media licensing businesses. Vimeo is one of the first to take the leap with video content, but the principle is the same:  they have a massive community of filmmakers, video creatives and storytellers hosting, sharing and streaming high-quality footage on their site, so they tapped on that value by partnering with their members in a stock footage library.

Like this, Vimeo Stock launched with a collection full of high-quality footage from handpicked Vimeo members. It already features a few themed galleries and is searchable with keywords. Some of these video clips are exclusive to the platform too, which adds a nice extra boost to the offer.

And given Vimeo currently has over 80 million members worldwide, they have not only a collective of talented contributors at hand but also a huge pool of potential buyers right at their fingertips. Not bad an idea!

Check out Vimeo Stock and discover their cool video clips.

Here Comes Vimeo Stock! New Stock Video Site by Vimeo 3

Vimeo Stock Prices: A Comfy Market Standard with Extra Discounts

All Vimeo Stock clips are under Royalty-free license for commercial use, so as you know, you only pay for them once and get to use them in an unlimited number of projects forever. For more info, check our article on what is Royalty-free stock footage and how you can benefit from it.

Videos are available on demand only, paying per download. As for pricing, they match the market average prices in non-exclusive clips and go a bit higher for the Vimeo-only footage

  • HD clips at $79 – exclusive at $299 
  • 4K clips at $199 – exclusive at $499 

However, they include an additional perk: Vimeo members, to any of their three membership tiers, get a 20% off in Vimeo Stock content. You don't have to be a member to be able to purchase stock footage though, and in the same fashion, you get a discount in a membership if you've acquired a video clip.

The Core of Vimeo Stock Offer for Creatives

So far we told you about a royalty-free stock video marketplace selling HD and 4K footage at affordable yet standard prices. This is what most of the Best Stock Footage Sites do as well. So, what's the unique value in Vimeo Stock?

The company resumes it in three main aspects of their offer. Firstly, the curation level: theirs is a tightly curated library where all clips were hand-selected and are of very high quality.

Secondly, the production value. All Vimeo Stock clips come from renowned, award-winning and talented filmmakers and video creatives, all recruited by Vimeo from their own members base. Some of these artists and production houses had never sold their work as stock before. Even more, some of them are selling their videos exclusively on Vimeo Stock. As a result, you can expect stock footage here to be of a very high level, and their promo reels certainly reflect it.

Last but not least, is the workflow experience. Vimeo Stock works seamlessly with Vimeo's workflow tools, so members working with it will be able to not only purchase stock clips, edit and finalise their video projects but also host, organise and distribute them, all in one place. Again is not something not seen before (think of Adobe Stock for example), but sales at the point of use are relatively new and unexplored in stock video, so this is could be a nice perk for many.

Here Comes Vimeo Stock! New Stock Video Site by Vimeo 4

Vimeo Stock and the Contributor Side of Things

As we said, contributors shaping up this stock video library are all members of Vimeo whom host, stream and share their videos on the platform and where privately invited to sell their productions in the new marketplace.

The company is pleased to tell the world they pay out 60% to 70% in contributor royalties, which is high for the industry standard but at the same time is not the only similar deal around (Videoblocks comes to mind).

If this appeals to you and you wish to make money selling your work at Vimeo Stock, you are, at least for now, out of luck: it works on an invite-only basis at the moment, and they're not currently adding more artists onboard. They do offer you to fill in a form to show your interest in a future opening for submissions, though. So perhaps you could be offering your videos on there soon.

Vimeo Stock: a New Kid on the Block, Ready to Be your Friend

And that's all we know so far about the brand new Vimeo Stock service for Royalty Free stock footage. Of course, brand new does not mean inexpert, as it's none other than Vimeo who's behind it. This is a highly successful video platform, and their new licensing service looks well-thought, high-end, and potentially great.

Will they become your next stock footage supplier? You tell us!

Visit the new Vimeo Stock site and judge yourself!

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