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Find premium stock video, from archival film to contemporary 4K and HD footage.

  • $ 475.00 USD per 1080p HD video with an UltraPack
  • $ 575.00 USD per video for HD (1920 x 1080) resolution



Getty Imagegetty-images-250s is the world's most renowned stock imagery agency. With decades in the industry, it's no surprise their stock footage service is one of the most rich in terms of content and licensing options.

Whether you are after for commercial-ready or editorial stock video, and whatever your intended use might be, you bet you can find what you're looking for at Getty Images. Not for nothing it's included in our list of the 21 Best Stock Footage Sites!

Do you want to buy Getty Images stock footage? Head over to their website here. And now you have the chance to save up to 30% in your purchases, with our Getty Images Promo Code alternative. Seize it here!

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Find premium stock video, from archival film to contemporary 4K and HD footage.
  • $ 475.00 USD per ...
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Getty Images Stock Footage in Brief

There's a lot to know about this agency's stock video offer. But here's the key points:

  • Huge collection of stock footage clips, totaling over 50,000 hours of content.
  • Commercial and Editorial usage clips
  • Amazing archive collections and premium content from high profile partners (BBC Motion, National Geographic, etc.)
  • Licensing options: Rights Managed and Royalty Free
  • Buying options: a la carte or with on demand Ultrapacks that save both time and money
  • Wide pricing range, varying according to usage and amount of rights needed, and clip size and resolution
  • Neatly organized and highly searchable library, with great functionality to find and discover content
  • Additional media to complement your projects: still images and music
Getty Images Featured Collections

Getty Images Featured Collections

A Detailed Look on Getty Images Footage

Getty Images, as said above, is a very popular company to buy stock imagery, chosen by many brands, advertisers, broadcasters and more companies.

And there are very good reasons for that. The company has been in the industry for over 20 years now, and have an excellent reputation. They have global reach and an unparalleled library with millions of stock videos, some of which can only be found at Getty Images.

At their Getty's website, you will find creative stock videos covering a large variety of themes and styles, as well as editorial footage from all the main, A-class venues in entertainment, fashion and sports industry, and all global newsworthy events. Moreover, they have a huge selection of archival content, from current and past, and even historic events.

As if this wasn't enough, they also add premium (sometimes exclusive) footage from their many high-profile partners. Among the collections they distribute you can find content by BBC Motion, National Geographic, Oxford Scientific Video, the Smithsonian and Walt Disney Studios, among many others.

They sell two different license types to this content for a la carte purchases, and they also have a special bulk discount option, with its own licensing terms.

Getty Images Editorial Video Offer

Getty Images Editorial Video Offer

Getty Images Footage License types

Stock footage at Getty Images can be bought with a Royalty Free license, or with Rights-Ready (which is just another name for Rights Managed license applied to video content).

Royalty Free is a simple licensing model. It grants perpetual rights to use the content in a series of accepted uses, with few restrictions, for a one-time fee. With this license you only pay once, and you get to use the footage shot forever, in as many projects as you want, in any of the accepted ways.

This license is restricted in terms of distribution (number of reproductions or visibility), but its limits are wide enough to fit in most uses. Royalty Free clips cannot be bought exclusively: the same content can be licensed for as many buyers as they are willing to pay for the fee, and can be in use by many different people or companies at the same time.

Stock videos under this license are priced in flat rates according to video resolution and format. Their price ranges from $125 to $500 per clip, buying a la carte.

All Royalty Free video shots in Getty Images are for commercial use.

Getty Images Royalty Free a la carte pricing

Getty Images Royalty Free a la carte pricing

Rights-Ready license is a use-by-use licensing model, adjusting the license (and therefore the license fee) to your particular needs in terms of intended use, distribution mode and volume, geographic reach, duration, and other specifics.

The maximum duration of a Rights-Ready license is 10 years, and any extension or modification in the usage requires a new license. But this licensing model allows (when available) to get exclusive rights to use the content, which is not possible with other options.

Price for Rights-Ready stock footage vary depending on the specific rights needed, and the clip's resolution and format, starting at $99 for the simplest and smaller distribution uses, and as high as thousands of dollars for massive visibility usage.

One main factor to have in mind is that Getty Images' Rights-Ready footage can be either “Creative”, which means allowed for commercial and editorial use, or Editorial Use Only. The latter, as the license name clearly says, are clips that can only be used for editorial purposes: to enhance or illustrate editorial productions. They cannot be used in any commercial or for-profit way.

Getty Images Rights-Ready a la carte pricing

Getty Images Rights-Ready a la carte pricing

It's important to know that restrictions regarding sensitive use apply to all license types. You cannot use the content in any way that depicts the people or the property in the images in a negative way or associated to sensitive topics, or in any other unlawful or morally questionable way (like in pornographic themes, severe diseases' awareness campaigns, etc.).

And equally important, while Royalty Free license can share common features at different agencies, each company designs their own particular licensing terms. You must always make sure you read the terms carefully and that you fully understand the permitted and the restricted usages, to assure your intended use is covered.

Getty's Buying Options

Getty Images offers their customers to buy licenses for stock footage a la carte, with or without an account on their website. With an account, you can add the charges of purchases to it, and be later invoiced or debit the costs from your credit card. Without an account, the only way to buy clips is with a credit card.

