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Save up to 90% by signing up to $99 per year plan with unlimited downloads of video clips and footage. Clips price starts at $19 per HD Download once you have subscribe to 1 year plan.

  • $79 Monthly Plan with Royalty-Free License
  • $99 per Year – 12 Months Of Unlimited Downloads
  • $198 per Year – 12 Months Of Unlimited Downloads with Access to 4K videos


videoblocks-logoVideoblocks is a relatively young stock footage company that rapidly gained and sustained popularity amongst footage buyers and producers. This is mostly due to the fact they have a different and appealing buying model, lots of high quality footage, and are constantly improving their service. Of course, they are included in our list of the Best Stock Footage Sites ever!

The company sells subscriptions to their wholly-own library, and also sells a la carte videos from their attached crowd-sourced marketplace. They have high quality standards, and their clips try to cover the most varied topics and styles.

Want to buy great footage at Videoblocks? Then get to their website now. Try their service for free with their weekly free trial! And know that their annual subscription saves you 90% from regular subscription price!

Save up to 90% by signing up to $99 per year plan with unlimited downloads of video clips and footage.
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Get to Know Videoblocks

Here's what you must know about this company:

  • It's been in the market since 2009, and was the first in introducing 4K resolution in stock footage that same year
  • They have a wholly-owned collection of over 115,000 HD, 4K and 4K+ clips for stock footage, backgrounds and after effects
  • They also have a crowd-sourced marketplace with over 1.5 Million HD and 4K videos
  • They offer a free trial for a week, to get up to 140 free clips
  • They sell subscriptions that give you unlimited access and downloads from their proprietary library, and access to the marketplace for a la carte purchases 
  • They have one some of the most affordable prices in the industry
  • They sell Royalty Free licenses for all the clips
  • They work with cool partners. You can find Discovery Channel stock footage in their marketplace
  • They're the first stock footage company in adding 360° and VR stock videos to their offer
  • They also run separate sites for illustrations and graphics, and for audio files, with the same buying model: GraphicStock and Audioblocks, respectively

Why is Videoblocks Cool

One of the most attractive aspects of the agency is their business model. They're applying a subscription-based system that is very popular now since the success of video content streaming service Netflix: a flat periodic fee for unlimited access to the service.

Videoblocks subscriptions are only tailored by duration (monthly, semi-annual and annual), and there's a Premium option for access to higher-valued content. But they all give you unlimited downloads for as long as your membership is active.

This makes them a very good choice if you need, or find value in having, lots of stock videos constantly. The lack of a download limit allows you to make the best out of your membership, and the plans' prices can be easily surpassed by the quantity of files you can get.

And plus, they have some of the cheapest prices out there, and even a free trial!

Videoblocks Free Trial

The agency offers all new users the possibility to try their service and get great stockk footage for free. All you must do is sign up for their free trial option, and you will have 7 days of up to 20 downloads a day, completely free of charge. The clips that you download during your trial are yours to use forever, according to their licensing terms (see below).

That is up to 140 free clips that you can choose from their wholly-owned library!

Videoblocks Subscription Prices

As said, their membership plans are tailored according to duration and content they let you access.

Standard subscriptions give you unlimited downloads from their wholly-owned library, excepting 4K clips

  • Monthly plan is $79
  • Annual plan is $99, saving you 90% from monthly price.

Premium subscription gives you unlimited downloads from their wholly-owned library, including a special collection of Premium 4K videos. Extra bonuses are multi-seat up to 5 users in the same account, Dropbox integration, and enhanced download speed for larger volume of files.

  • Premium Annual subscription is $198, and saves you 81% from monthly plan.

All subscriptions grant access to the crowd-sourced marketplace where you can buy additional clips on an a la carte basis, at super low prices.

Videoblocks Marketplace

Videoblocks A la carte Marketplace

Launched in 2014, Videoblocks' Marketplace is members-only. This means you need to have a subscription to be able to license and download clips from this source.

But Marketplace clips are sold a la carte only. Their prices are very low, though, an average of 40% cheaper than at other stock footage agencies.

This Marketplace is built with content from contributors, who submit their clips to be licensed there. There's currently over 1.5 Million videos available in this collection, and the company has said they expect it to reach 3 Million by the end of 2016. There's one main reason for this outlet to be so popular among contributors: they get to keep the entire earnings from every sale. Videoblocks does not cut a commission for this service, and all the money you pay for clips there is 100% paid to the producer who owns the copyright.

Being such a large collection, they grant to cover all imaginable topics and styles, always maintaining their high quality standards, and offering HD clips at $49 each, and 4K videos at $199 each.

Plus, the company strives to bring the best, top quality content to their service. Since this year, Discovery Channel has put lots of their stock footage files (cuts, unused shots, etc) for sale at Videoblocks Marketplace. You can buy this amazing, high-value clips by a famous science-and-wildlife broadcast company for as little as $49!

