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Stockstocksy-logo-300x223sy is an intentionally small and remarkedly more artistic stock photography agency, with a different business structure and offer. After years of dedicating solely to still images, they have now introduced a stock footage collection, Stocksy Video.

Their video collection follows the company's standards: top quality, high production value with artistic concept, natural-styled aesthetics, and tight curation.

Like this, Stocksy joins the blooming industry of stock footage, proving once more the exponential growth in demand for this content. And interestingly, they enter the space in one of the hottest visual trends: authentic stock footage.

The Must-Knows in Stocksy Video

The new stock footage collection at Stocksy has a lot of strong, valuable points for buyers.

Royalty Free: All Stocksy videos, just as all their images, come with a Royalty Free license. For footage, this license allows perpetual use in multiple mediums and projects, as much commercial as editorial. All clips are cleared for model releases, so you can use them in commercial projects safely. They have Standard Royalty Free, and also different Extended licenses available, for a higher cost.

Exclusive: All the clips are exclusive to Stocksy, meaning you will not find them anywhere else. While they are Royalty Free and that technically means you cannot acquire exclusive usage rights, Stocksy has found a way around it.

They offer their Market Freeze license, which gives you limited-time exclusive use of a file, along with all their Extended usage rights. With a much higher price point, Market Freeze is a valuable point in their offer, as very few agencies offer something like it.

Even if you don't go for exclusive use, the fact that these videos are available only at one library makes them much less widely used, and therefore have a greater sense of uniqueness.

High Quality: They have different resolution options: HD 720p, HD 1080p and 4K/UHD. All 720p clips are color graded, but for 1080p and 4K you can choose between the graded H. 264 MOV file, or the ungraded, original ProRes file which comes at a higher price but gives you greater quality and editing flexibility.

Tight Curation: The strict and high-standards screening and selection process at Stocksy is one of their main characteristics, and it's present in video too. They carefully select content (and contributors), based in their own criteria in terms of technical quality, production value, artistic level and overall aesthetics, and commercial potential. Stocksy Video is a small collection when compared to the millions of clips in other agencies, but it's a highly curated selection full of top quality content.

Trending Style: Stocksy footage features a more natural aesthetics, with modern concepts, less posed models and realistic staging. This is what is called authentic stock footage, a style that is in fair rise in demand and popularity. Authentic feel is what appeals more to viewers, and Stocksy has it.

Stocksy Video Pricing


Videos are sold a la carte only, and are priced in USD:

  • HD 720p $75
  • HD1080p graded $175 – ungraded $275
  • 4K graded $300 – ungraded $400

As you see, prices for Standard license are at the same level than at most other agencies.

Extended license price is added to the Standard cost:

  • Multi-seat (more than one user) +$200
  • Products for resale $750
  • Market Freeze (limited-time exclusive usage) stars at $1500 for 6 months, and up

This means that if you want to buy a graded 1080p clip with Multi-seat license, for example, the cost would be of $375.

As you see, Stocksy covers several bases regarding buyer needs, adding value to their offer. Check Stocksy's full Prices and Licensing options.

If you're looking for authentic, high quality stock footage (and don't mind the little extra cost that comes with it), and if you prefer a tighter selection rather than surfing through millions of not-so-curated clips, then Stocksy Video can be a good fit for you.

A Little More about Stocksy

If you never heard of this company before, it could be because they were until now focused solely in stock photography. This is their first step into stock imagery.

However, if you ever looked for stock photography around, you must have come across them. Stocksy is a relatively young, yet very successful stock agency, with a distinctive proposition and offer.

First of all, it's the brainchild of none other than Bruce Livingston… founder of iStockphoto (now iStock), the very first microstock agency. Livingston and other renowned stock industry experts –like CEO Brianna Wettlaufer– gave life to Stocksy as a new concept in image licensing.

This is one agency that has from the beginning focused in a style that diverges from the regular stock imagery looks. They always centred their library in skill-shot content, with greater artistic value, and avoided the heavily produced style that was so popular in stock until recent years.

They aimed for natural-looking, not overly posed models and concepts: the authentic style. They didn't do it for no reason: authentic style has been trending and raising in demand since years, and it's one of the hottest visual trends since last year. Many other agencies have been bringing this style to their collections.

Stocksy is a cooperative: all employees and contributors are part of the company, take part in decision-making and share profits. This factor adds to their style criteria, to make a purposedly small library. They have a “Call to Artists” once a year, only a very small percentage of applicants pass the bar and join as contributors.

The cooperative and artsy aspects also make them very popular amongst photographers and videographers. The best and most skilled contributors are eager on being part of the company, and the ones whom are already in strive to provide top-notch imagery, which adds value to the collections.

All in all, Stocksy is intentionally a niche agency, with a very particular offering, and price points that are slightly higher than other agencies. But they are reliable and high quality, and what they offer is what is trending.

If you find their proposition appealing, then you must definitely check them out.


Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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