Shutterstock Footage Library is Now Live on Mobile!

Shutterstock Footage Library is Now Live on Mobile! 2Stock media heavyweight Shutterstock recently announced their entire stock footage library is now live and accessible from their mobile platform –for both iOS and Android

This new steps towards a complete mobile-based workflow hope to help creatives to work faster and more efficiently on smartphones and tablets, something crucial for social media projects and even more relevant today when many creatives are working from home. 

Shutterstock Footage: Professional Stock Video on the Go

The Shutterstock Footage library hosts over 17 million video clips in SD, HD and 4K resolution, conveying the most varied themes and film styles. 

And it’s quite literally right at your fingertips: you can now access the entire stock footage collection from your Shutterstock app on iOS or Android. 

And not just for seeing it. All the clips are licensable and downloadable from the Shutterstock app on both iOS and Android, enabling a full-mobile workflow for creatives on the go, which is especially useful for those creating content for social media and other digital platforms. 

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Enjoy an Enhanced Mobile Workflow

Along with bringing their full stock video library to the app, Shutterstock also includes some of their best AI-powered software to make searching and finding the ideal clips a lot easier. 

Their computer vision feature Visually Similar Video is great to discover more content similar to any clip you select and view, meaning you get to see more videos from a particular style or genre without having to do any extra effort. 

And it’s as advanced a tool as it gets! Visually Similar Video doesn’t operate on the base of metadata and keywords, but rather on pixel data within images. This grants a lot more accurate and interesting results. 

Shutterstock Footage Library is Now Live on Mobile! 4

Simple Functionality and Great Added Value

Sourcing stock footage from the Shutterstock app on mobile is not very different from doing so on the desktop website. 

Once you install the app on your phone or tablet and log in to your account –or sign up for free if you don’t have one yet–, you’re all set, all your account info will be synced.

The app has two main labels on top of the screen, one for Image and one for Footage, so you just select the Footage one and you’re in. 

In this segment you can use the search bar to enter keywords and find clips, you can check out the curated collections as well as create your own to make it easy to share and save clips to download later. 

Shutterstock Footage Library is Now Live on Mobile! 5

As the account info is synced across platforms, you’ll visualize your Video packs available. But you are also totally capable of purchasing packs as well as individual clips within the app as well. Any video you download will be stored locally on your device. Furthermore, you can view your download history and re-download files for free right on your phone or tablet too. 

It’s that simple to get everything you need to create video content on the fly with Shutterstock!

Shutterstock Footage Library is Now Live on Mobile! 6

Stock Footage for New-Gen Video Creatives

When this update on their mobile offering was announced, the agency mentioned the main reason behind it is to better serve the new generation of video producers and content creators, who need to work on-the-go and get lots of new videos quickly and constantly. 

This has a lot to do with how visual marketing keeps moving towards audiovisual content. According to Shutterstock’s consulted sources, video ad marketing will be a 28+ Billion dollar market by the end of this year. They definitely want in on that party, and you should too!

Thanks to Shutterstock Mobile platform now enabling full video production workflow, creating crispy fresh videos for social media or video ads to share online is a whole lot easier!

You can download the Shutterstock App for iOS right here. 

And if you have Android, you can find the Shutterstock App on Google Play

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