PremiumBeat New Mobile App: Browse Stock Audio Tracks on the Go

PremiumbeatPremiumBeat New Mobile App: Browse Stock Audio Tracks on the Go 1, the exclusive, royalty free music service under the Shutterstock umbrella, have launched their very first mobile app! Aimed at Video Producers, Editors, Film makers and other audio/video professionals, this awesome new app opens up on-the-go access to the entire collection of the PremiumBeat exclusive library of high quality tracks from your mobile devices whether you are at home or on the go!

You can now browse, listen to and curate your favourite audio tracks to use in your projects, right there on your smartphone or tablet!

Find Premiumbeat App for Android here. 

Grab Premiumbeat from the Apple Store here. 

Keep reading for details! And if you want to learn more about this cool stock music site, read our full PremiumBeat review!

PremiumBeat New Mobile App: Browse Stock Audio Tracks on the Go 2What is PremiumBeat? Stock Audio at its Finest!

PremiumBeat is an online marketplace of exclusive stock audio tracks, that you can license for very reasonable prices and use in your audiovisual projects to complete your visions and enhance your production value.

The company is owned by Shutterstock, one of the leading companies in stock media online. Their trustworthy status is only lifted by their awesome content, making them one of the best stock audio resources around. Plus, they've the great Premiumbeat blog, which made it into the list of our 30 best sites for filmmakers and is packed with professional insight, valuable tutorials, and more.

So What Does The New PremiumBeat App Offer You?

Offering native apps for both Android and iOS, you're free to listen to, search through and build playlists of your favourite tracks, regardless of which platform your devices are on. With an incredibly clean interface that's easy on the eyes, The PremiumBeat app is incredibly easy to use!

The app gives you access to a stock music library with over 8,500 original tracks produced by world class composers, you're bound to find exactly what you need for your projects! Not forgetting that all of the tracks available via PremiumBeat are Cleared of Copyright, coming ready for you to download and use in your movies, television productions, video games and all of your website and social media projects!

Log in and Player Preview

With the team over at PremiumBeat on a constant hunting for the newest, freshest royalty free audio tracks to meet the varying needs that are demanded of the audio-visual industry, you can be certain that you have a lot of discovering ahead of you.

Coming totally free of charge, you can grab the Android (4.2 and newer) version right here!

And all of you iOS (10.0 and newer) users can grab your copy from the App Store this way!

And while you're waiting for your app to download and install, why not check the awesome overhaul of PremiumBeat's website. Coming with a new design and brand new features like their discovery function which was also launched this week! Check it out here!

Have you tried out the PremiumBeat mobile app and Website? Let us know what you think in the comments box below! If you need help to edit your new audio tracks into your footage, check out our 5 best tips for audio editing!

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