FXHome by Artlist Rolled Out New Subscription Model & Features

FXHome by Artlist Rolled Out New Subscription Model & Features 2

Artlist –the parent company of Artgrid— has officially launched the new and improved FXHome by Artlist, a suite of video editing and image editing software tools for creatives of all levels and avenues. 

The new products add features and capabilities to FXHome’s signature applications and integrate Artlist’s stock audio library and Artgrid’s motion templates, too. 

The most notorious change is that it now introduces subscription plans, for tools that were otherwise a one-time purchase, including a basic, free access tier. 

This way Artlist expects to be a one-stop shop for video makers and solve all their workflow needs. 

Discover the new FXHome by Artlist at a discounted price for a limited time here. 

And read on for more details! 

FXHome by Artlist Rolled Out New Subscription Model & Features 3

FXHome by Artlist: Video and Image Editing + Stock Media Resources

FXHome by Artlist Rolled Out New Subscription Model & Features 4

This new development and rebranding into FXHome by Artlist comes one year after Artlist acquired FXHome in July 2021, and aligns with the company’s plans to build an integral service for video creatives. 

Like this, FXHome’s already popular apps such as HitFilm Pro video editor and Imerge Pro image editor are now expanded and improved with new and improved features, the most important being the integration of licensable stock audio content and video templates. 

FXHome by Artlist Rolled Out New Subscription Model & Features 5

From now on, you can access the Creative Library of royalty-free music, sound effects, and video templates from Artlist directly within FXHome’s tools, which hopes to simplify the creative process for video production. 

Not only that, but all the paid plans also come with access to the Learn Panel which hosts multiple video tutorials to help creatives get the most out of the service, and improve their skills.

New Subscription Plans for FXHome Apps

The other significative change is that while FXHome applications were until now a one-time purchase with lifetime access, the new FXHome by Artlist is subscription-based, something the company says is more in tune with video creators’ needs and budgets. 

They have four monthly subscription tiers, based on skill level and creative needs: 

FXHome by Artlist Rolled Out New Subscription Model & Features 6
  • Free: A free account gives you access to HitFilm’s basic video editing tools, including unlimited exports in up to HD quality, and adds the download of up to 10 songs, 25 SFX, and 5 templates, all 100% free of charge. 
  • Creator: With access to HitFilm Pro and Imerge Pro for advanced video editing and image editing, unlimited exports in up to 4K resolution, plus 100 songs, 100 sound effects, and 25 templates, this plan is oriented to rising independent creators and comes at $12.99/mo or $89.99/yr – For a limited time, you can get it for only $9.99/mo or $74.99/yr 
  • Pro: This is a membership geared towards high-profile creatives and it comes with full access to HitFilm Pro, Imerge Pro, Mocha HitFilm, BorisFX 3D Objects, and Foundry 3D Camera Tracker. The plan includes unlimited exports in up to 8K resolution and downloads of up to 200 royalty-free songs, 200 SFX files, and 50 templates. The regular price is $19.99/mo or $149.99/yr – For a limited time, you can subscribe for only $15.99/mo or $119.99/yr
  • Enterprise: A tailored subscription for big organizations that comes with specific license terms, content, and software bundles. Price is upon request. 

As you can see, the new pricing is rather affordable, especially related to the value of the subscriptions – HitFilm tools are among the favorite alternatives to Adobe Premiere and are very capable solutions. 

However, it’s worth noting that the one-time purchase option, with lifetime access, is still available in all FXHome’s apps, for those who prefer that buying model. In the same way, customers who already have a lifetime membership to any of FXHome’s tools will continue to enjoy the service in the way they used to, as well as get access to the upgraded features, and are able to switch to a subscription, too. 

Special Launch Discount for FXHome by Artlist

If you want to try FXHome by Artlist, now is the best time: to celebrate the launch, all plans are discounted and you can save up to 23% from the regular price. If you get an annual subscription, you can maximize your savings for a whole year. 

Click here to get your FXHome by Artlist plan with a special discount.

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