Videoblocks Rebrands: Meet the New Storyblocks!


VideoBlocks, the awesome stock footage service, has changed its name to Videoblocks by Storyblocks!

With the addition of Stock Audio, Graphics and Photography, VideoBlocks felt that their name was no longer well suited and have rebranded themselves Storyblocks, a much better suited name that represents a service that offers you all of the building blocks that you need to put together your stories!

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A Little Bit Of Background: The Birth of Storyblocks

Videoblocks Rebrands: Meet the New Storyblocks! 1Starting life in 2009, Videoblocks built a reputation for themselves in the stock industry by offering flat rates and unlimited downloads from an extensive video library. Of course as time passed they expanded upon their successes by offering Stock Audio and Stock Graphics services in separate sites known as Graphicstock and Audioblocks.

Earlier this year VideoBlocks announced their intent to open their very own Stock Photography service and after using their time wisely by building a library of over 10 million images and roughly a million more to be added every single month, VideoBlocks have decided that now is the time to open the digital doors of this new service to everyone!

The latest stock photography addition comes with a brand new name that now withholds all their stock media offerings: Storyblocks.

While this is now the brand that represents all their services, Videoblocks will continue working as a stand-alone website and nothing will change except for their name, now rebranded Videoblocks by Storyblocks. In addition, you can access Videoblocks and the other stock media services with a button on the top bar at Storyblocks site.

So What Does This Mean For Me?

Videoblocks Rebrands: Meet the New Storyblocks! 2

At this point, only the exciting news that the brand you love for stock footage and audio elements is offering stock photography to complement your projects.

Besides that, pretty much nothing else will change, each of Storyblocks services will be kept exactly as they are so there’s really nothing for you to do but enjoy having all the stock elements that you need under the same roof.

Do keep a look out for further additions to Storyblocks services as they may also be adding fonts, templates and more in the future and while your at it, check out our VideoBlocks 90% off promo here!

What do you think of VideoBlocks new name and services? Let us know in the comments below!

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