Shutterstock Launches Reverse Search Tool For Video

Shutterstock has earned the reputation of being one of the largest, leading providers of stock photography, video, and music. The quality and expanse of their catalogue is unsurpassed, and now they’ve taken another huge leap in front of the pack with the recent launch of their reverse search for video feature.

In case you’re not familiar with Shutterstock’s stock footage collection, check out the millions of videos – including 4k and HD footage – here.

Shutterstock Launches Reverse Search Tool For Video 2Reverse image search isn’t anything new, but Shutterstock’s reverse search for video tool brings the world of creative marketing expression to a whole new level. No longer bound by standard keyword searches, this reverse search tool is exactly what professional creatives need to tap into Shutterstock’s curated collection and create more cohesive marketing campaigns and build a stronger visual presence through digital media.

Why Reverse Image Video Search Is Revolutionary

It’s one thing to pull an image when you’ve got a one-off project, but when you’re working to build an image – be it for an event, marketing campaign, or a blossoming brand – the ability to pull together visual media that communicates your message and tie it all together is essential.

It’s also next to impossible to find a video that aligns perfectly with your static images through traditional search mechanisms.

Shutterstock has made a step towards alleviating this pain point with the reverse image video search tool. With this tool, it’s faster and easier to find video content that visually communicates your message and drives it home seamlessly. The launch of this feature solidifies Shutterstock’s commitment to their users by making the discovery process on their platform more efficient – and ultimately more enjoyable.

How Reverse Image Video Search Works

The standard search involves typing a few keywords into the search bar and hoping for the best. While Shutterstock’s search algorithm is one of the most sophisticated, narrowing the search for stock video has remained a challenge.

Say you’re building a website, and you’ve chosen some stock images you absolutely love. The images are on point for exactly how you want to deliver your brand message. The thing is, you also want to include some video elements but everything you try feels misaligned with the core visual image you’ve built.

Shutterstock Launches Reverse Search Tool For Video 3

By entering an image into the reverse video search, Shutterstock scours their video catalogue, looking for results that align in some way to your image. It might be a similar or identical backdrop – perfect for location-specific visual content. The reverse search can also pick up on more nuanced details, like lighting temperature, wall backgrounds, and other subtle backdrop cues.

Shutterstock Launches Reverse Search Tool For Video 4

Here’s a little bit about how it works.

About three years ago, Shutterstock rolled out their reverse image search, which is a neural network that scans their more than 280 million images, breaking them down to the smallest pixel, and producing results based on the original image entered. Their reverse search for video works in the same way, this time accessing their catalogue of video clips – which happens to be more than 15 million strong.

The mechanisms through which their neural network breaks down the image makes this reverse search tool one of the most effective and innovative that the industry has seen. According to Shutterstock, professional creatives who use their reverse search tools, for both images and video, are 3x more likely to find the digital stock media they’re looking for compared to inquiries using keywords alone.

The results and speed that results are returned to you are truly amazing. You can learn more about Shutterstock’s new reverse image search tool for the video here. Check it out when you have a little time on your hands because you’re going to want to play around and explore a bit.

Shutterstock Reverse Search for Video Making Stock Media More Accessible

Shutterstock is hands down one of the most popular stock image sites today. With a curated library of hundreds of millions of images and a massive video catalogue, they’ve set the bar high in the stock image industry. Their newly launched reverse search for video tool establishes is one that digital creatives in all industries will appreciate.

If you’re not familiar with Shutterstock, or just want to learn a bit more about what they’re all about, you can check out our Shutterstock review. You’ll also find a limited discount incentive that will save you major dollars on a membership to the Shutterstock platform.

So, go ahead and visit Shutterstock today and try this feature out yourself. And then let us know what you think of their innovative reverse search for video tool!

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