Awesome Filmpac Coupon Code! 15% Off on Premium Stock Footage

Looking for hot deals in Filmpac discount codes? This is your chance to get high-quality, premium stock footage and save money: thanks to its partnership with Shutterstock, you can now find a wide collection of Filmpac videos in Shutterstock Select, and using our exclusive Shutterstock + Filmpac coupon code, you will unlock a 15% discount on all Filmpac clips within Shutterstock!

Get a 15% discount on all Filmpac stock video clips within Shutterstock Select!

This is one of the best Filmpack coupon codes you’ll ever find, so don’t miss it!

Filmpac + Shutterstock: First-Class Stock Footage at Flat On-Demand Rates

A few months back, we reported that Shutterstock (and its subsidiary Pond5) were partnering with the premium stock footage boutique Filmpac to bring a selection of its distinguished catalog onto the Shutterstock platform. 

That distribution partnership is now a reality, as you can find nearly 80,000 Filmpac clips in Shutterstock Select, the premium segment of the Shutterstock Video service. 

All these clips are cinema quality and in 4K resolution, shot by talented professionals using RED equipment, and carefully curated. filmpac

And now they’re available to license under a Royalty Free license and à la carte on Shutterstock for a flat fee of $399 per clip. 

Of course, you can get them for much less, thanks to our exclusive offer courtesy of our friends at Shutterstock + Filmpac.

How Does the Filmpac Coupon Code Work

Our exclusive Shutterstock coupon code is valid site wide, making it one of the latest Filmpac coupon codes. It applies a 15% discount on any Filmpac clip you buy, meaning you’ll pay $339 per video and effectively save $60 for every Filmpac file you download!

Using this discount code is rather easy; you have to follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the coupon code banner right below: 
Get a 15% discount on all Filmpac stock video clips within Shutterstock Select!
  1. You will see a pop-up window with a coupon code revealed. DO NOT CLOSE this window. Just minimize it. filmpac
  1. You will also land on Filmpac’s collection within Shutterstock Select. Here you can browse the 79,600+ videos available and have your pick. When you want a video, add it to your cart. filmpac
  1. Once you’re done online shopping, go to your cart and proceed to the checkout page. 
  2. You will be asked to log in to your Shutterstock account or sign up if you don’t have one. filmpac filmpac

6. Now, you’ll land on the payment and checkout page. On the left, you’ll have the fields to enter your billing and payment info, and on the right, your order summary detailing your purchase and final price to pay. The summary includes a blue question: “Do you have a coupon code?” Click on this question to reveal the coupon code field. 

7. Copy the provided coupon code from the pop-up in step 2, paste it onto this field, and hit “Apply.”

8. Your 15% discount will be automatically applied, and you will see the discounted amount and the subsequent lower final price detailed in the summary. filmpac

9. Hit the “Complete checkout” button… and done! You’ve successfully bought Filmpac clips at a discounted rate. 

Remember that this coupon applies to Filmpac content within Shutterstock’s platform only. 

It’s also worth mentioning that this discount code is valid for as many clips as you wish and will apply to all the selected items added to your cart. 

Why Filmpac Videos 

There are various reasons why it makes sense to go for Filmpac content to complement your productions. 

Artistic value – Filmpac is a boutique site created by filmmakers, and for filmmakers, all their videos are professionally shot, and it shows; they’re ideal for cinematic projects and for any production where you want good visual storytelling. 

Technical quality – Filmpac offers clips in 4K resolution, shot with top-of-the-line equipment and post-processed to match high-quality standards. You will have no issues working with these files. 

Authentic style – The footage follows an authentic and raw aesthetic that resonates with today’s audiences and easily blends into multiple platforms and channels. 

Video makers, filmmakers, advertisers, and creative professionals of all avenues can benefit from this Filmpack special offer. 

Filmpac coupons usually offer much lower discounts than this, so having the chance to legally use this content in your work with such big savings is golden!

Plus, this is a collection available on Shutterstock, an online hub for creatives containing everything you could possibly need to bring your projects to life. A great bonus! filmpac

About Filmpac – Filmpac FAQ

What is Filmpac?

Filmpac is a boutique-styled stock footage site specializing in premium, curated video content from professional filmmakers. 

Where is Filmpac based?

It is based in Oregon and was founded in 2017. It operates entirely online, from its own website, and now has a collection in Shutterstock Select.

How many Filmpac videos are there?

They have over 100,000 stock video clips carefully sorted into fifteen categories. Almost 80,000 of them are available on Shutterstock Select at the moment. 

Is Filmpac good?

The company has very high technical and artistic standards, producing a fresh and cinematic-like library of premium quality.

Are there any Filmpac promo codes?

Our Shutterstock + Filmpac discount code is one of the best you’ll find, as it gives you a 15% discount on any Filmpac purchase on Shutterstock’s website. This promo code applies site wide on Shutterstock, so it’s also a good chance to mix and match clips from other Shutterstock collections and unlock amazing savings!

So, are you ready to seize this Shutterstock + Filmpac special offer? 

Get a 15% discount on all Filmpac stock video clips within Shutterstock Select!
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