You’ll Love Shutterstock’s New Workflow Extension in Final Cut Pro X!

You'll Love Shutterstock's New Workflow Extension in Final Cut Pro X! 1The web's stock media titan Shutterstock launched a new multi-format content integration in Final Cut Pro X –the first built on their multi-asset API– and it's every bit as cool as you can imagine.

The new workflow extension released in the latest version of Final Cut Pro lets you work with stock media in your post-production seamlessly: you can browse, license and use Shutterstock's assets in your projects right within the editor's layout. As if that wasn't enough, you also access to a great freebies selection!

You can download Shutterstock's Workflow Extension for Final Cut Pro X right here.

Read ahead for more details on this new integration, and you can also see a quick video presentation above!

Final Cut Pro + Shutterstock = a Well-Round Post-Production Tool

If you're a fan of Final Cut Pro, until now every time you needed extra content to complete your projects, you had to leave the editing tool to visit a stock agency site. Then search, pick a file, check the licensing terms, purchase and download, and finally get back to the editor to upload it. But not anymore.

With the recently released Final Cut Pro X (available now on the Mac App Store), you can add Shutterstock's Workflow Extension and merge a huge, professional and affordable stock media library with your favourite video editor, eliminating all that hassle we described.

The editor's last instalment comes packed with powerful capabilities that include 360º video editing, support for closed captioning and advanced asset management. If you add the Shutterstock extension you will be having instant in-app access to Shutterstock's high-quality library and extra cool features! For more info on this agency's offer, see our dedicated Shutterstock Video review.

You'll Love Shutterstock's New Workflow Extension in Final Cut Pro X! 2

Shutterstock Extension: Premium Content, Freebies and More

When you install the Shutterstock Workflow Extension in Final Cut Pro X, you get a lot of value all at once. First and foremost, it gives you instant in-app access to over 250 million high quality, royalty-free files that include not only stock footage, but also stock images and music tracks.

You can search, pick, license and apply any of these assets into your work directly in the video editor's interface. What's more, you can test edit free previews to make sure a clip, image or track fits in your project before actually paying for it, and update to the final licensed version at any time. Prices within the extension are exactly the same as on Shutterstock's platform. For more info on their rates, check our Shutterstock Video review!

Another great bonus is that the integration is powered by Shutterstock's ultimate search technology, which is fast, intuitive and precise. And the cherry on top for creatives is that the extension includes curated collections of freebies: around 700 files between stock videos, images and audio tracks that you can use in your work at no cost. As Shutterstock's catalogue is updated all the time, so will be the free selections, granting you will always find fresh, current content for free.

And don't worry, if you're not yet a Shutterstock client, you can sign up for free within Final Cut Pro as well.

Shutterstock Workflow Extension is a Dream for Final Cut Pro Lovers

In general lines, Shutterstock's first multi-asset API development into Final Cut Pro X is a huge positive for video editors and filmmakers who love working with this editing tool. And a dream come true for those who also choose Shutterstock for their additional media resources. It significantly improves the workflow process at no additional cost and even includes free giveaways!

Even if you never used Shutterstock stock footage (or images, or audio) before, this is a perfect opportunity to explore the quality of their content and service.

Download your Shutterstock Extension for Final Cut Pro X and simplify your post-production workflow!

And remember to use our exclusive Shutterstock Coupon Code to save you important sums when buying your assets!

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