Discover Shutterstock Select – A New Premium Footage Offer

Discover Shutterstock Select - A New Premium Footage Offer 1

Shutterstock news keeps on coming! The popular stock media agency has just launched a new premium stock footage division, Shutterstock Select, that features exclusive Hollywood-quality videos from professional creatives that have been carefully curated and cover a wide array of trendy topics.

The new collection is available on demand at a fixed per-clip price and aims to provide first-class stock footage for filmmakers and cinematographers to use in high-end productions.

You can see a demo reel right above and more details about this agency in our Shutterstock Video review. 

Discover all about this new offer next!

Discover Shutterstock Select - A New Premium Footage Offer 2
Still from Shutterstock Select video

Shutterstock Select: Royalty-Free Footage with Hollywood Style

While all of Shutterstock's over 12 million stock videos must pass a high technical and artistic bar, the new Shutterstock Select takes quality to a whole other level. A premium level.

This new collection features 10,000+ stock footage clips in a broad range of popular and current subjects, from everyday concepts to blockbuster action scenes.

Note: in the time since the launching of this collection, Shutterstock has expanded it with direct contributions and through partnerships, such as their teaming up with Filmpac to bring premium content to Shutterstock Select. If you're interested, we have a cool Shutterstock + Filmpac coupon code available!

They are produced with high-end equipment like RED cameras and Cine lenses, following cinema-grade technical standards. And they're all created by skilled filmmakers and motion designers pursuing unique movement, camera work and talent performances. No wonder Shutterstock is calling it their “best ever footage” (and a great Shutterstock Coupon Code)” (and a great Shutterstock Coupon Code)”!

The new offer comes out just days after Shutterstock released their first API development in the form of a workflow extension for Final Cut Pro X, which enables videomakers to include Shutterstock's stock footage in their projects without ever leaving their chosen editing tool.

Discover Shutterstock Select - A New Premium Footage Offer 3
Shutterstock Select's curated galleries

Shutterstock Select: Licensing and Pricing

While it's a Premium offer, Shutterstock Select follows the agency's core offer and all the videos are under Royalty-Free license. This means you will not be bothered with custom terms like with Rights Managed –a common license choice for top tier content–. It's as simple as paying for the license once, and getting to use the chosen clip forever in multiple accepted ways.

Shutterstock Select videos are available on demand only, with a dead simple pricing: $399 per download.

Logically it's a higher price point than those of their regular Shutterstock Video catalogue, but it's still considerable affordable when you think about the costs of the equipment, the shooting and the post-production involved in each clip. Even more in contrast with the thousands of dollars a video that you can spend using Rights Managed footage.

Shutterstock Wants to Help Create your Next Blockbuster

Shutterstock Select library is set to serve the high-end buyers –like those creating content for TV and film–, who need excellence in footage content but can't always produce every shot from scratch, be it due to budget or timing limitations.

Like this, Shutterstock is offering stock footage that matches the best mainstream productions' quality, but in an affordable royalty-free deal from a reliable and forward-thinking stock media agency.

What do you say? Are you going to try it?

Visit Shutterstock Select and let us know your impressions!

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