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As a creative, inspiration plays a big role in your endeavors. We all take inspiration from everything that surrounds us, and the muse can come around at any given time. But there's no harm in helping it a bit, specially when your creations are your mean of earning a living.

So, how can you get inspired? There's multiple possibilities, but a great, easy and accesible way to grab some inspiration for your next projects and for your creative process as a whole, is to find great, talented and successful people online, and read/hear/watch the inspiring things they are doing.

Here you will find a little start point to find creatives who are doing great things out there, and all are free!

Top 6 Inspiring People in the Creative World

We'll begin by showing you the people who inspires us. These are some of the most interesting creatives we have found and whom's amazing work we follow as they trigger our own creative mind.

Chase Jarvis

YouTube video

Chase Jarvis is an awarded photographer and video/film-maker with a long career full of top-class productions. He also leads an educational online platform for creatives and entrepreneurs, CreativeLive, and hosts one of the most Internet talk shows that has been adapted for TV.

This year, Jarvis launched 30 Days of Genius, a series of special interviews with a different personality from the creative/entrepreneurial world, every day, for 30 days. These interviews are available on his web platform, completely free. All you have to do is sign up, and you'll be able to view all the videos.

With interviews to people like Richard Branson, Jared Leto, Arianna Huffington, Daymond John and Sir Mix-a-Lot, among many others, the series covers a wide range of personalities, styles and life stories, where these successful creatives talk about their winnings, their failures, their goals and their insights in how to succeed in their industries.

So Chase is not only inspiring himself, but he also brings a lot of inspiring people together in one series.

Tim Ferriss

YouTube video

Tim Ferriss is a best-selling author of self-help books focused in increasing people's learning ability and productiveness. His book “The 4 Hour Work Week” was a hit that marked the take-off of his career and put him in the map. He is now an entrepreneur, angel investor and consultant to very popular startups, like Uber, StumbleUpon, Shopify, Evernote, and more.

Since “The 4 Hour Work Week”, that presented his methods to increase productivity and maximize working hours, he has expanded the concept to include health and wellness, and cooking. He also had different TV shows where he put his methods to practice. You can find all this on the Four Hour Week website

Ferriss' books are a great source of inspiration, and he is one of the entrepreneurs featured in Chase Jarvis' 30 Days of Genius, in which interview you can learn a lot.

Gary Vaynerchuk

YouTube video

Gary Vaynerchuk is a very popular Internet entrepreneur, and a famous social media star. He made his way up from growing his family's business on to applying his strategies to new ventures, and funding VaynerMedia, a digital branding consulting agency focused in social media that serves many of Fortune 500 companies.

He is author of several best-selling books dedicated to entrepreneurial strategies, and his social media channels have a massive base of followers. He created his own funding trust, and he invests mostly in consumer technology, including some of the most succesful apps and digital services of these days.

Gary has produced and starred in several TV and web video series, including popular YouTube productions like “The #AskGaryVee Show” (related to his book “#AskGaryVee”) and his vlog series covering his everyday business life. And all is available on his website.

Whether you read his books or watch his web series, you will find a lot in Vaynerchuk's work to inspire your creativity and improve your productions.

Casey Neistat

YouTube video

Casey Neistat is a renowned video and film creator, and a super popular YouTube and social media star. His life and career stories are as much of a source for inspiration as his work is. Casey's case is one of several who exploited modern technology and social media to develop their creativity and turn into a succesful professional career.

He has directed and/or produced awarded and succesful short films, films, TV series and branding campaigns for huge brands (like Nike, Google or Mercedes-Benz). And he's also co-founder of video social platform Beme.

From his critic-praised films, to his HBO series, all the way to his over 3 million followers YouTube channel filled with viral videos and his now 2-year long vlog with over 550 entries, Casey has installed his name and brand as one of the coolest and most sought-after. Most of his YouTube vlog content features Neistat's life from his perspective, and he shares a lot of his personal and family life, as well as his creative mind and development process for his projects. Find Casey's social channels on his website.

You can certainly feel inspired just by checking his social media channels. His latest viral video, Snowboarding with the NYPD (shot during Jonas blizzard in New York this year) is just one of the great sources of inspiration you will find.

DigitalRev TV

YouTube video

DigitalRev TV is one of the most subscribed photography related channels on YouTube. With a style that evolved to be a sort of “Top Gear” but focused in all means photography, their weekly YouTube show is a constant source for inspiration.

The crew behind these productions – Richard Yu, Kai Man Wong (presenter of the show since years), Lok Cheung, Warren Ng and Ian Wong – make a fresh, fun and different style in digital photography gear reviews, and they have added different channels for more specific topics like Bokeh style and analog photography.

Plus they have created a very interesting challenge where renowned photographers are asked to take professional photos with cheap cameras. The results are certainly inspiring. Chase Jarvis was one of the pro photographers invited to take the challenge.

With a new video released every week, DigitalRev TV YouTube channel is one worth follow to boost up your creativity.

Ramit Sethi

YouTube video

Ramit Sethi is a best-selling author, personal finance advisor and entrepreneur. His best-seller “I Will Teach You How to be Rich” has been a great success.

He focuses in teaching his methods to achieve personal finance and career goals, through his books, his blog, and his social media channels. He also owns an online marketing company.

Sethi is a great source of inspiration if you are looking to improve your “business” side of things. You can find the highlights of his best-selling book for free on its own website, and you will also find valuable tips and advises on his social media profiles.

If you want to be rich, you should check what Ramit has to teach you.

As you see, there's plenty of free resources to get inspiration, discover methods and strategies to improve your work performance, and learn and expand your skills and knowledge.

Who inspires you? Let us know if you think there's an inspiring person we should add to our list!


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