Discover Videoblocks’ Authentic Collection (It’s Awesome)

Stock footage supplier Videoblocks is not pacing down in their efforts to bring top-quality content and valuable services to their customers. They have just launched The Authentic Collection, a curated selection of thousands of stock videos that focus in realistic, natural style, and diversity as the key subject.

This collection was born out of Videoblocks' market research, which identified a significant growth in searches around authenticity and diversity concepts. This data is in line with what is observed in the visual content world since the last two years: a pivot from professionally perfectioned aesthetics, towards more “real-life”, not-overly produced style.

Like this, Videoblocks adds more value to their library with high quality content that is exactly what most creatives are seeking, and exactly what viewers want to see.

Videoblocks and the Thirst for Authentic Footage

videoblocks-logoVideoblocks' market research was based in the analysis of all searches across their three stock media offers (Videoblocks, Graphicstock and Audioblocks) for the past year.

What they found was a pronounced increase in keywords like “diversity”, “technology”, “LGBT” or “fitness”. There were also increasing searches for regional imagery, with “Turkey” being the most searched location. The content representative of these concepts is related to current times' life style and social perspectives.

This showed the need from customers to find greater variety in models and topics that better reflect their vision of the world.

Essentially, the demand is moving away from conventional takes on beauty and ideal life, and heavily produced content. Authentic stock is a remarked visual trend that keeps gaining ground.

And Videoblocks took note, launching the new Authentic Collection to make it easier for their members to find the kind of videos they are looking for.

Thousands of Curated, Diversity-Focused Videos

The Authentic Collection features 1,500 stock videos covering the concept of diversity and highlighting emotions.

It includes people of all ages, varied etnias and cultures, in different environments and situations. There's content representing various life styles, including LGBT family life, health and outdoor activities, modern use of technology and working spaces, and more.

All the content is shot without the traditional heavy production. While high quality and professional, these videos have a “real life” feel to them, and portrait people, locations and situations in a natural, not overly staged style.

This collection is replicated in Graphicstock and Audioblocks –Videoblocks' services for stock images and stock audio, respectively–, which also feature curated images, music and sound effects within the notion of authenticity. This way, you have a complete set of stock media resources to create awesome videos.

While the collection is small and very focused, Videoblocks expects this curated content will inspire creatives around the world to develop more authentic video productions.

Check out Videoblocks' Authentic Collection here, and let your creativity flow!

Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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