Shutterstock Elements: A First-Class Collection of Cinematic Elements for Video Production

Shutterstock Elements: A First-Class Collection of Cinematic Elements for Video Production 1

Shutterstock is once again at it keeping up with the footage market needs and rising trends: they have just launched Shutterstock Elements, a new service packed with premium quality footage elements for video productions, all shot with professional cameras and ready to download and use in your projects!

The new collection features various interesting complements like visual effects, transitions and more, all highly curated and with cinema-grade quality. They're intended to help you achieve a “big-budget” finish for your productions for a fraction of what it would cost to shoot natively, and it's perfect for all creatives jumping on the video marketing wave that is at top of its crest and with no signs of decreasing.

Are you one of them? If so, make sure to discover Shutterstock Elements and all its potential today – also check the video above! And stick around to learn more details about this new service and how you can use it to your advantage!

Shutterstock Elements: A First-Class Collection of Cinematic Elements for Video Production 2

Shutterstock Elements – Cinematic Productions at your Fingertips

The new Shutterstock Elements collection features over 3,000 video elements to complement your footage, all recorded with cinema-grade cameras and by expert professionals. This new offer comes after the introduction of Shutterstock Select, their premium footage collection launched last year.

Carefully curated, the Elements catalogue includes themed kits for specific purposes (like food vlogs, video tutorials, etc.), as well as packages of VSX –visual effects–, lens flares, transitions, overlays, head-up display (HUD) and user interface (UI) elements.

These elements cover a wide array of subjects, from everyday content to action-ridden concepts that could rival any Hollywood production. They're available on-demand, and they go from $79 and up to $199.

They are ideal to give your projects a professional and high-end finish without breaking the bank or wasting days in shooting and editing!

Ready to explore the collection? Then check out Shutterstock Elements right here!

For more info on this agency and their huge offer in stock footage, do visit our Shutterstock Video review. And if you want to buy at cut-price, make sure to grab our exclusive Shutterstock Coupon Code for Footage!

Shutterstock Elements: A First-Class Collection of Cinematic Elements for Video Production 3

Why Shutterstock Elements – The Rise of Video in the Gen Z Era

Shutterstock has stated the company decided to create this new offer to be one step ahead of the game, as it is their usual practice. Recent reports on the video industry all coincide in pointing that audiovisual content continues to grow in the consumer market and that Generation Z users (the new market-ruling segment) prefer video-based platforms like YouTube for their learning purposes, for example.

As a result, more and more marketers and creatives (like yourself) are looking into raising up their video game, as much in terms of quality as in quantity. Everybody needs to create more awesome videos and put them out there fast.

The agency believes their Elements service can cover such needs and we tend to agree. If you need a blockbuster-like video ready to go live as soon as possible, and you don't have a mainstream-like budget, these professional video elements can certainly help you get the desired result within your possibilities.

So definitely jump on to Shutterstock's website and make sure to have a look at their new Elements section to find the perfect visual effects for your upcoming productions. And let us know what you think of this new service!

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