Image Resolution and Formats

As said, at Videoblocks you can find HD and 4K stock footage. But there's also a smaller selection of lower-quality clips. Here's the specifics:

  • Full HD (1920×1080) at 29.97 FPS – and a minor selection at 24 FPS – represent the majority of their library
  • SD clips represent a very small portion of their collection, and it's mostly archival
  • 4K and 4K+ (up to 6K) is available in the unlimited library, but there's a much larger variety in the Marketplace

As for formats, all their clips are available in both MOV and MP4. For 4K and 4K+, you can download the MOV or MP4 file of the same video at no extra cost.

Organized Collections to Explore and Find Stock Footage

Videoblocks large catalog of stock videos is neatly organized, with categories and galleries featuring all the most relevant topics and styles, and their most popular and valuable content. You can explore their offer easily with these categories, and you can also use their search engine to find clips via keywords and filters.

You can enter the main keywords for your search in the search field, and then refine results with a series of advanced filters. You can sort them by outlet (unlimited library or marketplace, or both), by media type (footage, backgrounds or after effects), by style or topic (aerial, slow motion, Business, Holiday, etc), by status (most popular, highest rated, most downloaded, and more) and finally by resolution.

Simple Buying System

You don't need to have an account to browse and discover footage at Videoblocks, but you must sign up and log in to be able to license and download clips.

Once you've signed up and entered your member account, you'll be able to select the membership plan that better suits your needs. Their annual plan is the most convenient, at only $99 a year for unlimited downloads.

The membership will give you access to the marketplace, and you'll be able to add a la carte videos to your cart, and do the checkout when you're ready.

Both memberships and a la carte videos can be paid with credit card, or with a purchase order (by contacting the company).

Royalty Free License

All Videoblocks footage shots are sold under a Royalty Free license, which gives you a wide range of usage rights, forever, for a one-time fee.

When you acquire a license for a clip, you can use it in any of the ways consigned in the licensing terms, for as long as you want, without having to ever pay another penny.

The license limits usage in controversial topics, like pornography or other obscene purposes, and sensitive topics like politics, or any other use that might bring a negative connotation to the people or property depicted in the content, or incitate to violating the law (like racism, and other forms of hate).

You must make sure you've read and understood the licensing terms carefully, to grant your usage is covered by the rights you've acquired.

Videoblocks 360 and VR

Innovation-first: 360° and VR Stock Footage in Videoblocks

Videoblocks aims at being always at top of the latest industry developments and innovation. And 360° and VR video are the new “hot” topic in video and film creation. From camera developers, to creatives, to mainstream reproduction channels, it's all about this new format.

And this company decided to be a first mover in the market, bringing the first 360° and VR stock footage collection to their platform.

Partnering with top-class providers of this kind of content, they have brought an initial selection of about 100 360° and VR clips, divided into the unlimited library and the marketplace. They will be adding more of these media in the future, and they are also producing their own, which will be available at the unlimited collection only.

At the moment, Videoblocks is pretty much the only site where you can buy 360° or VR stock videos.

Videoblocks, the High and Lows

Let's recap what we've learned. Here's the thumbs-ups:
  • Large catalog and variety of content
  • High quality and resolution
  • Premium 4K and 4K+ files
  • High-value content from high profile partners
  • Free weekly trial for up to 140 downloads
  • Unlimited downloads with subscriptions, turning out one of the cheapest offers available
  • A la carte purchases at 40% less than at other agencies
  • Flexible licensing model
  • 360° and VR stock footage
  • User-friendly search and browsing features
There's only a few minor downsides in their offer
  • Unlimited downloads apply to the smaller pool of content
  • Marketplace has the larger collection, but it doesn't have any kind of subscrition or bulk purchase options

As it's evident from this resume, the benefits in their services overshadow the small cons you may find.

Videoblocks: A Great Option for Large Volume Buyers

For all the detailed above, we think Videoblocks is a very good and reliable company to buy stock footage, and that it's the perfect fit for any buyer looking to download lots of clips every other day.

Thanks to the lack of download limits of their subscription model, you will be able to exploit your membership plan and get the best value for your money. Downloading over 150 clips per month, you'll be paying each clip as low as fractions of a dollar each.

And when you need extra content that you can't find in their library, you have access to their marketplace where you can not only get the shots you need, but also do it while supporting creatives, who will get 100% of the sale price for themselves.

If you want to get great stock footage in large volume every month, don't waste any more time. Head over to Videoblocks now. Remember to take advantage of your free weekly trial to get up to 140 clips at no cost!

Save up to 90% by signing up to $99 per year plan with unlimited downloads of video clips and footage.
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Specification: VideoBlocks – Unlimited Downloads, Amazing Pro Footage

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