Pond5 Rolls Out New Small Volume Subscriptions

Pond5 Rolls Out New Small Volume Subscriptions 2

Just today Pond5 introduced their new subscription plans that come with a small volume of downloads and serve different stock media needs. 

With options for stock music, SFX, footage, and more, they are aiming at having a plan for everyone. Furthermore, the affordable price points for these subscriptions make stock media accessible for tight budgets, too. 

This announcement comes just a month after being acquired by Shutterstock, the pioneer of the stock photo subscription. 

For more info on the agency, check our Pond5 review.

Read on for more details on the new Pond5 subscriptions and how they work! 

Pond5 Subscriptions: Small Volume, Lowest Prices, Multimedia Options

The title sums up what this new array of subscriptions is about. Rolled out today, the new Pond5 subscriptions have a small number of downloads, a lot of usage flexibility, and the lowest price points across their platform. There are also different options according to which type of media you need. 

Pond5 Rolls Out New Small Volume Subscriptions 3

Features Included in All New Subscriptions

All plans come with the following benefits: 

  • Royalty-Free license to use anywhere
  • Rollover of unused downloads
  • New assets added daily
  • Bonus 10% discount sitewide with a yearly subscription
  • Easy cancellation

All content downloaded with a subscription comes with a Pond5 Individual License, which is royalty-free, perpetual (even after your subscription ends), and worldwide. You can use it on an unlimited number of projects, both personal and commercial, and across the most varied mediums such as YouTube (eligible for monetization, too), TV & Film, Instagram, TikTok, marketing projects, email, blogs, presentations, websites, video games, and more. 

Pond5 Rolls Out New Small Volume Subscriptions 4

The download allowance is monthly, but if you don’t use up all your downloads in one month, the remaining are rolled over to the next period. Depending on which plan you have, you may roll over from 20 and up to 120 downloads. 

The plans give you access to the entirety of the stock music and SFX libraries, as well as to a selection of 4.2 million HD & 4K videos, and over 12 million images, 3D models, and After Effects templates. New files are added to the selection daily. On Pond5’s catalog, you can easily visualize which files are available with a subscription by selecting the “Subscription” filter on the left side of the search results screen. 

A cool added benefit is that by subscribing to any of these plans with the yearly option, you also unlock a 10% discount that applies to all other media purchases you make outside of your subscription.

Pond5 Rolls Out New Small Volume Subscriptions 5

All subscriptions are easily canceled whenever you want, from your user dashboard. The cancellation takes effect on the next renewal date, and it forfeits all unused downloads, and the 10% sitewide discount. 

Pond5 Rolls Out New Small Volume Subscriptions 6

Pond5 Subscription Options and Prices

These are the new plans available for all users: 


  • 10 downloads a month 
  • Access to the entire music library with 1.5 million tracks
  • $25/mo ($2.50 per track)
  • $150/year ($1.25 per track) + 10% sitewide discount

Music $ SFX

  • 10 downloads a month
  • Access to entire music and SFX libraries with 1.5 million tracks and 1.7 million sound effects
  • $30/mo ($3 per file)
  • $180/year ($1.50 per file) + 10% sitewide discount
Pond5 Rolls Out New Small Volume Subscriptions 7

Footage Plus

  • 10 downloads a month
  • Access to entire music and SFX libraries plus a selection of 4.2M HD & 4K videos, and a selection of over 12M images, 3D models, and AE templates
  • $199/mo ($19.90 per file)
  • $999/year ($8.32 per file) + 10% sitewide discount

As you see, these prices are very competitive. If you only need stock music you can get the lowest prices across the board at only $1.25 per track. The most expensive option, Footage Plus, includes all media types and it’s conveniently priced when you consider that. 

The best is that their annual subscriptions cut as much as 50% from the regular monthly price, making it a very good deal if you can assume that kind of long-term commitment. Not to mention the added perk of a 10% discount on anything else you buy on Pond5 outside of your subscription. 

Additionally, there is a Custom option: you can contact the agency directly and agree on a plan tailored to your needs in terms of the number of downloads, media types, the number of seats, licensing options, team features, and more.

Pond5 + Shutterstock is Subscription-Oriented

While Pond5 had a subscription-styled membership a while back, we think these new subscription plans are much more in line with what Shutterstock –Pond5’s new parent company– offers to their customers on their main site. 

And Shutterstock has also more recently introduced both small volume plans with only 10 downloads, and multi-media plans to access images, video, and audio all with the same subscription. It seems they’re exploring new ways to serve stock media buyers. 

What do you think of the new Pond5 subscriptions? Do they meet your needs?

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