The New Shutterstock Editorial Video Service for Storytellers is Out!

The New Shutterstock Editorial Video Service for Storytellers is Out! 2Shutterstock keeps gaining ground on both editorial and video content segments with the new Shutterstock Editorial Video service! 

Launched today, this offer has hundreds of thousands of editorial footage clips covering every relevant newsworthy and human interest topic. 

This is a premium service, with content from high-profile partners and currently available on a per-clip basis, for enterprise customers only. 

Here is a sneak peek of the quality and value in the videos you can find at Shutterstock Editorial Video:


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Shutterstock Editorial Video: Best-In-Class Editorial Content 

The new Shutterstock Editorial Video segment launched today with over 250,000 clips. The library includes live and archival footage on topics like news, entertainment, sports, fashion, celebrities, and more. 

Such a high-end catalog is built upon the collaboration of existing partners, like epa and London Entertainment, as well as new partnerships with editorial content providers like ViralHog, Celebrity Footage, and Critical Past, among others. New content will continue to be added periodically as well. Not to mention they are coming on top of Shutterstock’s already massive, 50 million+ editorial still images collection. 

Overall, these collabs ensure a gallery of very exclusive and high-profile content for every storyteller!

See the new Shutterstock Editorial Video collection here. 

The New Shutterstock Editorial Video Service for Storytellers is Out! 3The New Shutterstock Editorial Video Service for Storytellers is Out! 4

Simplified Rights Managed Licensing for Editorial Use

According to the communications from Shutterstock, the new Editorial footage content will be available to license per clip, individually, and under three different, simplified Rights Managed licenses for editorial use only. 

While the full details on these licensing options are yet to be fully laid out to the public, we do know that this per-clip approach will allow clients to avoid per second or format pricing, making their workflows easier. 

The New Shutterstock Editorial Video Service for Storytellers is Out! 5

Editorial Motion Imagery for Enterprise Creatives

Editorial Video has been launched within the Shutterstock Premier service, so is for now it’s only accessible for enterprise customers under the Premier membership (albeit on a per-clip basis). 

If you are not a Premier customer, however, you have the option to submit a form requesting access to Editorial Video. And, of course, you can opt into Shutterstock Premier anytime. 

Editorial + Video: What People Want

According to Shutterstock, the new Editorial Video service is created to tap into the two media segments that keep growing substantially and exponentially for years: editorial content, and video content. 

They quoted the Cisco Annual Internet Report 2018-2023, which assures video will make up for 82% of consumers’ digital consumption by 2022 as well as their own experience of an impressive growing demand for editorial imagery from their customers, as the main reasons to come up with this new offer. 

So if you haven’t dubbed into editorial media yet, this seems like a good time to start!

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