Discover iStock Video and All It’s Awesome Benefits!

Discover iStock Video and All It's Awesome Benefits! 1Every production company in the world has and will at some point need to take advantage of stock video in their works and with such  high saturation in the stock footage market it can be extremely difficult to find that perfect, exclusive shot that is needed to finish of the project! Not anymore: meet iStock Video!

iStock has been around for well over 15 years and is one of the highest quality provider of  stock vide2os, including large collections of stock photos, vectors and audio files as well. Acquired by Getty Images in 2006 gave it an industry giants backing and helped propel it to the fore front of stock video resources, making them one valuable ally when it comes to getting the extra clips you need for your next project!

For super detailed info, visit our dedicated iStock Video review. 

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Whats So Great About iStock Video?

Here are some of the awesome benefits of using iStock Video for all your footage needs:

  • No Extra Charge for Higher Definition Content! Priced by collection, not by definition!
  • Millions of footage clips covering varied themes and styles to fit in any project
    • Essentials collection of low-price shots
    • Signature collection of higher quality, exclusive videos
  • Affordable prices: Between 6 and 18 credits per clip depending on collection (See iStock full Plans and Pricing)
  • Variety in image resolution. Majority of HD clips including 4K. SD videos also available.
  • Royalty Free license granting multiple and perpetual usage rights for a one-time fee

Check out some of their amazing footage in this video below!


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Awesome Exclusive Footage and High-Quality Affordable Clips at iStock Video

One of the main qualities of iStock Video is their fantastic EXCLUSIVE library. Their Signature collection hosts thousands and thousands of stock footage clips that are of high production value, professionally shot with strong artistic eye, and with a greater sense of uniqueness since they are only available at iStock, and nowhere else.

They include a collection of more affordable, everyday needs clips within Essentials label. These videos are non-exclusive, but not for being less expensive are any less high quality and suitable for all kinds of professional uses. For more info on what is stock footage and how you can use it, read here!

iStock Video Has the Lowest Price for 4K Stock Footage

iStock Video 4k Pricing at SD Prices

Another key in their offer is that iStock does not price their videos according to resolution, like most other stock footage agencies do, but rather assign their cost based on the collection.

Non-exclusive, Essentials clips are the cheapest, at only 6 credits per download which turn out at $48 – $60 depending on the credit pack you use.  Exclusive, Signature footage costs 18 credits per clip, coming at $128 – $170 price range. Both collections have videos in SD, HD and 4K.

This means at iStock you can get a great, non-exclusive but still professionally shot and commercial ready video in 4K resolution for only $48! Even if you go for exclusive, high-end footage, you can get a 4K clip for as little as $148. In comparison, the majority of other stock footage providers offer 4K content at around $200 the clip. iStock Video lets you get higher quality 4K clips… at a much lower price!

Single File Purchase and Credits System for Easy Buying at iStock Video

iStock Video offers all of their video library on demand using a credit based system! There's pack from 1 and up to 300 credits, cutting up to 33% in single credit value (this means each credit will cost you from $12 and down to $8 each, depending on how big a pack you get). And iStock credits never expire, as long as you log in to your user account once per year.

If you want to buy more than one clip, credit packs are a great way to save in your purchase. But if you only want one video (because you want to test their suitability for your production, or because you only need one), iStock now has a quick checkout process that lets you simply click on the download button for any video you want, and be taken straight to the payment screen to complete your purchase. Quick, easy, and cheap!

With any credits purchased never losing validity until they are spent, single purchase with a few simple clicks, and greatly valued credit packs, it works out as a great way to buy your stock video footage cheap and with flexibility, deciding exactly how much to spend, and when. See all prices for iStock Credits here.

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Buy your choice of stock videos and stock images at iStock with a 15% discount on credit packs and subscriptions.

More Benefits in iStock Video

Their search function is very useful to ease the process of finding the right clips, thanks to its keyword search engine and advanced filters. You're also going to find categories. Lots of them! iStock takes great pride in their curation process, and they include only the best, most trendy and visually impactful footage into their collections.

That way you can surf through themed, curated content and discover amazing footage to use in your productions.

iStock Video Categories Screenshot

If you are after a transitional clip, Essentials has you covered for as little as $48 per clip. But if you're looking for something a little more premium that matches the highest standards production and will take up longer time in your film, Signature collection hosts all kinds of exclusive, high-quality clips perfect for playing relevant, even integral part of your videos, from only $128 each! Learn how to edit footage like a pro to exploit the power of iStock videos in your work.

iStock Search and FIlters in Action

And with the majority of footage coming in HD and 4K quality (all for the same price) and all SD content offered in both PAL and NTSC formats, you can see its a pretty awesome place to grab all your stock video from!

Sounds Awesome, How Do I Buy?

Buying your footage from iStock Video is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse! Check out step by step guide below for an every simple purchasing experience!

1. Visit the iStock website and sign in to your account (or you can create one if you don't already have one, it's free!)

Discover iStock Video and All It's Awesome Benefits! 4

2. Go to their Pricing page and select the size of credit pack of your choice

3. Proceed with payment – Don't forget to use our exclusive iStock Promo Code for 15% Off in your Purchase!

Buy your choice of stock videos and stock images at iStock with a 15% discount on credit packs and subscriptions.

4. Surf iStock Video collection or find your desired content using their search engine. You can filter results by collection and there are other filter options too.

5. Find the clip you want, select the desired resolution (add an Extended License if you want or need one) and hit the red Download button

iStock Video Selection Page

6. Done! The required amount of credits will be deducted from your account, and the selected clip will download to your local storage. It will also remain available in your iStock account. Simple as that!

Complete all Your Productions with iStock Video

So as you can see, iStock Video has fantastic offerings for anybody and everybody that needs stock footage, a huge, exclusive library, easy to use search functions and a very easy to use buying process all make for a very quick, very slick experience!

So what are you waiting for? Check out iStock Video here and grab your discounted credit packs today with our special iStock Promo Code!

Buy your choice of stock videos and stock images at iStock with a 15% discount on credit packs and subscriptions.
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