iStock Video Editor is Here! Free, Friendly Videomaking Tool for iStock Customers

iStock Video Editor is Here! Free, Friendly Videomaking Tool for iStock Customers 2

The renowned stock media agency iStock is out with its very own, web-based video editor. Following the premise of their already-established image editing tool, the iStock Video Editor is easy to use, can perform basic edits with professional results, and it’s completely free. 

Learn everything you can do with this tool, next. 

But first, have a quick overview of what it offers in this video below!

iStock Video Editor: No Editing Skills Needed

By far, one of the most attractive points in this new video editing tool is that you are not required to be tech-savvy, or even video-editing savvy, to be able to put together compelling and pro-looking videos. 

Thanks to its simple interface with clear and intuitive functionality, and the aid of iStock’s stock videos, stock images, and templates, you can bring your audiovisual content to life very easily and, also another great point, for free: the iStock Video Editor is free for all, you only have to pay for the iStock assets (images and videos) that you use. 

iStock Video Editor Toolkit: Everything to Make Great Short Videos

The iStock Video Editor is intended for creatives to put together great, short-length video content in no time, and comes equipped with resources to do just that: 

  • Templates: The tool integrates 3500+ video templates to make it super easy to create a video. There are designs for things like social media videos, YouTube videos, marketing, intros and outros, and more. Themes are very varied too, with concepts like summer, healthcare or women’s history month among the many available. 
  • Stock media: You can search and select stock footage, stock images, and stock music from iStock’s library to include in your project in a couple of clicks. 
  • Customization: Make your videos look unique with overlaid text, transitions, and other design elements. 
  • Short videos: The Editor can manage finished videos of up to 5 minutes in length.
  • Uploads: You may also upload your own images, videos, music tracks, logos, and other custom graphics to integrate into your project. You may as well use previously downloaded iStock content.
  • Downloads: The finished videos can be downloaded in the format and size of your choice (from the available), including preset sizes for social media and YouTube. You can also re-download your projects in different sizes. Any and all iStock assets you download as part of your project will also appear on your download history, where you could re-download them independently, at no added cost. 

As you see, creating videos with the iStock Video Editor is very simple, and you won’t be resigning quality for simplicity, at all. 

iStock Video Editor is Here! Free, Friendly Videomaking Tool for iStock Customers 3How Much Does The iStock Video Editor Cost

Nothing. The iStock Video Editor is a free tool, and you can access it, work with it and download your finished videos without paying a penny. 

However, iStock stock videos, stock photos, and stock music are paid. So you will be required to pay for those assets in order to download videos using them. It is not possible to use the editor without adding at least one asset from iStock’s catalog, which makes it a very useful tool for iStock customers, as well as for those willing to use their content. 

All videos and images come with an iStock Standard license by default, which means you’ll be able to re-use them as many times as you wish, in any number of projects/designs, at no added cost. You can see details on iStock Video pricing here. 

iStock Video Editor:  for Non-Editors

And there you go, that is the iStock Video Editor in a nutshell!

Now it’s your turn to head over to the iStock Video Editor page and give it a go!

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