Once you find the clips you want to buy, you can add them to your cart, and pay for the total in a simple online-payment process. Keep in mind if the footage you want is under a Rights-Ready license, you will have to follow a few steps on a pop-up window to specify your intended use and get the clip's final price.

Now, this process can take some time, and you might not want to spend yours in doing it. For this reason, Getty Images has designed a way to buy stock videos on demand, in a simple and fast manner, and with great discounts in price: Ultrapacks.


Getty Images Ultrapacks

Ultrapacks are a great option to buy stock footage (and images too). These are bulk media packs that give you a certain number of downloads for a discount price. You pay for the pack upfront, and then use them to download video clips whenever you want.

Ultrapacks come in different volume sizes and are divided by image resolution. Each pack cuts a percentage from regular a la carte prices, the larger the pack is, the greater discount it offers, getting as high as 30%, which in 25 items packs for High Resolution represents thousands of dollars in savings.

Getty Images Ultrapacks pricing

Getty Images Ultrapacks pricing

But price cut is not the only benefit in Ultrapacks. The downloads never expire: as long as you log in to your Getty Images account once a year after your purchase, your Ultrapacks stay active in your account, and you can use them to download footage clips whenever you want. Plus, as the clips are already paid for, you can select and buy the videos you want in a much faster and simpler way.

Ultrapacks can be used to download Royalty Free videos (Editorial footage is not included in this offer). And they add value with a custom license that includes bonus rights like multi-seat (access to more than one user to the downloaded clips), unlimited reproduction, and more.

If you are after great commercial stock footage at discount prices, this is a great option for you.

Interested? You can find out more details on Ultrapacks here. If you are ready to get stock videos with up to 30% off and in a simple and easy system, buy your Ultrapack now.

Find and Discover Footage Easily with Getty Images

Getty Images' collections are not great only because of the quality and value of their content, but also because of how comprehensively organized it is, how it is showcased, and how easy it is to find the right stock videos for your needs.

Their online library is divided by media type, having a whole section dedicated to stock footage only. Within this section, the 50,000 hours of stock footage they offer are arranged by intended usage (creative or editorial only) thematic categories, by featured collections from partners, and by popular topics. On the main Footage page you can browse and discover the latest, best and most popular clips easily.

Moreover, their advanced search engine lets you enter your relevant keywords to find thousands or even millions of footage shots matching your criteria, and to refine these results with advanced options. You can sort results by best match, newest, most popular, etc. And also by video resolution, specific people depicted, event, date and location. And there's a plethora of specific, further filters like number of people, age, ethnicity, composition, and more.

All this adds up to make it very easy and quick for you to search and find, or browse and discover, great stock footage to fit into a wide variety of projects.

Getty Images Search and Filters

Getty Images Search and Filters

Advantages in Buying Getty Images Stock Footage

You've read of all the benefits in using Getty Images Footage service, but here are, in short, what we think are the best points in their offer:

  • A great variety in content: they not only have millions of stock clips, but also have them in every possible topic and style, including videos that are exclusive to their agency, and can't be found elsewhere
  • A huge selection of Editorial videos
  • Different licensing models, allowing you to get the most convenient option for your needs
  • Exclusivity rights: with Rights-Ready license it's possible to get the exclusive usage rights for a determinated clip, for a certain period of time
  • Ultrapacks that let you save time and money in buying Royalty Free stock footage
  • A very rich search engine functionality and a great content curation and showcasing to make sure you find the content you need

The Downsides in Getty Images Footage Offer

There are not many negative points in this company's offer, but it's important to note them too:

  • It's more expensive. Their price points are higher than those of microstock (companies like Shutterstock or Pond5, for example). Getty Images' lowest stock footage prices are at the same level than microstock agencies' medium-to-highest price points.
  • There's no simplified nor lower-cost system to buy Editorial footage. This kind of content is licensed Rights-Ready only, and it's not included in Ultrapacks offer. The only way to buy Editorial stock videos is a la carte, and the price can turn out much higher than Royalty Free.

However, it's also to be noted that the price comparison with microstock can only be applied to Royalty Free licenses, that is what most microstock agencies sell. Getty Images' Rights-Ready license can in fact be much, much more expensive than microstock prices (as high as thousands of dollars in some cases), but it also comes with very specific rights, including the high-value option of assuring you will be the only one using a certain video, for a certain period of time.

Getty Images is a Great Option to Buy High Quality Stock Footage

We feel Getty Images is a great choice when it comes to buying stock footage. The cons are widely surpassed by the benefits in their offer.

They have the variety and richness in content to assure you will find all the clips you need to use in your project, and the licensing options to grant your usage will be covered by their terms.

They add value with their large collection of editorial footage, which you cannot always find in other agencies, with their content from renowned partnerships – where else can you buy stock footage from NatGeo or Disney? – and with archives full of historical and time-less videos.

By including a new on demand buying option they now are also a good option for time-and-money sensitive buyers. And they are overall a reliable company with decades in the stock imagery licensing business. Their content and licenses are backed up by their years of experience, which is also a very decisive factor when it comes to buying stock footage to use in big projects.

Are you ready to buy high quality stock footage? Discover Getty Images Footage service.

Want to save up to 30% in your purchases and complete your projects 10 times faster? Get Getty Images Ultrapacks!

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Find premium stock video, from archival film to contemporary 4K and HD footage.
  • $ 475.00 USD per ...
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Specification: Getty Images Footage – Premium Videos in First Class Service

Payment Method Credit Card, Paypal

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